We have just released the November update for SoftMaker Office NX and SoftMaker Office 2021. It offers bug fixes and useful new features. Read on to find out more about the improvements.

If you haven't purchased SoftMaker Office yet, you can download the free trial version here.

New Duden Korrektor for German users

SoftMaker Office NX Universal and SoftMaker Office Professional include Duden Korrektor, the best German spell checker and grammar checker.

The November update comes with the most current version of Duden Korrektor which has yet again improved its grammar checking power.

Improved fold marks

TextMaker 2021 introduced "fold marks" – small lines on the printed page that help you fold letters for windowed envelopes.

Based on feedback from our customers, we have improved this function in the November update. Fold marks are no longer restricted to the first page of the document, but can now optionally appear on all pages, just the even pages or only the odd pages.

To set up fold marks, activate the ribbon tab Layout and click on the small triangle in the group Page setup. The dialog box Page setup will appear. Switch to the last tab, "Fold marks", and you will see all options for fold marks.

Better user interface for the spell checker

While most users find typos by looking at words underlined in red, some prefer to run a manual spell check using Review | Spell check | Check spelling. A "popular" pitfall with this function was that it checked the document from the current position to the end of the document. If the cursor was already at the end of the document, it seemed as if nothing had happened.

This has been improved now. If you run a manual spell check, a small dialog box appears that lets you choose between starting at the current position and the top of the document.

Zotero improved

SoftMaker Office NX Universal and SoftMaker Office Professional integrate the bibliography software Zotero. The November update not only fixes bugs in our Zotero integration, but also adds import and export of Zotero fields in RTF and OpenDocument Text formats.

Improved punctuation handling in French

In French, certain punctuation marks such as ; : ! ? and quotation marks need to be surrounded by spaces. TextMaker 2021 does this automatically for you. With the November update, this mechanism is no longer limited to European French, but supports all styles of French around the world.

If you prefer tighter spacing, you can turn this off with the File | Options command.

Disk full warnings

When your disks are full or nearly full, Windows no longer works properly. A crash in SoftMaker Office may not always be our fault, but may be caused by Windows system functions that crash without enough free disk space.

As you might be unaware of this situation, SoftMaker Office for Windows now checks during start-up if disk space is running low and offers to run the Windows Disk Cleanup tool.

Getting the November update

If you use SoftMaker Office NX or 2021 in Windows, you receive the November update for SoftMaker Office automatically. On Linux and Mac, you can install it manually. Find instructions here.


We look forward to your feedback. Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below.


I like this product pretty much. I do wonder, though, why you insist on placing the program's settings in the Windows 10 Documents folder. This causes unnecessary clutter. There are places provided by Windows for program settings and resources like the Bullets and samples. I do programming, and it ain't that hard. I tried moving all this, and I am good at it - going through the registry and all your ini files, as well as the program directory. Upon starting TextMaker, the settings are recreated again in the documents folder. No way for me to fight this. Why is there not a page during the program setup where the USER can set where files like these, and even documents themselves are to be placed? Or at least use the Windows provisions.
Thanks for trying and for your post. This folder contains some fundamental settings files which are required before even starting of the program. So, one location is required for these files which is not customizable. This is just one location where SoftMaker Office store all the important files.
What Dave is saying is "why don't you use the %APPDATA% folders provided by Microsoft for Application Data"?, which the SoftMaker folder in C:\Users\user\Documents clearly is.

Same for Mac, too. You could place the SoftMaker folder in "/Users/user/Library/Application Support/SoftMaker".
Thanks for the suggestion. I will forward your suggestion to our product management...
Your product is great but my company did not buy it because PlanMaker does not allow to see two sheets of the same document side by side. ie I have a document with 12 sheets (one per month) and I want to compare 2 with 4.
It is hard to believe the lack of such feature when it is mandatory in all the places I know. Even at home!
I will be glad to try again your product when you include it.
Two biggest shortcomings:
- embedding ppt into docx does not work (in mac version, not sure about current windows or linux versions)
- no spell checker for Finnish
Please send your technical questions on the link below. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you.

Technical support: https://www.softmaker.com/en/support-assistant
Wonderful software, all the functions match MS Office and provide seemless transfer between the systems. The automatic update facility is greatly appreciated, as are the fonts that are available. Perfect !!
Do not agree that this product fully matches MS Office.
It is a good alternative for most users, but does not have all functionality, particularly in Plan.
No option to add/remove filter button on table lists
Macro transfer possible but difficult and needs lots of customisation
No functionality such as power query/pivot to import/update and transform data from other external sources such as web sites
Thanks for your feedback. We are continuously trying hard to add more and more features and improve the existing.
If it was affordable I would buy the product but as a pensioner I cannot justify the purchase.
Please visit our online shop for product price and latest offers : www.softmaker.com/en/shop-softmaker-office

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