FlexiPDF NX and 2022

List of changes

2022-10-25: Revision 3.0.7

Correction of a bug in version 3.0.6 that caused the scanning of black & white and grayscale images to fail in some situations

2022-09-26: Revision 3.0.6

  • Highlighting is now saved correctly.
  • The command "Find in files" works again.
  • The error message "Rendering failed: Exception caught" is now prevented.
  • For certain fonts with a non-standard font matrix, the text could become invisible.

2022-05-09: Revision 3.0.3

  • In some case, the Text Plus tool let you insert text only once.
  • The error message "Rendering failed, exception caught" occurred with some PDF files.
  • You can now tab through form fields in the order in which they were inserted.
  • Red bars could appear near barcodes in PDF files.
  • Automatic text recognition (OCR) sometimes displayed text and the scanned image at the same time.
  • Highlighting was sometimes saved with wrong coordinates.
  • The names of new form elements now indicate on which page they were inserted.
  • Improved display of black & white images
  • Form elements are now placed in the center of the screen, not in the center of the page.
  • The color list could be missing in the dialog box "Replace colors" .
  • Fixed an error when merging PDF files

2022-02-07: Revision 3.0.2

  • The automatic backup now places its files in the temporary folder instead of the PDF files’s folder.
  • Customized keyboard mappings are now saved permanently.
  • The text "x of y" in Bates numbering is now localized.
  • Better compatibility with JPEG 2000 pictures
  • Hyperlinks longer than 512 characters can now be edited.
  • Bates numbering now respects the font size.
  • The page labels are now displayed in the status bar again.
  • The error message "Can’t open file C:\ProgramData\FlexiPDF 2022\3\product.xml" no longer occurs.
  • Improvements to the Hungarian user interface
  • The last used scanner is now suggested for the next scan.

2021-11-26: Revision 3.0.1

  • New feature: You can now switch between all user interface languages without reinstalling.
  • New feature: If FlexiPDF detects at program start that the FlexiPDF printer driver has been disabled, it now offers to enable it again.
  • When opening and saving PDFs, the Documents folder is now selected by default.
  • You can now tab through form fields in the order in which they were inserted.
  • When extracting pages from a PDF/A file, the new PDF file was not saved in PDF/A format.
  • Improvements to the user interface translations

2021-09-21: Revision 3.0.0

Revision 3.0.0 was the initial version of FlexiPDF NX and 2022.

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