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FlexiPDF in the press

What the press writes about it


"FlexiPDF is still the only true PDF editor that lets you make even major changes to PDF files. It offers smart solutions for special problems that arise when working with PDF documents."


"This surprisingly good program shows that professional software for creating and editing PDF files can be truly affordable!"

Summary: "FlexiPDF is a PDF editor with an outstanding price-performance ratio; it is bursting with professional features."


Excellent editor for PDF files
Edits scanned PDF files (FlexiPDF Professional)
Export to other formats (Microsoft Word, HTML, ePUB)




"Better than the original. FlexiPDF leaves nothing to be desired."

tk Blog

"The slogan 'the all-around PDF editor' is apt: one can really do a lot with this software – during my review I probably haven't yet been able to discover all the fine details and capabilities of the application."


"This editor offers all editing features one can think of."

"Versatile: All aspects of PDF documents can be edited."

"Offer comprehensive functionality for editing PDF files."

"The user interface reminded us of popular word processors and was just as easy to use."

Well done!

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