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PlanMaker 2010. The Only Desktop-Class Spreadsheet for Windows CE.

PlanMaker does for spreadsheets what TextMaker does for word processing in Windows CE: PlanMaker is the only spreadsheet program for Windows CE that offers the vast range of features and ease-of-use that you know from desktop spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

With PlanMaker 2010, you can edit your Excel worksheets with the full function set of a desktop-class spreadsheet program. Transfer your Excel files to your Windows CE computer and take them with you. You can work on your worksheets on the road and be certain that all data and all formatting is kept intact.

Only PlanMaker provides a huge feature set with more than 330 calculation functions, form controls such as lists and checkboxes, 70 chart types, array formulas, input validation, and an enormous number of further features.

Only PlanMaker is able to display and edit every Excel chart.

Only PlanMaker supports all AutoShapes of Microsoft Excel, all drawings, and all other graphics on Windows CE computers.

Only PlanMaker reads and writes all Excel files seamlessly under Windows CE, keeping all data and formatting intact.

PlanMaker 2010 for Windows CE has practically all the features offered by the Windows version of PlanMaker – it is the only really full-featured spreadsheet for Windows CE.

Imagine that: Calculate and plan on your Windows CE computer just like you do with Microsoft Excel on the desktop!


Download the free trial version

Try before you buy! You can download a free 30-day trial version of SoftMaker Office for Windows CE here.


Screenshot von PlanMaker für Windows CE

PlanMaker 2010 for Windows CE
For large and small screens alike


What's new in PlanMaker 2010?

NEW: Capacity increased fourfold, up to 400% faster

NEW: Seamless import of XLSX files (Microsoft Excel 2010 und 2007)

NEW: Breathtaking charts in presentation quality

NEW: Strong graphics features such as mirror effects, soft shadows, transparencies, and image manipulation

NEW: External references

NEW: Wizards for importing and exporting text files and dBASE files

NEW: Formula auditing, scenarios

NEW: Repeat command

NEW: Document tabs for easy switching between open documents

... and much more!


SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows CE

EUR 69.95

Customers in the U.S. and Canada: US$ 79.95

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Easy data exchange

Lossless document exchange with PlanMaker 2010, 2008, 2006, and 2004 for Windows, Linux, and Windows CE

Seamless document exchange with Microsoft Excel 5.0, 95, 97, 2000, Excel XP, and Excel 2003 as well as Microsoft Excel for Mac

NEW: Seamless import of XLSX files (Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010)

Visual Basic macros in Excel worksheets are preserved.

Read and write password protected Excel files

Import and export dBASE databases and other formats

NEW: Import and export wizard for text files

NEW: Import and export wizard for dBASE databases

Create PDF files directly from PlanMaker

Comprehensive calculations

More than 330 calculation functions

Supports complex numbers and array functions

Numbers can be formatted as currency, with fixed decimal places, thousands separators, as percentage values, as fractions, as dates and times, etc.

International currency support

Perpetual time format (20:00 + 5:00 is not 1:00 but 25:00), negative times possible

Goal seeker (solver)

AutoSum, AutoProduct etc. automatically find the desired cell ranges

AutoFill with smart series recognition

Named ranges

NEW: External references

NEW: Formula auditing

NEW: Scenarios

Cell comments with arbitrary text formatting

Quickly select cell ranges from dialogs

Cell and sheet protection against accidental or deliberate modification etc.

Read and write protection for documents, encryption


Creating and editing sheets

Freeze rows and columns

Syntax highlighting

Input validation

NEW: "Repeat" command repeats the last command

NEW: AutoCompletion for cells

NEW: Search across multiple sheets

NEW: "Search multiple" function

NEW: Select and format multiple sheets simultaneously

Formatting sheets

Cell and character style sheets

Transfer formatting with the format brush

Conditional formatting

AutoFormat: Formatting with a single mouse click

Borders, shades, fill patterns

Cell rotation and merging

Center across columns

Create forms with input fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists etc.

Footers and headers (separately for left/middle/right)

Graphics and drawings

Comprehensive drawing and graphic functions integrated: draw directly in the worksheet

Insert pictures in all common formats, freehand drawings, rectangles, circles etc.

All drawings fully compatible with Microsoft Excel's AutoShapes

NEW: Strong graphics functions such as mirror and glow effects, soft shadows, and transparency

NEW: Crop pictures directly in PlanMaker

Change brightness, contrast, and gamma of images directly inside PlanMaker

Drawings can be filled with colors, patterns, bitmaps, and color gradients

Arrange, flip, mirror objects

"Sticky" connector lines between objects

Comprehensive symbol library for flow charts and org charts


Present and visualize

Powerful charting module lets you create persuading charts

Fully Excel-compatible charting

70 different chart types (2D and 3D)

NEW: Impressive special effects in charts: soft shadows, bevels, transparency, light sources etc.

Free rotation and distortion of 3D charts

Each chart element can be individually formatted with any kind of filling pattern, color, or gradient

Data analysis

Create database ranges within worksheets

Data grouping (outliner)

Sort and transpose

Filter by condition, AutoFilter, Special filter

Database functions for sum, average, variance etc.


Fully Unicode-enabled

Spell-checking in NEW: 20 languages

Hyphenation in 33 languages

Menus and dialogs can be shown in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, NEW: Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, NEW: Greek, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese

Free-of-charge technical support

System requirements

Windows CE 4.2 or higher

StrongARM or Xscale CPU

64 MByte RAM

Screen resolution either 640*480 pixels or higher or 240*320 pixels


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Pricing includes VAT for customers inside the EU. Add shipping & handling.