Dear SoftMaker customers:

Mission accomplished: SoftMaker Office 2021 is shipping!

This blog post is the first in a multi-part series of articles that will introduce you to the most important improvements of SoftMaker Office 2021.

We will start with some powerful new features of our word processor TextMaker that make creating comprehensive documents easier than ever.

Enjoy reading!

One Office for Windows, Mac and Linux – all in one!

First, a few words about our improved license. SoftMaker Office 2018 was already available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You had to purchase separate licenses for each operating system though. SoftMaker Office 2021 makes this much more convenient: You can use your copy of SoftMaker Office 2021 on up to five computers of your household, running any combination of Windows, macOS and Linux.

Now let's check out some of the new features of TextMaker 2021:

Research function

The new Research function provides you with all the information you need at the touch of a button. Do you need a precise definition or translation of a certain word in your text or would you like to refresh your knowledge with detailed background information? Simply select the relevant word, go to Review | Research and choose your preferred dictionary. In no time at all, you will have inserted synonyms or translations into your document, or enhanced your text with meaningful background information!

Research function

In this example you can see how to find a suitable synonym with the help of a dictionary and how to integrate it into your text.

Zotero support

Do you know Zotero? It is a powerful third-party program that helps you organize your academic sources in a convenient way. It allows you to collect all your literature sources in a database on your PC. The best part is, SoftMaker Office NX Universal and SoftMaker Office Professional 2021 cooperate with it. You can insert any citation from your Zotero database in your TextMaker document with just a few clicks. To be able to use the Zotero integration, you need the Zotero software. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Zotero homepage. It is recommended to install the Zotero Connector, so that you can add sources from your browser directly to your literature management with only one click. Once you have installed Zotero, the software is ready to use in TextMaker.


Select the ribbon tab References to access the Zotero integration. Now move the text cursor to the place where you want to insert a citation. Then select Insert/edit citation from the ribbon. A red box will appear in which you can search for the desired author or title from your literature collection. As soon as the desired source appears, click on it, press Enter. The citation will be immediately integrated into the text as a footnote or endnote. In addition, every newly used citation is automatically integrated into the bibliography. To create a bibliography, simply select Insert bibliography from the ribbon and it will immediately appear with the sources used in the place you selected.

Improved cross references and headings

Cross references

Cross references have been significantly improved. In TextMaker 2018 you could only set cross references to headings, footnotes and objects, and only refer to their number or their page. In TextMaker 2021, cross references can now be set to bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes, objects, headings, tables, illustrations and pictures.

From now on, you can choose from case to case whether only the page number of the cross reference should be displayed, or the entire text, the caption number, the caption text or the relative position. This wide range of options not only allows complex texts to be created much more quickly, but also ensures that you never lose track of what is going on, especially when making subsequent changes.

To insert cross references, simply select References | Cross references. A dialog box will open, which will suggest the type and the target of the cross reference. Confirm the selection and the cross reference will be inserted in your document. If, for example, you subsequently change an image caption, the change will also be adjusted in the cross reference.

Footnotes and endnotes in the same document

A frequently requested innovation has now become a reality. It is now possible to use footnotes and endnotes simultaneously in the same document. This makes it even easier to write academic papers, while always staying compatible to Microsoft Word.

Footnotes and endnotes

To insert footnotes or endnotes in TextMaker, select the ribbon tab References. Now place the text cursor at the desired position and select Footnote or Endnote from the ribbon. The footnote or endnote will immediately appear in the text with the correct numbering. You can edit its text at the bottom of the page or at the end of the document.

We hope you enjoy working with SoftMaker Office 2021 as much as we enjoyed creating it!

To share your first impressions, comments or suggestions, feel free to use the comment function below. We look forward to your feedback.


SoftMaker Office 2021 will not run on my Computer and 2018 will not open either. I am running Windows 10
Please send complete details of your problem to our technical support team on the link below. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you and will surely resolve your problem.

Technical support:
Is that $60.00 up grade a one time charge or is it an every year charge
Thanks for your interest in upgrade purchase. If you are upgrading to SoftMaker Office Professional 2021, that's one time charges only for SoftMaker Office Professional 2021.
Is Doc compare available yet?
It not being available was why I stopped using your software.
I'm hopeful you have made the changes, as I enjoyed using textmaker as a writing tool.
Thanks for your suggestion. I have forwarded this feature request to our developers team.
Hi, I have TextMaker and Zotero installed just recently with the newest versions. The zotero icons can be added in Textmaker but are inactive. In zotero there are extensions for Word for Windows Integration and LibreOffice Integration - both enabled. Is there any help to get it running?
Please send complete details of your problem on the link below. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you and will surely resolve your problem.

Technical support:
I downloaded SoftMaker word processor many months ago, when my microsoft
word was accidentally deleted and I was unable to replace it. Softmaker was free when
I downloaded it.
Are you going to disable my program unless I pay for it?
thank you
Thanks for trying SoftMaker Office. If you want to enjoy the latest professional and premium features of SoftMaker Office please switch to commercial versions otherwise you can continue the FreeOffice.
Which version supports label creation and print. Thanks
SoftMaker Office 2021 supports label creation and printing under ribbon command Mailing | Create.
I received an offer from you to purchase BeckerCAD 3D Pro software, in a review on your website, I did not find any mention of the software, do you market this software or is it fraudulent
The exclusive offer which we sent to you is not fraudulent and yes we are marketing BeckerCAD 3D Pro.
Does it support hebrew languages? RTL ?
At the moment we don't support Hebrew.
Are there plans to?
Now, in SoftMaker Office 2021,we support Hebrew.
will you have the ability to "reveal codes" as in Wordperfect?
No. Internally, TextMaker works totally differently from WordPerfect. There are no codes to reveal.
Will you implement voice recording for presentations?
Currently, we don't have this feature but I have forwarded this as a feature request to our development team. Thanks for your suggestion.
Does it support indic languages?
No, currently, Indic languages are not supported in SoftMaker Office.
Is is possible again to choose between ribbon interface or (oldstyle) pulldown menu's like the 2018 version?
I prefer pulldown menu's, because they're easier to use.
Yes, you can switch between them. You are asked on first start, but you can also change anytime later.
What is the difference between the standard and professional versions?
You can find the comparison between the features of these two editions on our website:

Hi team, does this new version of Textmaker have the Document Compare function?
No, currently we don't have this function but I have forwarded this as feature suggestion to our development team.

Softmaker OfficeSuite would not give me permission to access the program. The retailer exchanged the software for another, and I still couldn't access program to create files.
I am requesting a refund of 32.54, including the tax.
Please send complete details of your problem on the link below. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you and will surely resolve your problem.

Technical support:
Would SoftMaker Office 2021 be free for schools and teachers, like the 2018 version? Thanks.
We don't have any updates regarding this. Please stay connected for more news and updates. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications related to SoftMaker:

How does Softmaker compare to MS version? Does ire have a menu similar to MS, which is the ribbon type? I am typing on the iPad 7th generation, and I tried to zoom in to the examples was unable to. This is the first time I am using an Apple product and it is entirely new to me for which I have been a user of MS all. My life. So, if I am asking this is because I still have to get the feel of Apple products. Thanks for. Your answer.
Yes, we have ribbon type and we give more flexibility as we give menu type also so that users can choose according to the user's preference between menu and ribbon.

The problem I had with Softmaker was that when I decided to use it, it automatically changed my default programs to make all the Softmaker apps my default. It did that without any prompts or notifications or asking if I wanted to make the app the default. I use Office products most of the time and I would use Softmaker for certain uses or at certain times, but I got very tired of changing back to Office as my default apps.
It would help to mention which operating system you tried this under. In Windows, the setup program asks you if you want to associate document type with SoftMaker Office. On the Mac, we just offer a list of file extensions that we support, and macOS handles this in a sensible way. In Linux, we associate all supported document types because RPM and DEB packages don't have a user interface that we could use to ask the user. However, there is a script that undoes the association: (at the bottom of the page).
How do you order SoftMaker 2020 Standard upgrade? And correct the cart.
The Standard version will begin shipping later this month.
Cuanto vale?
Does IT come i Norwegian language?
We have translated the user interface to Danish, Swedish and Finnish, but not to Norwegian yet. You can still create Norwegian-language documents of course.
Do you already have spellchecker in Finnish?

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