Font manager in MegaFont NOW

SoftMaker's font collection MegaFont NOW comes not only with 7,500 beautiful fonts, but also includes a powerful font manager for Windows that lets you tame this vast font library as well as all your other fonts.

In this article, we'll tell you how this font manager makes font handling much easier on your Windows PC.

Too many fonts slow down your computer

Install fonts with a single click

Users with many fonts have probably seen this: The more fonts you add to your system, the more resources they use and the slower the system becomes.

When a computer has many fonts installed, Windows takes longer to boot, and applications load and operate more slowly. Last but not least, endless font lists are cumbersome to use.

The font manager in MegaFont NOW makes installing and uninstalling fonts faster. You can activate and deactivate a selection of fonts with a single click. If you keep everything uninstalled, except for what you need for your current project, font lists in the various applications load extremely quickly and you don't lose much time finding a font in those lists.

Organize your fonts into groups

Even better, the font manager included in MegaFont NOW lets you organize your fonts in groups. You can group by project, style, use, etc. Later you can activate the group you need for the particular project you're working on, and all those fonts will immediately become active on your system. When you're done, just deactivate the group and the computer resources will be freed.

Organize your fonts in groups

Find the right font for the job

The font manager can preview and compare fonts without installing them. For each MegaFont NOW typeface, you will see an illustration of the typeface and some example text. You can also type your own text to preview, which is especially useful when you're picking a font for a heading or logo.

To preview your own text, right-click a font and then choose View font (or press Alt+Enter). Keep the extra window open and use the Up and Down keys to quickly switch between fonts.

Font preview

Print sample pages

Seeing fonts on screen is nice, but if you are creating something for print, it's always better to see how they look on paper. For that, go to File > Print preview and choose from three different types of specimen sheets, a character-set sheet and sheets with font lists.

You can also print a catalog of all your fonts and then store all of those pages in a binder. It's a low-tech solution, but you'll be amazed how useful it can be to browse that paper font catalog in the future.

Print a font catalog

Making your life easier

Our font manager is the perfect tool for you to centralize and organize all of your fonts in a simple, yet effective way. It allows you to group and activate just the fonts you need, elevating your performance and that of your computer. With font previews and printed specimen pages, you'll be able to pick the right font for your project.

Other font managers cost money, but this one is included with MegaFont NOW at no extra charge. Give it a try, and you will be surprised how flexible it is!


I want to install fonts from a Megafont disk which I've had for years for Windows 10.
Previously I did thiis easily, but now I look at font sample & choose, but don't know how to install the font.
Can you help?
To install fonts, please use Font Manager, which is there in MegaFont disk, or you can open the font file and then click on install button also.
I to am a MX Linux user so the windows font manager doesn't help me. As others have indicated, I to, would be interested in purchasing a good font manager for Linux. Please keep us posted as your development teem investigates the possibility of making a font manager for Linux. I love your Office 2021 package.
As a "Font Fanatic" I was compelled to purchase High-Logic's "MainType" application. It has the choices of ... install/uninstall AND load/unload.

A loaded font (also known as a temporary installed font) is added to the system font table, but not to the font related part of the registry. Because all fonts in the system font table are available to all applications, loaded fonts (just like installed fonts) are available to all applications. However loaded fonts are no longer available after the system is rebooted.

SoftMaker might consider incorporating a "Load/Unload" feature in future revisions to its font manager. It is THE best way to manager infrequently used fonts.
Thank you, Lewis. I will forward this idea to product management.
I bought Megafont Now a week or so ago, but have only just made time to explore it. As I already have a large font collection, I was more interested in the font manager; a long time ago I was quite enthusiastic about Adobe Type Manager, and thought (hoped!) that this might be comparable. Functionally, it is; it's a rather different interface, but lets me do everything I wanted. So I endorse the comment made a few months ago: I have paid a moderate price for a very useful software product, and acquired a whole heap of fonts as well. (As expected, a number of the fonts are effectively equivalent to other products from other vendors, but there are plenty of new fonts and variants of old ones.)
It's too bad you do not have a Font Manager for Linux...We have to remove fonts by command line...there are no good font managers for Linux at this time. Would you consider adding one for Linux users? Thanks for sharing.
I'll run this by product management.
Thank you. Your font manager is an attractive product.
This might be a good font manager.

Could you provide a download link?
It is part of MegaFont NOW which you can purchase here:
Yes, but do you have the "IBM Selectric" font?
There isn't just "one" IBM Selectric font, you could have several fonts with it. Of those, we offer Prestige, Orator, Letter Gothic, OCR-A, OCR-B and Courier.
Sound very good
The Font Manager looks great, it can detect all fonts installed on my Windows font folder, or just to manage your font pack ?
The font manager handles all fonts.
It would be nice if the font manager was available separately.
Consider it this way: In MegaFont NOW, you get a great font manager at a low price, and the 7500 fonts are a free bonus ... ;-)

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