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What the Press Says About SoftMaker Office for Windows CE 

TextMaker for Windows CE

"The list of features included in TextMaker is far greater than those covered in this review. Quite simply, there are too many to list. That, plus the ease-of-use of TextMaker makes it a Pocket Word replacement, not just an alternative."

"TextMaker should be on every Handheld PC user's short list of software to buy."

Clinton Fitch


"If you're a serious Handheld user and you are frustrated with the Word application on your Handheld, then TextMaker is a must have, and is an essential program for all Handheld users."

Handheld Addict


"Conclusion: TextMaker is 'The Missing Link' of our great device and contribute to make Handheld PCs a real independent machine. This application offers a compatibility with Word documents which is really missing with PocketWord.

This is an essential piece of software.

Rating: 5 out of 5 points"

 Henri Spagnolo's J7xx



PlanMaker for Windows CE

"The shortcomings of the Microsoft embedded Office applications are painfully evident. Offering all of the features of Microsoft Excel for the desktop, PlanMaker turns a Handheld PC into a fully functional extension of the desktop. What sets PlanMaker apart from any of its competitors is the plethora of features and customization that can be done within the application."



5 out of 5 points



5 out of 5 points



5 out of 5 points

Built-in helps:


5 out of 5 points

Customer service:


5 out of 5 points



5 out of 5 points



"The first alternative to Pocket Excel, PlanMaker, is a handheld spreadsheet application like no other. PlanMaker incorporates a feature list that would look impressive for a desktop spreadsheet application, and on a PDA is nothing short of staggering. All the features most obviously missing from Pocket Excel are there: graphing, spell checking, templates, and so on. Even more impressive is the array of advanced features you'd probably never expect to see on a handheld."

Palmtop User Magazine


"My God, this is very impressive [...] This review will be more of an overview, else a book will be necessary to describe all the functionalities of PlanMaker [...] PlanMaker is a "spread" that can be devoured without moderation. Like TextMaker, it contributes to being more independent of your desktop PC and offers great compatibility with Excel documents. 5 "J"s out of 5* – what to say more..."

 Henri Spagnolo's J7xx


More quotes (Windows and Linux)

"The enormous feature-richness at minimal hardware requirements speaks for PlanMaker as an Excel alternative."

PC Professionell


"PlanMaker provides Excel feeling – without the bloat and at a fair price."



"You won't find a more Excel-compatible spreadsheet on any operating system, but Microsoft compatibility is far from PlanMaker's only worthwhile feature.

PlanMaker is both smaller in size and faster to start than most of the other spreadsheet applications I've used. One particularly data-heavy test case with a single large chart took only 10 seconds to load, while the same worksheet took more than a minute to load in StarOffice 7 Calc.

Compatibility with other programs is where PlanMaker really shines. SoftMaker has a page detailing its Excel compatibility features. While you have to take a manufacturer's propaganda with a grain of salt, my own analysis of the test cases shows them to be completely accurate and as-advertised."

Jem Matzan, NewsForge


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