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What's new in
SoftMaker Office 2018

Major new features in all applications

  • You can use SoftMaker Office either with modern ribbons or with classic menus and toolbars. You can switch at any time!
  • Even with ribbons, the classic menu is still available.
  • The Quick-access toolbar lets you access frequently used commands directly.
  • Whether you use ribbons or the classic toolbars: dozens of new dropdown controls simplify your work. Quickly make bulleted or numbered lists, select from a variety of elegant table styles at the touch of a button, or insert page numbers without having to go through dialog boxes.
  • You can customize the ribbon and the toolbars to your liking.
  • SoftMaker Office 2018 uses the Microsoft Office formats DOCX, XLSX and PPTX natively. This allows you to give your documents to a Microsoft Office user, directly and without conversion. Of course, you can still open all your existing documents and save them in the previous file formats.
  • You receive 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SoftMaker Office 2018 in the same package. The 64-bit version can use the entire memory of your computer, making it ideal for huge documents, calculations and presentations.
  • SoftMaker Office 2018 is available for three operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • If you have a touchscreen, the new touch mode helps you type by enlarging all user interface elements. Also useful without a touchscreen, if you just want to work with larger icons on ribbon or toolbars!
  • Until now, you could open documents in tabs. You can still do this; in addition, you can open documents in separate windows. Perfect if you want to view documents side by side or work with two monitors.
  • Convenient: You can now "grab" document tabs with the mouse and rearrange them. You can also use drag and drop to turn document tabs into separate windows and later "dock" them again as tabs – just like in a web browser.
  • Just "pin" frequently used files in the list of recently opened documents and templates so that you can quickly access them at any time. Also, you can clear the file history with a single mouse click.
TextMaker icon


  • The file filter for the DOCX format has been significantly improved, and the filter for RTF files has been rewritten from scratch. Seamless exchange of documents now works even better than before.
  • Use table styles to give tables a new look at the touch of a button. Choose from a large variety of elegant styles.
  • You can now place tables anywhere on the page. This lets you add text or images to the left and right of tables.
  • Smart guides make aligning objects easy. When you move an object, TextMaker automatically displays temporary guides whenever you get close to the edges of other objects on the page.
  • The database module is now more powerful than ever. You can add, delete and change fields in DBF databases at any time, and you can convert the Thunderbird address book to a TextMaker mail-merge database.
  • Do you need to control the length of texts you write? TextMaker has had a word and character counter for a long time. With TextMaker 2018, you can add it to the status bar where it displays the values in real time.
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  • Tables inside worksheets: With PlanMaker 2018, you can create areas in worksheets that can be easily formatted, modified, and analyzed. With a simple click, you can choose from a variety of attractive table styles and add a totals row or column just as quickly. Do you want to append new rows or columns with values? No problem, the formulas will adapt automatically.
  • The AutoFilter function has been completely redesigned in PlanMaker 2018. You can now filter more conveniently than ever before, and filtering is much more flexible with large sets of data.
  • Cell styles have existed in PlanMaker for a long time, but hardly anyone used them. From now on, you will use them regularly thanks to the numerous useful predefined styles and a practical dropdown catalog that shows each style with a preview image.
  • Smart guides make aligning objects easy. When you move an object, PlanMaker automatically displays temporary guides whenever you get close to the edges of other objects on the page.
  • Just a detail, but extremely useful: You can now choose the size of the worksheet tabs.
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  • With the new presenter view, you can make better presentations: the audience sees your presentation on a monitor or projector, while practical navigation and highlighting tools are available to you on the second monitor.
  • Presentations 2018 offers a sophisticated new slide master concept with any number of slide masters – and it's compatible with current versions of PowerPoint.
  • Numerous breathtaking animations and slide transitions based on OpenGL – now also under Linux and on the Mac
  • Embedded movies are now played back with modern video codecs in high quality.
  • The export of presentations as movies has been modernized, resulting in compact, high-quality video files.