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2022-08-10: Revision 1048.0804

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  Bug fixes
53286   New feature: Presenter view which shows the slide show on an external monitor or projector. For this, you need an HDMI cable that not only mirrors the screen, but can also send separate content. This new feature is available if you have subscribed either via the App Store or by using SoftMaker Office NX.

2022-07-14: Revision 1047.0705

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52162 52466   New feature: Missing dictionaries for the spell checker and thesaurus are now automatically downloaded and installed on demand.
53185   New feature: In addition to the monthly subscription, an annual subscription is now also offered.
53233   Chinese, Japanese and Korean keyboards can now also be selected.
  Bug fixes

2022-06-08: Revision 1047.0608

Revision 1047.0608 was the initial release of SoftMaker Office for iOS.

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