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2019-04-18: Revision 962

All programs
39736 Mac Reduced screen flickering with macOS 10.14.4. We are working on a more complete solution for a future service pack.
39758 Windows When a service pack installation was interrupted because Windows decided to reboot to install some system updates, an incomplete SoftMaker Office installation remained which could not even be repaired by running the service pack installer again.

It is now possible to use old (pre-Anniversary Update) toolbar files again. Copy the toolbar files in the Documents\SoftMaker\Settings folder according to the following table.

Windows tmw18tools.dat tmw18ntools.dat pmw18tools.dat pmw18ntools.dat prw18tools.dat prw18ntools.dat
Mac, Linux tm18tools.dat tm18ntools.dat pm18tools.dat pm18ntools.dat pr18tools.dat pr18ntools.dat

Note that doing so will overwrite the new, more logically arranged toolbars and any customizations you have already made to them. Consider making a backup before replacing these files.

39804   In some cases, purging a database could cause a program crash.
39775   The database viewer that appears when you choose a document template with an attached database now remembers again if you last used list or form view.
39769   When you choose a document template with an attached DBF database, the character set for the database is now chosen again correctly.
39808   When you use a DBF database with DOS character set, it is now opened with code page 850 instead of 437, allowing use of accented characters of most Western European languages.
39786   Changing what the AutoFilter displays now updates the online calculation in the status bar.
  Several improvements to the ODS import filter
39778   A BasicMaker script can now read cell content from PlanMaker even if the cell is protected.

2019-04-10: Revision 960 (Anniversary Update)

All programs
39006   Feature: TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations are now compatible with the file formats of Word 2019, Excel 2019 and PowerPoint 2019.
38428 Windows Feature: You can now scan pages and images using WIA, not only TWAIN. This lets SoftMaker Office work with more scanners, and scanning now also works in the 64-bit version.
11356 Windows Feature: With a WIA scanner driver, you can now scan multiple pages in one step.
In TextMaker, individual pages are created.
In PlanMaker, the images are placed one over the other.
In Presentations, individual slides are created.
37997   Feature: The format brush can now be used with the keyboard: Select text, press Ctrl+Shift+C to copy the formatting, select the destination and press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the formatting.
36480 36524 36455 38263 19265 38932   Feature: With classic menus, TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations now offer new toolbars with a more logical arrangement.
39478   Feature: The dropdown element Insert | Character has been updated to offer additional typographic characters.
38694   Feature: New command ? | Support to send customer inquiries directly from SoftMaker Office
39053 38694   Feature: You no longer need an e-mail program to send crash reports because SoftMaker Office now sends them directly.
19374   Feature: For better compatibility with Microsoft Office, you can apply negative cropping to pictures.
38852 Mac Feature: You can now drag photos from the Apple Photos application into TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations documents.
38680 38694 38840   Feature: You can now switch between ribbon tabs using the key combinations Ctrl+F12 and Ctrl+Shift+F12.
20366  Windows Feature: You can now enter any Unicode character with the key combination Alt+nnnn key. For example, press Alt+8364 to enter the Euro sign.
  Feature: Many user-interface translations have been updated, and a Polish user interface is now available for the first time.
30336 38935   Feature: French typographic rules supported: With French text, quotation marks, question marks, exclamation points, colons and semicolons are now automatically padded with non-breaking spaces.
38016 Mac Feature: You can now enter Chinese, Japanese and Korean text because SoftMaker Office now supports the Mac IME.
39081 Mac, Linux Feature: To ensure that all users on a computer can start SoftMaker Office without having to enter the product key again, the license file is now preferred to be stored in /Library/Application support/SoftMaker (macOS) and /etc/SoftMaker (Linux).
26135   Feature: In the Print dialog box, the list of printers is now sorted alphabetically.
  Feature: New database module with new features such as viewing CSV files
38858   Feature: Duden Korrektor has been updated to version 3.4 which offers improved grammar and spell checking for German.
15705   Feature: You can now print selected text.
36305   Feature: You can now save charts as image files.
38392   Feature: Text frames and AutoShapes are no longer inserted immediately. Instead, a mouse cursor appears that lets you size the new object before it is created. This new default behavior can be changed in File | Options.
38377   Feature: The command View | Set zoom now offers an additional zooming option, "Fit text to window".
23583   Feature: Clicking on the language name in the status bar lets you now change the language of the selected text.
38890   Feature: You can now edit fields and calculations by double-clicking on them.
38743   Feature: New option Skip numbering in numbering lists
32926   Feature: Using the triangle icon in the bottom right of the Changes and Comments groups of the ribbon tab Review, you can now quickly change settings for tracked changes and comments.
36097   Feature: Two new field functions have been added to Insert | Field: "Page count in chapter" and "Actual page count in chapter"
8817   Feature: In File | Properties | Compatibility, the compatibility flags can now be quickly set to specific word processing programs.
36540   Feature: Table styles are now fully saved in DOCX and TMDX formats.
36755 34338   Feature: Better smart quotes in German: a single apostrophe at the start of a word is turned into a single quotation mark at the bottom.
38896   Feature: French: an apostrophe inside a word is no longer converted to a › sign.
38790   Feature: To open a hyperlink, use Ctrl+click now instead of a simple click. If you let the mouse hover over a hyperlink, a tooltip gives the URL.
16847 36044   Feature: PlanMaker now supports the option Precision as displayed which continues calculations with the visible precision of cells. If cell A1 contains 3.3 but is only shown with two digits (3.33), then 3*A1 will be 9.99 and not 10.
25467   Feature: New command Insert copied cells that moves existing cells or rows down or to the right to make room for the pasted content
37212 37213 38606 38651   Feature: Improved AutoFilter function: hierarchical grouping of dates, more options for the Numbers filter, new Date and Text filters
26408   Feature: Experimental import filter for OpenDocument Calc files
27598 37928   Feature: Nearly 50 calculation functions added, mainly in statistics
35000   Feature: You can now search for line breaks in the Search dialog box.
38289   For negative base numbers, the precedence of the power operator ^ over the sign operator now works like in Excel.
  Feature: Updated manuals and help files that describe pivot tables and the new calculation functions
36305   Feature: You can now save charts as image files.
18979   Feature: You can now format text in multiple columns.
37342 Windows Feature: BasicMaker scripts can now also be run with the 64-bit version of SoftMaker Office.

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