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PlanMaker HD

Spreadsheet complete

Offers the same functionality as PlanMaker for Windows,
making it the only complete spreadsheet application for Android tablets.

PlanMaker HD: Spreadsheet complete

PlanMaker HD not only handles all of your business and personal calculations, but also displays the results as impressive charts in presentation quality.

Work on your spreadsheets wherever and whenever you want.

Uncompromising compatibility

PlanMaker HD: Uncompromising compatibility

Perfect interaction with Microsoft Excel

PlanMaker HD faithfully reads and writes XLS and XLSX files down to the smallest details. This guarantees seamless exchange of documents with Microsoft Excel 5.0 to Excel 2016.

Intuitive to use

PlanMaker HD: Intuitive to use

Just install it and get started

If you've already worked with PlanMaker or Excel, you'll pick up PlanMaker HD for Android immediately. The user interface is just like the one on the PC, but perfectly adapted to touchscreen use.
The result: convenient working, the way you're used to.

Calculate and analyze

PlanMaker HD: Calculate and analyze

Find the right solutions, even within huge data sets.

More than 350 calculation functions in the fields of date and time, mathematics, finance, statistics and data analysis. Huge worksheets a million rows long. Pivot tables let you summarize data and then clearly present and evaluate it.

Data grouping, AutoFilter and special filters tame even the biggest mountains of data. Solve what-if questions with the Scenario Manager. And if an error creeps into your worksheet, syntax highlighting and formula auditing rapidly point you to the source of the error.

Attractive worksheets

PlanMaker HD: Attractive worksheets

Designing appealing worksheets: Easy as pie with PlanMaker HD

With AutoFormat, choose an elegant layout at the press of a button. You can also use custom formatting. Save recurring formatting as a stylesheet. What's more, you can insert whatever AutoShapes, graphics, text boxes and comments you like.

Present data convincingly

PlanMaker HD: Present data convincingly

Transform plain numbers into informative charts

Create informative charts with presentation quality in no time flat from your data. Choose from 80 different chart types in 2D and 3D. Use an array of effects, such as transparencies, shadows or light effects to adapt them precisely to your taste.

Save locally or in the cloud

PlanMaker HD: Save locally or in the cloud

Your worksheets everywhere

PlanMaker HD not only opens and saves worksheets on your Android tablet, but also in the cloud: Directly from PlanMaker HD you can edit worksheets in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Amazon Cloud Drive and OneDrive.

PlanMaker HD

Spreadsheet complete

PlanMaker HD

PlanMaker HD brings the features of a desktop spreadsheet application
to your Android tablet. Don't settle for less.

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