FlexiPDF for Windows

Edit PDFs as easily as with a word processor


The GDPR-compliant alternative to Adobe Acrobat

With automatic translation, digital signatures and document comparison

Do you want to edit PDF files with the convenience of a word processor? Do you want to merge PDFs, compare them, convert them to Word or translate them automatically with DeepL? Do you want to use the scanner to read pages and convert them into editable documents?

All of these options are possible with FlexiPDF!

  • Creating, editing and commenting in PDF files is just as quick and easy as exporting them for further editing in TextMaker or Microsoft Word.
  • The FlexiPDF printer driver creates high-quality PDF files from within any Windows program.
  • The automatic character recognition (OCR) in FlexiPDF Professional and NX Universal converts pages from the scanner into editable and searchable PDFs.

FlexiPDF is the indispensable PDF editor for anyone who works with PDFs.

Major features


Edit PDFs – as with a word processor
Insert pictures and drawings
Add, reorder and delete pages
Convert scans into editable PDFs (OCR) *
Merge and split PDFs


Comments and remarks
Track changes
Fill interactive and static forms
Create interactive forms *
PDF comparison feature *


Export to Word or TextMaker
Export to various picture formats
Export to the e-book format EPUB
HTML export
Snapshot feature: mark an area of the PDF and save it as a picture file

New features

Completely new ribbon interface
Optional dark mode
Automatic translation of entire pages via DeepL into numerous languages **
Export to PDF/A for long-term archiving *
Digitally sign PDF files *
* Only FlexiPDF Professional and FlexiPDF NX Universal  |  ** Only FlexiPDF NX Universal

Edit text flexibly

Edit the text of PDFs as if you were working with a word processor.

With FlexiPDF, you can change, add, delete and format text in PDF files across paragraphs, columns and pages.

A multi-language spell checker helps to avoid spelling errors, and automatic hyphenation ensures that your text looks good.

Find and Replace lets you find and replace not only text, but also fonts, colors, and hyperlinks – even across multiple files.

Track changes enables you to automatically highlight text changes to let you quickly find the places where a PDF has been edited.

Arrange pages freely

Do you want to delete a specific page from a PDF? Would you like to insert a blank page for further editing? Do you want to split a multi-page PDF into several single-page documents?

No problem: The PDF editor FlexiPDF lets you rearrange PDF documents as you need them. You can add, reorder, delete, crop and rotate pages. Inserting pages from other PDF files or merging several PDF files into one is just as easy.

You can conveniently "clone" text boxes and graphic elements from one page to another to quickly create repetitive elements such as headers or logos. You can also easily remove recurring elements across multiple pages.

Comments and signatures

Some PDFs pass through many hands, and each reader wants to leave remarks.

FlexiPDF allows you to insert comments into PDF files, highlight important details with drawings and emphasize text passages with the colored highlighter. You can also mark documents with stamps, such as "Approved" or "Confidential."

When a document is ready, you can sign it off with an image of your signature.

With FlexiPDF Professional and NX Universal, you can even add a digital signature that legally proves that a PDF file is authentic and has not been tampered with by anyone since you created it.

Graphics and drawings

FlexiPDF offers everything you need to enhance your PDFs with pictures and drawings.

With the PDF editor FlexiPDF, you can insert and edit graphics and drawings in PDF files wherever you like. It is easy to move, delete and crop photos and pictures.

If you need particularly compact PDF files for publication on the internet, FlexiPDF will compress graphics to the lower resolution you choose.

The command “Edit image” enables you to edit embedded pictures in an external image editor. When you finish editing, they are automatically updated on the PDF page.

Do you want to export a part of a PDF page as a picture? Simply take a "snapshot" by selecting an area and saving it.

Compare PDF documents

Comparing PDF files has never been easier.

If you want to examine different versions of a document for differences, you can use the practical comparison feature in FlexiPDF Professional and NX Universal to view two PDFs side by side and scroll through them synchronously. FlexiPDF automatically highlights the differences between the PDFs.

Flexible forms

FlexiPDF not only lets you fill out interactive forms, but also the much more common static forms that have been saved as PDF files. Since organizations often only provide such static forms, FlexiPDF saves you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on printing the forms and filling them out manually.

FlexiPDF Professional and NX Universal go one step further by enabling you to create your own interactive forms – including checkboxes, dropdown lists, input fields, etc.

Protect your content!

With the PDF editor FlexiPDF, you can secure your documents before sharing them.

Thanks to the built-in secure AES encryption, PDF files can be protected from opening, editing, printing, or copying text. You decide what the recipient of a PDF file is allowed to do.

If a PDF document contains confidential text or graphics, you can redact them with FlexiPDF Professional and NX Universal so that such sensitive information cannot be read or restored.

Translate PDFs automatically

Translations have never been so easy With FlexiPDF NX Universal, you can translate entire pages at the touch of a button. Such pages can be translated into a variety of target languages in just one click.

FlexiPDF uses DeepL for this, acknowledged as the best translation software. The layout of the PDF file is completely preserved in the process.

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