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The GDPR-compliant alternative to Microsoft Word

TextMaker is the word processor in SoftMaker Office – fast, powerful, compatible and GDPR-compliant.

This is what the best alternative to Microsoft Word looks like.

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Compatible with Word

Seamless document exchange

DOCX is the default file format of TextMaker. Edit TextMaker documents easily with Microsoft Word – and vice versa!

Quickly create PDF and PDF/A files and e-books in EPUB format in TextMaker.

Artificial Intelligence with ChatGPT

TextMaker: SmartChat

Employ artificial intelligence for your documents

TextMaker is the first word processor with artificial intelligence (AI) built in.

Just leave the text composition to ChatGPT's AI. It summarizes long texts intelligently, improves your writing style and grammar usage, and even writes entire texts based on your ideas.

Professional language tools

TextMaker: Duden TextMaker: DeepL

Accurate and eloquent – write better with TextMaker

The spell checker finds typos in more than 75 languages on the fly.

The built-in Duden Korrektor is recognized as the best German spelling and grammar checker. It detects errors that even experienced proofreaders miss.

The multilingual synonym dictionary helps you to choose the appropriate words in your documents.

The Research function enables you to look up words and expressions in hundreds of online dictionaries and encyclopedias.

TextMaker translates whole documents or parts of them into one of 30 languages, preserving all formatting. TextMaker uses DeepL, the best translation software on the market, to provide these translations.

A team player

Team player TextMaker

TextMaker is a team player.

Do you work on a document together with colleagues? TextMaker tracks all changes which you make to a document. Later, you can either accept or reject these changes, no matter whether you work with TextMaker or Word.

Equally, you can insert comments, which appear – just as in Word – as balloons in the right-hand margin.

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The GDPR-compliant alternative to Microsoft Word

TextMaker is as well suited for your daily correspondence as for elaborate academic documents. Its built-in graphic functions enable you to create designs such as flyers or invitations with ease.

Create better documents in less time thanks to TextMaker, the GDPR-compliant alternative to Microsoft Word.

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