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Euro 2016? Meow!!

Hey friends, it's me again... your favorite cat and the ruler of the SoftMaker empire. I have a free moment, for a change, between all the hustle and bustle of eating, sleeping, padding around the offices and distributing copious amounts of hair everywhere. I have to take advantage of this opportunity and put my paws to work, tapping out to a few lines about the Euro 2016 in France.

Did you even know that I am a football fan? I could chill out for hours on the couch, let people pet me, eat a few snacks and watch the Euro matches on TV. It's inspiring to watch the little men eagerly running around chasing a white ball...

The sight makes me want to pick up a ball of yarn like I used to and romp around with it a bit, but then I think... on the other hand, who needs the stress?

But now Euro 2016 has kicked off and the other SoftMakers and I are in the middle of the action.

Monday, 23 May 2016 07:00

Thunderbird 45.1: What's new

Dear SoftMaker customers:

A new version of Thunderbird has been released: Thunderbird 45.1 not only offers bug fixes, but also adds numerous new features. This blog article tells you what has been improved in this popular e-mail client.

All users of SoftMaker Office 2016 receive the improvements, too. Why don't you check right now if your version of Thunderbird is up-to-date? Open the Help menu in Thunderbird, choose the command About Thunderbird and click on the button Check for updates.

In the next step, you should refresh the SoftMaker add-ons, as only the latest revisions are compatible with Thunderbird 45.1. Proceed as follows: In Thunderbird, use the Tools > Add-ons command to open the add-on manager. Click on the Gear icon in the top right of the window and choose the command Check for updates in the menu that appears.

So... What's new in Thunderbird 45.1 after all? Read on...


Hi, I'm Kitty. My friends know me as the office cat at SoftMaker. Yeah, I know, Kitty is a strange name for a tomcat – whatever.

For many cat-years I've been zipping in and out of the offices at SoftMaker (that is, on the rare occasions when I am not sleeping), jumping up onto the desks and just chilling out – preferably on a keyboard or right in front of a monitor. In my more active moments, I hunt imaginary flies and eat anything that looks halfway palatable.

But, alas, this idyllic life of blissful idleness is coming to an end – now I have to earn my privileges by blogging. So, from now on I'll be putting in my two-meows-worth every now and again and keeping you up to date on what's going on with the SoftMakers, my "owners" (that's what they call themselves – I call them "The Food Lady" and "Mr. In-the-way"), and all the rest of my underlings. Hey, let's face it, I run the show here at SoftMaker. You can tell that by all the hair I make it a point to leave lying around in every office.