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What the Press Says About SoftMaker Office for Windows Mobile

TextMaker for Windows Mobile

"Since the HTC Advantage has such a large display and accommodating hard drive I think it makes a perfect mobile writing platform and to really help turn the device into a UMPC/laptop replacement you need to try the SoftMaker Office Suite that gives you a full desktop quality and feature packed word processor (TextMaker) and spreadsheet application (PlanMaker). I plan to take a deeper look at these powerful applications in the near future."

Matthew Miller in the ZDNet Blog


"This German software is miles ahead of Word Mobile, the word processor shipping with each Pocket PC."

Where Word Mobile fails miserably, TextMaker roars ahead. This application inserts pictures into the text, creates tables, and is also able to append tables of contents, indices, or bibliographies to your documents.

Summary: TextMaker makes Word Mobile look even lousier than it already is."












"com!" magazine,
PDA & Smartphone edition


"TextMaker is the word processor your Pocket PC was meant to have. It's not only the most robust program of its type we've ever seen on a handheld PC, it can open and save documents in a variety of formats – including Word (all versions, from 6.0 to XP), Pocket Word, Rich Text Format, and even HTML 4.0.

What's more, it's remarkably easy to use, with icons that actually look like their function and menus that closely resemble those of a desktop word processor. Hey, Microsoft – steal this program!"

Handheld Computing Magazine


"TextMaker is the most feature-packed word processor to be developed for the Pocket PC platform and it has all the features that you would expect to find on a high-end PC word processor (and a few more besides)."

Ease of use:









PDA Essentials, UK, 8/2002 issue


"TextMaker is an impressive word processing application with the potential to be a killer-app for mobile professionals."

Jim McCarthy, pocketanywhere.com


Overall, TextMaker is a true wonder of a program. Given a portable keyboard, I would be happy to create a long and complicated document with this application without fear of missing a feature or losing my work. In its efficient use of space (both storage and screen) and equally efficient programming, it stretches the limited platform of the Pocket PC to new limits. In sheer power alone it happily leaves its rivals in the dust: in fact, I’d go so far as to say that this is the most important PPC program now available for almost any mobile professional.

Anthony Newman for infosync.no


PlanMaker for Windows Mobile

"People who need to edit Excel sheets on the road, have currently no alternative to PlanMaker."



"If you need the functions and flexibility that you only find in spreadsheets for desktop computers, you should definitely have a closer look at PlanMaker."

Notebook, Organizer & Handy


"The first alternative to Pocket Excel, PlanMaker, is a handheld spreadsheet application like no other. PlanMaker incorporates a feature list that would look impressive for a desktop spreadsheet application, and on a PDA is nothing short of staggering. All the features most obviously missing from Pocket Excel are there: graphing, spell checking, templates, and so on. Even more impressive is the array of advanced features you'd probably never expect to see on a handheld, such as a full set of onsheet drawing tools, goal seeking, conditional formatting, outlining and syntax highlighting. [...]

In short, if you can do it on your desktop spreadsheet, there's a very good chance you can now do it on your Pocket PC too. Equally important for power users, you can forget the frustration of having Pocket Excel lose even the most basic formatting when syncing with your desktop spreadsheets. [...]

PlanMaker is exactly what power users have been waiting for, and, for those who rely heavily on their spreadsheets, may even be enough to make them switch platforms from Palm OS or Symbian devices, where such spreadsheeting power simply doesn't exist."

Palmtop User Magazine


"If you do serious number crunching and would like to take it with you, then PlanMaker is a must-buy. It's the only option out there and it's very good. If you arm your Pocket PC with one of the fold-out keyboards there would be no difference between PlanMaker and Excel except for the omission of the mouse.

SoftMaker has raised the bar again, first with TextMaker, and now with PlanMaker. I doubt any other company will touch these guys for quite some time."




SoftMaker Office for Windows Mobile

"The new version of SoftMaker Office for Pocket PCs delivers the best ever office functionality on a handheld."

PDA Essentials


"TextMaker and PlanMaker support both their own formats of their desktop applications as well as Word- and Excel documents.

People who want to get their documents faithfully back to the PC after editing them on the PDA, will find TextMaker and PlanMaker as suitable solutions for Pocket PCs."



"This software helps business professionals leave their bulky laptops at home. With TextMaker and PlanMaker, one can truly call the Pocket PC a real desktop replacement. This software blows every other Pocket PC software out of the water in terms of desktop compatibility and the plethora of functions it offers."

Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine
Best Software Award


More quotes (Windows and Linux)

"The enormous feature-richness at minimal hardware requirements speaks for PlanMaker as an Excel alternative."

PC Professionell


"PlanMaker provides Excel feeling – without the bloat and at a fair price."



"You won't find a more Excel-compatible spreadsheet on any operating system, but Microsoft compatibility is far from PlanMaker's only worthwhile feature.

PlanMaker is both smaller in size and faster to start than most of the other spreadsheet applications I've used. One particularly data-heavy test case with a single large chart took only 10 seconds to load, while the same worksheet took more than a minute to load in StarOffice 7 Calc.

Compatibility with other programs is where PlanMaker really shines. SoftMaker has a page detailing its Excel compatibility features. While you have to take a manufacturer's propaganda with a grain of salt, my own analysis of the test cases shows them to be completely accurate and as-advertised."

Jem Matzan, NewsForge

Awards for TextMaker for Windows Mobile

Gewinner: Best Software 2005

TextMaker has been awarded Best Software 2007 by SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine –
fourth year in a row!

TextMaker has been awarded Best Software 2006 by SmartPhone & Pocket PC Magazine

TextMaker has been awarded Best Software 2005 by Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine

Winner: Best Software 2004

TextMaker has been awarded Best Software 2004 by Pocket PC Magazine

Finalist Best Software 2006 by Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine

TextMaker has garnered an "Excellent" rating by German PDA & Smartphone Magazine

TextMaker - Best Product 2003

TextMaker 2006 received the Best Software 2007 rating by ITM Praktiker magazine

TextMaker has been awarded Best Product 2004 with the Europe Pocket PC Award

TextMaker has been awarded Best Product 2003 by Handheld Computing Magazine


Awards for PlanMaker for Windows Mobile

Nominated: Best Software 2005

Finalist "Best Software 2007"
by Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine

Finalist "Best Software 2006"
by Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine

Finalist "Best Software 2005"
by Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine


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