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Unbeatable: SoftMaker Office HD

The only complete office suite for Android tablets

What Android users could only dream of until now is finally a reality.

With SoftMaker Office HD, the full range of features of a
desktop office suite is available for the first time ever on your Android tablet.

SoftMaker Office HD: Open, edit and saves DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX files

The possibilities are limitless.

Anything you can do on a PC you can now do on the go on your Android tablet.
You can do it using the menu structure you're used to, and it's perfectly adapted to touchscreen use.

Document exchange that really works

SoftMaker Office HD not only lets you work on the old DOC, XLS and PPT formats down to the smallest detail, but also
offers the same exacting level of compatibility with the modern DOCX, XLSX and PPTX formats from Microsoft Office 2007 to 2016.

TextMaker HD

Word processing complete

TextMaker HD: Open, edit and saves DOC and DOCX documents

Write documents on the go like you would on a PC

Take advantage of creative moments whenever they come. TextMaker HD offers everything you need for mobile
word processing. Create elegant documents in no time flat and save them as PDFs, e-books or Word files. Read more...

PlanMaker HD

Spreadsheet complete

PlanMaker HD: Open, edit and saves XLS and XLSX files

Create spreadsheets on the go like you would on a PC

PlanMaker HD not only has a vast repertoire of calculation functions, it also gives you the
power to create visually stunning worksheets with breathtaking charts. Read more...

Presentations HD

Presentation complete

Presentations HD: Open, edit and saves PPT and PPTX documents

Design and present on the go like you would on a PC

Small effort, big effect: Presentations HD lets you create polished
presentations in a flash that will dazzle your audience. Read more...

SoftMaker Office HD

Office complete

No other mobile office package offers such a comprehensive range of functions and
such high compatibility with the Microsoft Office formats as SoftMaker Office HD.
There is no more powerful office package for Android. Period.

License: You may use this software on up to three Android devices
that are owned by you or family members of your household.

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