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List of changes

2020-06-26: Revision 1016

All programs
45214   Automatic hyphenation did not work for some languages such as German (without Duden Korrektor) and Russian.
45067 45140 45235   Pictures with transparency were not correctly exported to PDF.
45057 45350   The option "Prompt for summary information when saving" did not work.
44872 45417   Improved display and printing of SVG images
44626 45559 Linux You can now open documents on the network offered via gvfs.
45125   Undo is now possible for the "Reset numbering" option.
45136   Searching for fonts works again.
45059   Cross references are no longer restricted to heading levels 1, 2 and 3.
45461 Linux Several stability improvements for the Zotero integration
44926   Feature: The Belarusian ruble is now offered as a currency.
45109   After adding a comment, PlanMaker no longer allowed a file save, only Save as.
45483   The hotkeys Ctrl+0 and Ctrl+Shift+0 for showing and hiding columns have been changed to Ctrl+8 and Ctrl+Shift+8 to avoid a collision with hotkeys built into Windows.
45063 Windows The line-break symbol "_" did not work in combination with the #Include command.
45332 Windows BasicMaker no longer crashes when accessing uninitialized variables.

2020-06-03: Revision 1014

Revision 1014 was the initial release of SoftMaker Office 2021.

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