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SoftMaker Presentations 2010. Edit Presentations Like You Do on your Desktop Computer.

SoftMaker Presentations 2010 lets you edit PowerPoint files right on Windows Mobile – without file conversion and without loss of quality.

All elements of PowerPoint files are preserved, including:

all types of formatting

all slide transitions and animations

all slide designs and color schemes

all graphics, drawings, and backgrounds

all notes and comments

... simply everything that could be in a PowerPoint file!

But highest compatibility is not the only advantage of SoftMaker Presentations: It offers the complete feature set of a desktop presentations program. You can create, edit, and manage slides, insert and edit all types of drawings, graphics, and tables ... even apply all animations and transitions that you know from PowerPoint, etc. etc.

Numerous ready-made design templates make it easy for you to effortlessly create elegant presentations. If you don't like a design, simply switch to another template or create your own one – with slide masters, placeholders, color schemes, and all the other features that you know from professional presentation programs.

With SoftMaker Presentations you receive a powerful, compatible, and affordable presentation graphics program – that gives you all the features of a desktop program right on your Windows Mobile device!


Download the free trial version

Try before you buy! You can download a free 30-day trial version of SoftMaker Office for Windows Mobile here.


SoftMaker Presentations for Windows Mobile

What's new in SoftMaker Presentations 2010?

NEW: Document tabs for easy switching between open documents

NEW: Strong graphics features such as mirror effects, soft shadows, transparencies, and image manipulation

NEW: Picture collections

NEW: Export to HTML

NEW: Improved PDF export

... and much more!

SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows Mobile

EUR 69.95

Customers in the U.S. and Canada: US$ 79.95

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Easy data exchange

Presentation files can be exchanged directly with SoftMaker Presentations 2010 and 2008 for Windows, Linux, and Windows CE

Seamless document exchange with Microsoft PowerPoint 97, 2000, XP, and 2003 as well as PowerPoint for Mac

Read and write PowerPoint files (.pps and .ppt) with all animations, slide transitions, color schemes, etc. preserved

Create PDF files directly from SoftMaker Presentations

Export entire presentations as collections of images

NEW: Export entire presentations as HTML web pages


Numerous attractive design templates give you impressive results fast.

Each design comes with many matching color schemes.

Create your own color schemes and switch between them instantaneously.

Pre-defined slide layouts let you rearrange slide contents with a mouse click.

All layouts have generic placeholders that can be filled with text, graphics, tables, or multimedia, as required.

Sophisticated master page concept (allows global changes on all slides simultaneously)

Many graphical bullets included


Animations and slide transitions

Hundreds of object and text animations available

Ready-made animation schemes that animate entire presentations at once

Many attractive slide transitions – completely compatible with PowerPoint

Drawing and graphics

Insert images in all common formats

Draw directly on the slide

AutoShapes (compatible with Microsoft's AutoShapes)

Tables with many advanced formatting options

NEW: Strong graphics features such as mirror effects, soft shadows, transparencies, and image manipulation

NEW: Cropping of pictures directly in the software

NEW: Insert picture collections

Flexible output

Flexible customization of slide shows

Interactive presentation of slide shows with virtual pen and highlighter

Automated presentations without a speaker (kiosk mode)

Add notes as an aid to the speaker

Print handouts for the audience


Managing and outlining

Built-in interactive outliner: Editing text in the outliner changes the slides simultaneously – and vice versa

Easily sort and manage slides with the practical mini sorter and full-screen sorter.


Fully Unicode-enabled

Spell checking in NEW: 20 languages

Hyphenation in 33 languages

Thesaurus in 10 languages

Menus and dialogs can be shown in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, NEW: Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, NEW: Greek, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese

Free-of-charge technical support

System requirements

Any Windows Mobile device with a touchscreen and an XScale or StrongARM CPU

Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5, or 2003 SE

64 MByte RAM


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Pricing includes VAT for customers inside the EU. Add shipping & handling.