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PlanMaker 2018

Your new spreadsheet program for all cases

PlanMaker 2018, the fast, powerful and compatible spreadsheet program

PlanMaker 2018 is fast, powerful and compatible.
Just as a good spreadsheet program should be.

Compatible with Excel.
No compromises.

PlanMaker 2018: Compatibility without compromises

The straight way is the fastest way.

XLSX is the new default file format of PlanMaker 2018.

Skip the annoying import and export: You can open workbooks created with PlanMaker in Microsoft Excel – directly, without conversion.

This is what seamless document exchange looks like!

With PlanMaker 2018, you can also edit XLS files without problems, as well as create high-quality PDF files from your workbooks.

Intuitive to use

PlanMaker 2018: Intuitive to use

Simply start and be productive immediately

If you have already worked with Excel, you'll pick up PlanMaker 2018 immediately. You neither need to re-accustom yourself to new formulas nor to new calculation functions – it is all compatible with Excel.

Calculate and analyze

PlanMaker 2018: Calculate and analyze

Find the right solutions, even within huge data sets.

PlanMaker 2018 allows up to one million rows per worksheet. To conquer these huge data sets, you use pivot tables, data consolidation, scenarios, data grouping, AutoFilter and special filters.

And, should an error have crept into your worksheet, the syntax highlighting and formula auditing functions let you find the trouble spot fast.

The new tables inside worksheets can be formatted lightning-fast and allow dynamic adding of data, easy filtering and data analysis.

Attractive worksheets

PlanMaker 2018: Attractive worksheets

Designing appealing worksheets: Easy as pie with PlanMaker

Give your worksheets an elegant look quickly: The new cell-style catalog does that at the touch of a button.

With its Excel-style conditional formatting, PlanMaker automatically finds the highest or lowest values in a data set and highlights them in color or with icons. This enables you to see extreme values at a glance. Equally, PlanMaker can assign a unique color from a gradient to each value in an area and visualize sizes with data bars.

Handy: You can change the size and color of the worksheet tabs with PlanMaker 2018. This makes working with huge workbooks even more convenient.

Present data convincingly

PlanMaker 2018: Present data convincingly

Transform plain numbers into informative charts

Create informative charts with presentation quality from your data in no time flat. Choose from 80 different chart types in 2D and 3D. Use an array of effects, such as transparencies, shadows or light effects to adapt them precisely to your taste.

PlanMaker 2018

The spreadsheet all-rounder

Get results fast with PlanMaker. It solves even the most complex calculations and
turns bare numbers into attractive worksheets and convincing charts.

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