BeckerCAD14 3D Pro

Draft | Planning | 3D Design | Visualization

  • Professional CAD software for architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and much more
  • Detailed drawing, designing and modeling in 2D and 3D
  • Powerful, precise and 100% compatible with AutoCAD
  • Perpetual license: buy once, use as long as you want
  • May be installed on 3 Windows PCs.


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The professional CAD software which meets the highest requirements


Professional design in 2D and 3D

BeckerCAD14 3D Pro includes a wealth of professional 2D and 3D drawing tools and aids that enable you to create quick 2D designs as easily as realistic 3D designs.

Hundreds of powerful drawing, editing and labeling tools help you to accurately create objects ranging from 2D production drawings that are true to size up to rendered 3D visualizations.

Complex 3D graphics can be easily imported in order to create impressive presentations. BeckerCAD14 3D Pro offers a Python programming interface and is fully compatible with AutoCAD and CADdy++ Mechanical Design.

Huge range of functions

  • Creating your own toolbars with customized quick access for frequently used features
  • Saving your own views in order to switch more rapidly to the desired perspective in other projects
  • Displaying a model in dimetric views
  • Optimized folder management
  • Protection against simultaneous access from multiple workstations in order to avoid unintentional editing
  • Exporting SVG files
  • Exporting 3D objects as HTML files in order to display them in a web browser
  • Transformation of 3D objects
  • Exporting 3D objects
  • Creating buildings – create and modify walls

Work professionally

  • Creating openings in 3D walls
  • Inserting and editing opening elements
  • Advanced settings of the 3D axes of coordinates
  • Transformations with the 3D axes of coordinates
  • Advanced transformation options of body surfaces
  • Transformation of 3D objects (move and/or rotate 3D objects in space)
  • More realistic scene preview through improved light sources with advanced settings options
  • Transferring of materials (such as object colors or material properties) from graphics and saving them in material list
  • Extended 3D surface selection
  • Printing the 3D view with a stamp in the header or footer (including information such as name of project, location, date)
  • Rapid sorting and editing of attribute lists
  • Easily creating your own standard sheets
  • Shaded model views
  • Additional settings options for character grids
  • Arc via center point and arc length
  • Advanced options for drawing parallel lines
  • Dimensions and texts with colored trim
  • STL export for 3D printing

Perfect support

  • With helpful video tutorials and example files
  • Dynamic manipulation of surfaces on 3D bodies
  • Convenient 3D surface selection
  • Preview of all dynamic operations
  • Compatible with the 3Dconnexion 3D mouse
  • Millions of 3D CAD standard downloads (free of charge and subject to a fee) via beckercad partcommunity
  • English 950-page PDF manual to get you started quickly
  • English and German user interfaces
  • Perpetual version, not a subscription
  • May be installed on three PCs.

New features

NEW: Photorealistic 3D rendering

See your drafts and designs in a photo-realistic 3D representation.

By setting lighting perspectives, illuminations and shadows become visible in 3D space, and you can perfectly evaluate your designs and models.

NEW: Display of collisions

BeckerCAD14 accurately displays collisions between different models – down to the smallest millimeter range.

NEW: Let teams work on the same design

Now multiple people can work on a model at the same time.

Additional improvements

  • NEW: New DWG/DXF converter for faster data exchange
  • NEW: Improved compatibility
  • NEW: Optimized for Windows 11
  • NEW: Improved rendering of 3D bodies
  • NEW: Search and select in the Model Explorer
  • NEW: New formatting for XML texts
  • NEW: Associative dimensioning for the center between two points
  • NEW: Simplified display of the attribute list
  • NEW: Information of non-associative dimensioning
  • NEW: New 3D lighting and materials
  • NEW: TrueType font replacement in the 3D window
  • NEW: More intuitive operation of the section view
  • NEW: Improved object transformation
  • NEW: 100 additional improvements

System requirements

Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7


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