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Get the most out of SoftMaker Office for Android

One of the best features of SoftMaker Office is its feature parity across all platforms. Following the release of SoftMaker Office 2021 for Linux, macOS and Windows, SoftMaker is now ready to launch the Android versions.

SoftMaker Office for Android consists of three apps: the word processor TextMaker, the spreadsheet program PlanMaker and the fully-featured presentation program Presentations. Competitors tend to restrict the feature set of their Android apps. In contrast, SoftMaker Office does nearly everything its desktop siblings can do. However, there are some minor differences, which I will discuss below.

Bytes and Beyond

It’s time to leave WhatsApp behind

Effective May 15, 2021, Facebook is changing the WhatsApp terms of service. A significant change concerns the sharing of user data. For now, users are presented with an alert message which they have to dismiss every day. On May 15, accepting the changes will become mandatory. The only alternative is to move on to another instant messenger. Luckily, there are plenty of instant messengers which prioritize their users' security.

Bytes and Beyond

Moving your stuff to a new phone

With all that has happened this year, it's sort of a relief that Christmas has still arrived right on schedule. In spite of everything, the spirit of Christmas seems to be unbroken – just ask the package delivery guys. Lots of presents have made their way to their destinations, one of the most popular being a new smartphone.

However, the joy over getting a new Android device can quickly turn into frustration when the time comes to transfer one's data and apps from the old to the new phone. Unless you've already surrendered all your data to Google, you face the ordeal of setting everything up again. There are several approaches for this, each have individual quirks and advantages. No need to be scared ... let's have a look.

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You're about to be scammed

Online criminals are targeting hospitals, government agencies and companies with cruel extortion schemes. The attackers stealthily encrypt the files of their victims and demand large sums of money for returning a decryption key to recover the data.

Most of these schemes start with a scam e-mail. Current targeted spam e-mails can be fiendishly clever, inserting themselves into legitimate conversations and business transactions to cause maximum damage. To protect yourself against such scams, you have to stay one step ahead of the attackers' game.

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