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New tools for SoftMaker Office


SoftMaker Office 2021 and NX have just been updated again. Besides bug fixes, the new revision 1030 adds new tools that make SoftMaker Office even more powerful.

Read here which new features you get for free with this revision.

If you haven't purchased SoftMaker Office yet, you can download the free trial version here.

Bytes and Beyond

Moving your stuff to a new phone

With all that has happened this year, it's sort of a relief that Christmas has still arrived right on schedule. In spite of everything, the spirit of Christmas seems to be unbroken – just ask the package delivery guys. Lots of presents have made their way to their destinations, one of the most popular being a new smartphone.

However, the joy over getting a new Android device can quickly turn into frustration when the time comes to transfer one's data and apps from the old to the new phone. Unless you've already surrendered all your data to Google, you face the ordeal of setting everything up again. There are several approaches for this, each have individual quirks and advantages. No need to be scared ... let's have a look.

SoftMaker Office

SoftMaker Office 2021 improved again


We have just released the November update for SoftMaker Office 2021 and SoftMaker Office NX. It offers bug fixes and useful new features. Read on to find out more about the improvements.

If you haven't purchased SoftMaker Office 2021 yet, you can download the free trial version here.


Editing PDF files the easy way


Sometimes PDFs just don't turn out as one wants them to. Editing PDFs can be quite a pain, though – the format is primarily designed for viewing, not for editing. However, there's an application which makes PDF editing as convenient as in a word processor: FlexiPDF.

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