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MegaFont NOW

The 7,500 best fonts for PC and Mac

Plus 7,500 unlimited webfonts

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Important features

  • 7,500 premium-quality TrueType fonts
  • Highest print quality
  • Complete character sets with accented characters and umlauts
  • Many fonts have extended OpenType layout tables for sophisticated typesetting.
  • Every font includes an individually designed euro currency sign.
  • All fonts may be embedded in PDF files.
  • All fonts are also included as unlimited webfonts.
  • All fonts can be used immediately and permanently – no subscription required.
  • The included font manager for Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 makes installing and managing the fonts easy.
  • The fonts are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

System requirements

  • Windows: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • Linux: any Linux with a graphical user interface
  • Apple Mac: macOS

Licensed for up to three computers

Non-commercial use: You and the members of your family are entitled to use one license on up to three computers at the same time, provided that these computers belong to the same household.

Commercial use: Each license may only be installed and used on one computer. Every user of that computer may use the software, but only 1 (one) user at any given time. Secondary use right: The single primary user of that computer is also entitled to use the software on a portable computer.

MegaFont NOW: our best font collection ever

MegaFont NOW is massive. A single package contains the 7,500 most beautiful fonts from SoftMaker – including many renowned font classics of all eras.

Thanks to MegaFont NOW, you have the perfect font for every design imaginable. This font collection provides a huge variety of type styles for all purposes: classical and modern text fonts, elegant script fonts, impressive headline types and fancy decorative fonts.

The typeface selection and the font quality deserve a good rating, especially considering the generous terms of use.c't 26/2019

All fonts come with complete character sets with all accented characters and umlauts needed for Western European languages. Many fonts also include Eastern European and Turkish characters. All fonts offer individually designed euro currency signs and are optimized to ensure they are displayed beautifully on a screen or printer.

Many fonts in the MegaFont NOW package are equipped with advanced OpenType technology to enable aesthetically pleasing typesetting with graphics software such as Adobe Creative Suite – for example, with alternative letters, automatic ligatures and old-style figures.

With MegaFont NOW, you receive one of the most comprehensive collections of first-class fonts – at a price that other font houses often charge for a single font family.

MegaFont NOW comes with a capable font manager for Windows that lets you manage this huge font collection conveniently, prints specimen pages, shows character sets and activates/deactivates groups of fonts with a single click.

As if that weren't enough, all 7,500 fonts are not only included as fonts for desktop publishing, but also as webfonts that can easily be used on any website, with unlimited pageviews.

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