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TextMaker HD

Word processing complete

Offers the same functionality as TextMaker for Windows,
making it the only complete word processor application for Android tablets.

TextMaker HD: Word processing complete

TextMaker HD is just as well suited to everyday correspondence as it is to designing
brochures and flyers, and it makes quick work of everything from short letters to academic papers.

Work on your documents wherever and whenever you want.

Uncompromising compatibility

TextMaker HD: Uncompromising compatibility

Perfect interaction with Microsoft Word

TextMaker HD faithfully reads and writes DOC and DOCX files down to the smallest details. This guarantees seamless exchange of documents with Microsoft Word 6.0 to Word 2016. Other formats, such as OpenDocument, RTF and HTML, are also supported.

Intuitive to use

TextMaker HD: Intuitive to use

Just install it and get started

If you've already worked with TextMaker or Microsoft Word, you'll pick up TextMaker HD for Android in no time. The user interface is just like the one on the PC, but perfectly adapted to touchscreen use.
The result: convenient working, the way you're used to.

Huge range of features

TextMaker HD: Huge range of features

The all-rounder

All of the features you know from your Windows word processor, TextMaker HD can do too. Spell-check in numerous languages as you type. Automatic hyphenation. Tables, pictures and charts. Headers and footers. Design and fill out forms. Footnotes, endnotes, indices, tables of contents. Outline view. PDF and EPUB export. Print directly from the app. And the list goes on and on.

A team player

TextMaker HD: A team player

TextMaker HD is team-ready

Collaborating with colleagues on a document? TextMaker HD can track and mark all of the changes that you make to a document. Later you can accept or reject the changes, regardless of whether you are working with TextMaker or Word.

You can also insert comments, which, just as in Word, appear as balloons on the right margin.

Design effectively

TextMaker HD: Design effectively

A wide range of design options

With the unique object mode you can freely place graphics, drawings, text boxes and more in the document. Move and enlarge the objects easily with your finger or a mouse. Effects such as soft shadows, mirror effects and 3D turn simple graphics into spectacular eye-catchers.

With master pages you can place watermarks behind each page or incorporate recurring graphics into your document. And the integrated TextArt feature lets you create flashy slogans within seconds.

Save locally or in the cloud

SoftMaker Office HD: Save locally or in the cloud

Your documents everywhere

TextMaker HD not only opens and saves documents on your Android tablet, but also in the cloud: Directly from TextMaker HD you can edit documents in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Amazon Cloud Drive and OneDrive.

TextMaker HD

Word processing complete

TextMaker HD

TextMaker HD brings the features of a desktop word processor
to your Android tablet. Don't settle for less.

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