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List of changes

2019-04-18: Revision 962

All programs
39736 Mac Reduced screen flickering with macOS 10.14.4. We are working on a more complete solution for a future service pack.
39758 Windows When a service pack installation was interrupted because Windows decided to reboot to install some system updates, an incomplete SoftMaker Office installation remained which could not even be repaired by running the service pack installer again.

It is now possible to use old (pre-Anniversary Update) toolbar files again. Copy the toolbar files in the Documents\SoftMaker\Settings folder according to the following table.

Windows tmw18tools.dat tmw18ntools.dat pmw18tools.dat pmw18ntools.dat prw18tools.dat prw18ntools.dat
Mac, Linux tm18tools.dat tm18ntools.dat pm18tools.dat pm18ntools.dat pr18tools.dat pr18ntools.dat

Note that doing so will overwrite the new, more logically arranged toolbars and any customizations you have already made to them. Consider making a backup before replacing these files.

39804   In some cases, purging a database could cause a program crash.
39775   The database viewer that appears when you choose a document template with an attached database now remembers again if you last used list or form view.
39769   When you choose a document template with an attached DBF database, the character set for the database is now chosen again correctly.
39808   When you use a DBF database with DOS character set, it is now opened with code page 850 instead of 437, allowing use of accented characters of most Western European languages.
39786   Changing what the AutoFilter displays now updates the online calculation in the status bar.
  Several improvements to the ODS import filter
39778   A BasicMaker script can now read cell content from PlanMaker even if the cell is protected.

2019-04-10: Revision 960 (Anniversary Update)

All programs
39006   Feature: TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations are now compatible with the file formats of Word 2019, Excel 2019 and PowerPoint 2019.
38428 Windows Feature: You can now scan pages and images using WIA, not only TWAIN. This lets SoftMaker Office work with more scanners, and scanning now also works in the 64-bit version.
11356 Windows Feature: With a WIA scanner driver, you can now scan multiple pages in one step.
In TextMaker, individual pages are created.
In PlanMaker, the images are placed one over the other.
In Presentations, individual slides are created.
37997   Feature: The format brush can now be used with the keyboard: Select text, press Ctrl+Shift+C to copy the formatting, select the destination and press Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the formatting.
36480 36524 36455 38263 19265 38932   Feature: With classic menus, TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations now offer new toolbars with a more logical arrangement.
39478   Feature: The dropdown element Insert | Character has been updated to offer additional typographic characters.
38694   Feature: New command ? | Support to send customer inquiries directly from SoftMaker Office
39053 38694   Feature: You no longer need an e-mail program to send crash reports because SoftMaker Office now sends them directly.
19374   Feature: For better compatibility with Microsoft Office, you can apply negative cropping to pictures.
38852 Mac Feature: You can now drag photos from the Apple Photos application into TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations documents.
38680 38694 38840   Feature: You can now switch between ribbon tabs using the key combinations Ctrl+F12 and Ctrl+Shift+F12.
20366  Windows Feature: You can now enter any Unicode character with the key combination Alt+nnnn key. For example, press Alt+8364 to enter the Euro sign.
  Feature: Many user-interface translations have been updated, and a Polish user interface is now available for the first time.
30336 38935   Feature: French typographic rules supported: With French text, quotation marks, question marks, exclamation points, colons and semicolons are now automatically padded with non-breaking spaces.
38016 Mac Feature: You can now enter Chinese, Japanese and Korean text because SoftMaker Office now supports the Mac IME.
39081 Mac, Linux Feature: To ensure that all users on a computer can start SoftMaker Office without having to enter the product key again, the license file is now preferred to be stored in /Library/Application support/SoftMaker (macOS) and /etc/SoftMaker (Linux).
26135   Feature: In the Print dialog box, the list of printers is now sorted alphabetically.
  Feature: New database module with new features such as viewing CSV files
38858   Feature: Duden Korrektor has been updated to version 3.4 which offers improved grammar and spell checking for German.
15705   Feature: You can now print selected text.
36305   Feature: You can now save charts as image files.
38392   Feature: Text frames and AutoShapes are no longer inserted immediately. Instead, a mouse cursor appears that lets you size the new object before it is created. This new default behavior can be changed in File | Options.
38377   Feature: The command View | Set zoom now offers an additional zooming option, "Fit text to window".
23583   Feature: Clicking on the language name in the status bar lets you now change the language of the selected text.
38890   Feature: You can now edit fields and calculations by double-clicking on them.
38743   Feature: New option Skip numbering in numbering lists
32926   Feature: Using the triangle icon in the bottom right of the Changes and Comments sections of the ribbon tab Review, you can now quickly change settings for tracked changes and comments.
36097   Feature: Two new field types added to Insert | Field: "Page count in chapter" and "Actual page count in chapter"
8817   Feature: In File | Properties | Compatibility, the compatibility flags can now be quickly set to specific word processing programs.
36540   Feature: Table styles are now fully saved in DOCX and TMDX formats.
36755 34338   Feature: Better smart quotes in German: a single apostrophe at the start of a word is turned into a single quotation mark at the bottom.
38896   Feature: French: an apostrophe inside a word is no longer converted to a › sign.
38790   Feature: To open a hyperlink, use Ctrl+click now instead of a simple click. If you let the mouse hover over a hyperlink, a tooltip gives the URL.
16847 36044   Feature: PlanMaker now supports the option Precision as displayed which continues calculations with the visible precision of cells. If cell A1 contains 3.3 but is only shown with two digits (3.33), then 3*A1 will be 9.99 and not 10.
25467   Feature: New command Insert copied cells that moves existing cells or rows down or to the right to make room for the pasted content
37212 37213 38606 38651   Feature: Improved AutoFilter function: hierarchical grouping of dates, more options for the Numbers filter, new Date and Text filters
26408   Feature: Experimental import filter for OpenDocument Calc files
27598 37928   Feature: Nearly 50 calculation functions added, mainly in statistics
35000   Feature: You can now search for line breaks in the Search dialog box.
38289   For negative base numbers, the precedence of the power operator ^ over the sign operator now works like in Excel.
  Feature: Updated manuals and help files that describe pivot tables and the new calculation functions
36305   Feature: You can now save charts as image files.
18979   Feature: You can now format text in multiple columns.
37342 Windows Feature: BasicMaker scripts can now also be run with the 64-bit version of SoftMaker Office.

2019-02-15: Revision 946

All programs
39485 Linux Gnome is now detected again on Fedora 29.
39249 39474 Mac Resizing the program window no longer causes painting glitches on macOS 10.14.2 and above.
39313 Windows Paper-tray settings are now stored in TMDX and DOCX files.
39299   Indents are now correct in DOCX files created by Apple Pages.
39422   Tabs in RTF files created by Mac Textedit are now imported correctly.
39402   Vertical alignment in text fields is now stored in TMDX and DOCX files.
39285   Opening a workbook with page sizes larger than A3 works now.
39469   Connector lines are now drawn like in PowerPoint.
39423   Transparency of AutoShapes is now handled correctly in PRDX and PPTX files.

2018-12-21: Revision 945

All programs
39249 Mac Redraw problems that started with macOS 10.14.2 are fixed.

2018-12-12: Revision 944

39170 Windows A very small number of computers refused to give the MSI setup administrative privileges, resulting in the error message "Could not access network location \inst\mydoc\Bullets" and an aborted instalation.
39178 Windows On Brazilian systems, the setup program started in European Portuguese.
All programs
39187   In some cases, TextMaker recreated templates and sample files in an arbitrary document folder instead of My documents\SoftMaker.
38648   Keyboard input is no longer discarded while an auto-recovery file is created.

2018-11-30: Revision 942

All programs
39071 Windows The SoftMaker Office applications could not be started if the Documents\SoftMaker folder was set to "hidden".
38882 38984 38930 39058 Windows SoftMaker Office no longer crashes during start-up when incompatible data is in the clipboard.
39072 Windows The Open file dialog box did not appear anymore when the previous path was on a network and was no longer accessible.
38841 38847   Some improvements to footnote handling
38888   Custom date formats are now preserved across sessions, no longer cause crashes.
38994   A table that is longer than a page could hide a text frame on the following page.
38916   A broken math font could cause a crash in the rendering of equations.
38920   Bullets in documents created by TextMaker are now correctly displayed by Microsoft Word Online.
36158   Images placed in the clipboard by Thunderbird using Data URIs now can be pasted in TextMaker.
39100   Character spacing is now saved correctly in DOCX and TMDX formats.
39130   Improved display of numbered lists
38894   PDF files could not be renamed in the Open file dialog box.
38946   The function IFERROR is now stored in XLSX files in a way that is compatible with Apache POI.
38992   The thousands separator is now imported better from XLSX files.
39013   Dates from a date filter in pivot tables were displayed as numbers instead of dates.
39055   Feature: You can now form a valid address from two INDIRECT calls using the ":" operator: =INDIRECT(...):INDIRECT(...)
39157   XLSX files with invalid tables (created by LibreOffice) no longer cause a crash.
39070   Custom vertical positions of bullets are now saved in PPTX and PRDX formats.

2018-11-07: Revision 940

38562 Linux TextMaker no longer needs which is not provided by some Linux distributions anymore.

2018-10-04: Revision 938

38835   Bookmarks are preserved when saving in DOCX and TMDX format.

2018-09-25: Revision 936

All programs
38439   Feature: You can now assign hotkeys to show and hide the sidebar.
38151 38198 Windows Feature: If you use a 4-way mouse which supports horizontal scrolling with the mousewheel, SoftMaker Office is now compatible with it.
38151 38575 Linux Feature: You can now scroll horizontally with the mousewheel, if you press Shift while moving the wheel.
38298 Windows Feature: You can now paste images from viewers like ACDSee into your documents.
38587   Feature: The dialog box Manage license now tells you if you use SoftMaker Office NX Home or Universal.
37157   Feature: If you have set an incorrect path for backup files, the error message now explains how to resolve the problem.
38509   Feature: The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+K (all operating systems) and Cmd+K (Mac) now open the Hyperlink dialog box.
37969 Windows Feature: If you snap a SoftMaker Office application window to the left or right border on your monitor and exit the application, this position will now be restored when you start the application again.
38571 Linux The error message "HOME is not assigned" no longer appears when installing on Linux Mint.
38482 Mac SoftMaker Office is compatible with macOS 10.9 again.
38490 38573 Linux The automatic update checker at program launch could cause a crash in certain situations.
38665 Linux Running SoftMaker Office on a system without XIM could cause a crash in certain situations.
38384 Mac If the automatic update checker finds a service pack, the browser window now opens in the foreground.
38617 Mac Copy and paste now works in the Apple file dialogs.
38450   Nicer messagebox icons in dark mode
38512   The command View side by side is now only available if at least two documents have been opened.
38646 Mac, Linux After using the command View side by side, dialog boxes were no longer displayed centered.
38519   No crashes anymore with certain Hunspell dictionaries
37467   In dark mode, hyperlinks in dialog boxes are now shown with a lighter, more readable color.
36959   Feature: When you insert an image in a table cell, the cell is now vertically resized to fit in the image.
38444 38484 38436 38483 38508 38517 38489 38543 38542   Improvements to the RTF, DOCX, DOC and OpenDocument filters
38481   The Duden Korrektor tooltips sometimes did not disappear when switching to another application.
38578   Some .tmd files created by TextMaker 2006 could not be opened by the 64-bit version of TextMaker 2018.
38747   The functions "Text rotation" and "Vertical alignment" were not available from the ribbon for text frames.
38736   TextMaker now remembers that you chose the Hunspell dictionary for the old German spelling.
38032 Mac In database view, the command Preferences from the Apple menu is now disabled.
38695   XLSX files from can now be opened in PlanMaker.
38442 Mac On Macs with Swiss country settings, PlanMaker offered "Germany DM" as the default currency.
38713   The More... command in the Animations dropdown did not add animations.

2018-06-21: Revision 933

All programs
38396   Feature: The dialog box Manage license now shows what variant of SoftMaker Office 2018 (Standard, Professional, etc.) is currently running.
38423   The SoftMaker Office applications can no longer be closed when a dialog box is open.
38324 Windows It was possible to lose the Windows taskbar when going to full-screen mode.
35810   Feature: The File | Open dropdown now has an additional entry at the bottom that lets you browse for documents.
38382 Linux, Mac The included Noto Sans Arabic font has been updated, so that Arabic question marks are shown when the Arabic user interface is active.
38379 Linux On some systems, composed characters could no longer be entered starting with revision 928.
38398 Linux On some systems, the em-dash could no longer be entered using the Compose key.
38399 Linux Japanese text input using fcitx-mozc works again.
39318 Mac PDF files with embedded OpenType PS fonts now render correctly in the macOS PDF preview.
38197 Linux Feature: Whenever SoftMaker Office for Linux crashes, you now have the option to send a crash report to SoftMaker, letting us find the problem more quickly.
38407 Windows Starting with build 17134 of Windows 10, the taskbar could become invisible when it was set to auto-hide and SoftMaker Office was running with colorful ribbons and maximized windows.
38354   Feature: It is now possible to open password-protected DOCX files with modified password protection (custom values for SHA and the CNG salt).
30838   The TMDX file format can now save language codes for German using the old (pre-1996) spelling.
37773 Linux Feature: Images from https web sites can now be pasted from Firefox in Fedora and openSUSE (this worked already in Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint).
37262   Feature: The command "Convert Thunderbird address book" is now also available on the ribbon.
38303   In certain situations, Duden Korrektor did not read all words from the user dictionary before starting a spell check.
38402   In certain situations, text frames could be dropped when saving in TMDX format.
38406   In some cases, the order of digits in Arabic text was reversed.
15996   The baseline of form controls now aligns with the surrounding text.
37696   Feature: You can now see all Duden Korrektor proofing options in File | Options | Language.
37692   Feature: TextMaker now launches faster because of improvements to how Duden Korrektor is initialized.
37565   Certain foreign words are no longer flagged as "foreign" by Duden Korrektor.
35690 37506   Typing delays with Duden Korrektor fixed
38395   Section breaks were sometimes lost when saving to TMDX format.
37263   Improved EPUB export
38432   Feature: With extended support for Arabic turned on, icons for changing the writing direction are automatically added to the ribbon.
38431   In certain situations, saving in TMDX or DOCX format removed the connection between footnote numbers and footnote text.
38393   Negative offsets for shadows in charts are now preserved.
38429   The icons for increasing/decreasing the number of decimal places are now swapped.
38351   The Restore layout command now also restores footer placeholders.
38039   If footer placeholders are removed from the main master, they will also not be created in the layouts.

2018-05-23: Revision 931

All programs
37003   Feature: When a chart is selected, its ribbon tab now offers dropdown elements for fills and lines.
38116 Mac, Linux Feature: SoftMaker Office now includes replacement fonts for Calibri, Cambria and Segoe UI.
38116 Mac, Linux Feature: The included Noto Sans font has been updated.
37963 Linux Feature: Claws Mail has been added to the list of e-mail clients in the "Send document by e-mail" function.
38198 Windows Feature: If your mouse can scroll horizontally with its wheel, SoftMaker Office now supports it.
38151 Mac Feature: Smooth scrolling in documents
38151 Mac Feature: Support for horizontal scrolling with trackpads
38151 Mac Feature: SoftMaker Office now honors the Mac system option "Click in the scroll bar to...".
38301 Windows With build 1803 of Windows 10, the program title bar was no longer correctly displayed in ribbon mode.
38303   In certain situations, a wrong file was used for the user dictionary, resulting in words added to the spell checker still being flagged as unknown.
38195 38201 Mac, Linux Copying or pasting content could crash the applications.
37843 Mac Files on network drives could only be opened "read-only".
37874 Mac, Linux The setting "Print in black & white" in the Print dialog box was ignored.
38211 Mac Sorting ignored the country settings.
38125   If you send a password-protected file by e-mail, the password is now retained.
38011   The keyboard option in the "Customize user interface" dialog box now distinguishes between Ctrl+5 above the main keys and on the numeric keypad.
37746   You can now customize the key used to open the Hamburger menu in ribbon mode.
30496   The dropdown elements in the ribbon now work with the Arabic user interface.
37968   When a dropdown list is open, switching to full-screen mode no longer causes a crash.
38164 Windows Transparency is now handled correctly with 3D AutoShapes.
36670   Feature: New version of Duden Korrektor for German grammar checking (this feature above is only available if you download and run the MSI installation package again.)
8889   Feature: More than one object can now be pasted from the clipboard to the body text in editing mode.
10103   Feature: You can now customize the keyboard mapping for TextMaker's database window.
33702   Feature: You can now abort dragging a tab or indent marker in the ruler with Esc or Alt+Tab.
38180   Spell checking with Duden Korrektor is now faster.
33977 38265 30764 38249 38325 38323 Improvements to the file filters for RTF, DOC and OpenDocument Text
37881   Speed improvements to RTF import
38105   Inserting a field could cause a crash.
30715   REF and PAGEREF fields are now imported better from .doc files.
38306   The table-row option "Keep with next row" is now saved to .tmdx format.
38304   Arabic text in tables is now correctly saved to .tmdx and .docx format.
1649 Windows If you drag a template with an attached database onto the TextMaker window, the addressbook now opens.
33702   Feature: You can now abort dragging a worksheet tab with Esc or Alt+Tab.
30843   When used with empty arguments, the INDEX function now behaves like in Excel.
38099   Improvements to opening .xls files with pivot tables
38153   Pasting RTF text from TextMaker no longer modifies the cell styles in PlanMaker.
38311   Pivot tables can now be created from tables even if the first row of each column is empty.
37606   Overly long text in cells no longer causes overlapping.
38339   With "Always show comments", inserting a row above a comment could cause strange display of that comment.
Mac Speed improvements for animations
38089   The ribbon tab "Object" is no longer shown for tables.
38144   Trying to delete a header/footer placeholder only deleted its content, but not the placeholder itself.
38276   Applying a layout to all slides could cause a crash.
38185   When a .prdx file is already opened by one user, another user can now open it only read-only.
35967 Windows Keyboard shortcuts did not work in the variable and output window.

2018-03-15: Revision 928

Revision 928 was the initial version of SoftMaker Office 2018 for Mac.

2018-03-14: Revision 928

All programs
37946   With the French user interface, the Open file dialog box now shows documents when "All documents" is selected.
37957   In full-screen mode, the font and font size dropdown lists did not always work.
38014 Windows When you save a file, you can now use dots in the file name without SoftMaker Office complaining that the file extension does not match the file type.
38002 Linux With system file dialogs, the Open file dialog box did not automatically switch to the templates folder when the file type "Templates" was selected.
38036 Linux The middle mouse button no longer pastes by default. This behavior can still be activated in File | Options.
38046 Linux Copying the keyboard mapping to the clipboard did not work.
38073 Linux Text can now be copied from the system file dialog and pasted into the document.
36919   Feature: The software now shows a dialog box after a service pack has been installed automatically.
37705   In DOCX and TMDX file formats, dropdown lists now keep their name.
37885   Underlining in text fields is now painted at the correct position.
37919   Changing the font size no longer removes double strikethrough.
37830   Custom values for the position and size of subscripted and superscripted text are now stored in TMDX format.
37906   The footnote separator line is now thinner by default.
37906   Custom values for the thickness of the footnote separator line are now stored in TMDX format.
37662   The New document dialog box now shows the document description also for TMVX, DOTX, DOT and OTT templates.
37954   Numbered lists with skipped numbering are now correctly stored in TMDX format.
38023   Editing a numbered list could cause a crash in certain situations.
37902   Custom chapter numbers are now stored in TMDX format.
38059   The Open file dialog box did not appear with the Latvian user interface.
37662   The New document dialog box now shows the document description also for PMVX and XLTX templates.
37916   You can no longer use table names for cell ranges in the Input validation dialog box because Excel cannot handle this.
36682   Feature: You can now apply Freeze top row after Freeze first column, and vice-versa, without one deactivating the other.
38050   In cells formatted as "Percentage", the % sign is not added to your input when it starts =, + or –.
37662   The New document dialog box now shows the document description also for PRV, POT, PRVX and POTX files.
37877   Elbow connectors could get detached when saving in PRDX or PPTX formats.
37911   PPT import sometimes added borders around text frames.
38010   Grouping and ungrouping objects works again.
38077   Pressing Ctrl+Back now deletes the word to the left of the cursor, instead of just selecting it.
37834 Windows BasicMaker now re-uses the variable window when it is already open.

2018-02-07: Revision 924

Revision 924 was the initial version of SoftMaker Office 2018 for Linux.

2018-01-30: Revision 923

All programs
36749 You can now drag and drop a file to any program window, not only to the first one opened.
37836 Sometimes the wrong toolbar or ribbon tab was preselected in the Customize dialog box.
37809 When saving in .doc format, sometimes object properties were applied to the wrong object.
37830 Customized values for subscript/superscript size and position are now saved in .tmdx format.
37870 Sometimes the content of text frames was not saved to .tmd format.
37754 Searching backwards now is able to replace all characters.
37618 Feature: The Styles dialog box now lets you hide all unused cell styles.
37770 Character styles are now correctly saved in .pmdx, .xlsx and .xls formats.
37800 Inner margins of table cells are now saved in .prdx and .pptx formats.

2018-01-22: Revision 922

All programs
37716 When uninstalling SoftMaker Office, the folders dpf and tb are now also removed.
37449 The command View | Windows now also lets you switch to documents in other instances of TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations.
37732 The function View side by side now also works in full-screen mode.
20292 Feature: You can now create user-defined buttons with a text label instead of an icon. Select "No icon" in the Customize dialog box.
37054 Feature: Add/remove commands in the Customize ribbon dialog box by double-clicking on an entry in the left or right listbox.
37591 Feature: When you export a document to PDF for the first time, the path and name of the document is offered.
37577 Feature: The automatic updater now also updates portable installations.
37661 Using Window > View side by side with classic menus in Windows 8 or 10 could result in very narrow document windows.
37289 Improved text wrapping around 3D AutoShapes
37629 The z-order of objects is now preserved when saving in .tmdx format.
37640 Export of OLE objects to PDF works now.
37669 The Help menu in database view now offers only commands that are available in that view.
In Windows 10, TextMaker could crash with multiple documents in multiple program windows.
37735 RTF files from Zotero are now imported with correct indents.
37676 Duden Korrektor no longer blocks other languages from hyphenating correctly.
37701 When searching for formatting, borders and shading are no longer silently added.
37729 The active page of the sidebar is reactivated when the print preview is closed.
37715 The full list of more than 9000 label types is now available again in the Label function.
When saving in .pmdx and .xlsx formats, PlanMaker no longer adds unwanted formatting (such as shading or borders) to unused cells.
37287 .pmdx files associated with PlanMaker 2016 can now be associated with PlanMaker 2018.
37652 When a cell is formatted in "Accounting" format, the ribbon control for the numeric format now shows it, instead of displaying it as "Custom."
37736 Feature: The Styles control in the ribbon now lets you hide all unused cell styles.
37235 With the dark theme, text on colored worksheet tabs is now displayed with a contrasting color.
36887 When creating a table, PlanMaker no longer always offers to turn the first row into a header row, but examines it to make a decision.
37719 When saving to .xls format, foreground and background colors that are part of conditional formatting are no longer swapped.
37745 In Paste special, pasting column width and row height also is possible when pasting of all other types of formatting is disabled.
35896 Improved handling of cells with logical values
37656 Feature: If you press the Alt key when moving a guide, the guide snaps to the grid.
37658 In the Grid & guides dialog box, the position of vertical guides was checked against the width of the slide, instead of the height.
18179 In rare situations, the dialog box Insert slide had two scrollbars.
37743 It is now possible to abort dragging tabs and indents in the ruler by pressing the Esc key.

2017-12-14: Revision 920

36896 Repairing an installation now also repairs the file associations.
37300 The setup program now installs SoftMaker Office for all users of the computer.
Note: The two features above are only available if you download the MSI installation package again.
All programs
37522 Feature: You can now right-click on a toolbar or ribbon to change the user interface, even if no document is open.
Feature: The command View | Windows | View side by side is now also available in PlanMaker and Presentations, and improved in TextMaker.
Feature: SoftMaker Office is now compatible with system utilities such as Actual Window Manager, MonitorSwitch and Chameleon Window Manager.
36995 Several improvements to the display and rotation of 3D AutoShapes
36999 Improved display of the wireframe when moving 3D objects
37600 When running from a USB flash drive, temporary files are now correctly removed from the temp folder.
37540 In rare cases, saving a file after several hours of operation could result in the error message "File could not be created".
37228 The applications no longer crash when a font is used that is either defective or installed in an unusual location.
37539 When specific documents were opened, text with hyperlinks was invisible.
37561 Defective RTF files created by the Heredis software no longer crash TextMaker.
37535 When an object is deleted, the object list in the sidebar is now updated.
Improvements to the RTF filter
37574 TextMaker no longer crashes when saving the Duden Korrektor configuration.
37529 Crashes no longer occur with multiple open document windows when printing from one of the windows.
37512 The function Summarize as pivot no longer claims overlapping ranges when the target is in a different sheet.
37410 The warning message about unsupported Visual Basic control elements can now be disabled.
37585 Length of data bars is now restricted like in Excel.
37611 AutoFilter crash fixed
37436 Crash fixed related to previewing animation schemes
37439 Improved opening of PPS files

2017-11-28: Revision 918

All programs
37330 Hyperlinks in documents and elsewhere now always open in a web browser.
37373 The user is asked to enter name and address at program launch, so that templates are correctly filled.
37418 The new dropdown elements now work with the Arabic user interface.
37333 Crash fixed in regard to 3D settings applied to AutoShapes
37347 Crash fixed in the 3D sheet of the AutoShape properties dialog box
36270 Improved information on first launch how to run SoftMaker Office in trial mode
37284 Crash in File | New fixed
37391 TextMaker no longer asks for a form password in documents that have no such password.
37394 Crash in RTF clipboard fixed
37396 Reading of bullets in .tmdx and .docx formats improved
37368 Reading of table frames from .doc files improved
Miscellaneous bug fixes
37255 The special filter can now be reset again.
37247 Opening the AutoFilter dropdown now works reliably.
37307 Closing PlanMaker could cause a crash.
36704 Improved import of connector lines
30782 Dropdown lists for input validation are no longer limited to 400 entries.
Miscellaneous bug fixes
37420 Feature: New screen size "16:9, large" added (called "Widescreen" in PowerPoint)
37232 On very old Intel GMA graphics chips (ca. 2009), OpenGL is now automatically disabled so that the application starts successfully.
37346 Crashes with animations fixed
37315 Crashes with OpenGL handling fixed
Miscellaneous bug fixes
37376 Updated .bau files
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2017-11-07: Revision 916

Revision 916 was the initial version of SoftMaker Office 2018 for Windows.

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