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List of changes

2023-05-17: Revision 1064

All programs
  Miscellaneous bug fixes

2023-03-07: Revision 1062

All programs
54808   The Research command works again with
  Miscellaneous bug fixes

2022-12-10: Revision 1060

54422   Inserting or updating a table of contents could trigger a program abort.
54433 Windows Opening multiple files at once through Explorer could merge them all into one large document instead of loading them into separate tabs or windows.

2022-11-23: Revision 1059 (macOS only)

54387 Mac TextMaker now starts again in macOS before version 10.14. The Duden Korrektor program library called a system function that was only available from macOS 10.14 onwards.

2022-11-16: Revision 1058

All programs
54104 Windows Due to a bug in the Windows 11 22H2 update, it was no longer possible to open documents directly in SoftMaker Office by double-clicking in Explorer. This Windows bug is now circumvented.
54146   You can now disable the function of the Insert key, which toggles between insert and overwrite mode, in SoftMaker Office. This prevents accidental switching to overwrite mode and also bypasses a bug in the DeepL app that mistakenly sends this keystroke to programs.
54087 Windows Not all available paper sizes were offered for some printers.
54052   New feature: New version of the German grammar checker Duden Korrektor with additional grammar rules and an extended dictionary

2022-10-04: Revision 1054

All programs
52709   New feature: Some printer drivers delay the launch of TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations for up to 45 seconds if the printer is switched off or unreachable. This problem is now circumvented.
53605   Using an XLSX or PMDX file as a mail-merge source could trigger a program abort in certain situations.
53590   Changing the column width or row height across multiple worksheets could trigger a program abort.

2022-08-10: Revision 1050

All programs
45254   New feature: The dialog box Options now has a Manage button that enables you to import and export your Office configuration files, such as keyboard mappings, toolbars or user dictionaries. This allows you to synchronize them between different PCs or to restore your current settings in future versions of SoftMaker Office.
52652 Windows New feature: The option Prefer using larger controls in the dialog box Options allows you to specify whether icons, scrollbars, etc. should be enlarged when the screen is scaled to 150%.
53039 46974 53237 Windows Pressing Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+3 to change the input language could cause a program abort.
51577   New feature: New version of the German grammar checker Duden Korrektor with additional grammar rules and an extended dictionary
53334   The setting Print page background is now also saved in RTF and DOCX formats.
52663 52833 52825 Mac A program abort could occur when choosing one of the preset filters from the AutoFilter dropdown.
53154   Using an overly long format string (more than 100 characters) for a user-defined numeric format could cause a program abort.
53285   Improved display of numbers with a large number of decimal places

2022-04-07: Revision 1046

All programs
52640 52572 Windows Slow startup of the applications and unexpected printer changes are now prevented.
52652 Windows Scrollbars and the ribbon now appear in the usual size again when the screen is scaled to 150%.
52629   You can apply paragraph styles again by double-clicking in the sidebar.
52554   Copying cells to the clipboard now works again with the usual speed.

2022-03-22: Revision 1044

All programs
51895 Windows The MSI setup now again allows you to choose a custom target folder for the applications.
51898 52218 Mac, Linux On some systems, landscape pages were printed in portrait orientation.
50843 Windows An unavailable printer now no longer delays the start of the programs.
47981   If you type inside protected text, a message now appears in the status bar.

2021-12-17: Revision 1042

All programs
  Miscellaneous bug fixes

2021-12-02: Revision 1040

All programs
51133 Mac In macOS 12, file dialogs now have the correct size again.
51577   New feature: New version of the German grammar checker Duden Korrektor with additional grammar rules and an extended dictionary
51385   Links to files and e-mail addresses are now correctly exported to PDF format.
51397   The TEXTJOIN function now behaves like in Excel in regard to empty cells.
51294 51137   Improvements to pivot tables

2021-11-02: Revision 1038

All programs
50951   New feature: You can now insert hyperlinks to files that do not exist yet.
50768 Linux New feature: SoftMaker Office now respects the key definitions in the .XCompose file.
50367 50912 Mac New feature: Duden Korrektor is now also available on M1 Macs.
24364   New feature: Pictures and other objects with the setting "Position: Depends only on cell position" are sorted together with the cells being sorted.
45124   The COUNTIF function now works like in Excel.

2021-07-19: Revision 1034

All programs
50672 Mac, Linux New feature: In addition to the PDF manual, context-sensitive web-based help is now integrated into the programs.
38187   New feature: In the PDF export dialog box you can now reset the PDF settings with a single click.
49695 Mac New feature: The programs start faster.
46342   New feature: In touch mode, the fields for color selection are now also enlarged.
50584 45449 50600 50644 50766 50780   Some pictures were only partially printed or not printed at all.
50620   New feature: New version of Duden Korrektor
50543 50580   TextMaker could crash when inserting objects.
50534 50559   TextMaker could crash when searching via the sidebar.
45124   New feature: In page-break view, the page breaks are displayed in a more pronounced way.
30766   Improved formatting of date values in Hungarian, French and Spanish

2021-05-20: Revision 1032

All programs
46346   New feature: Moving small objects is now easier because objects now have an additional movement handle.
28105 Linux The applications are now compatible with the clipboard manager "parcellite".
49984   New feature: New version of Duden Korrektor with additional grammar checks for German texts
47685   New feature: Encrypted DOCX files with a user defined "salt" value can now be opened.
44173 44515 50316   ODT import and export improvements
49170   When cropping images, the aspect ratio is now taken into account.
8185 10217 14130 19256 43558   The "Replace all" command now works much faster.
49797 49811 49966 50031 50267   Zotero integration improvements
50357   A program abort with the the Romanian user interface was fixed.
33909 50247   Minor incompatibilities with Excel related to the SUMPRODUCT and XIRR functions have been fixed.
46184   New feature: "Delete" command in the context menu of placeholders
49840   Grouped tables can now also be saved in PPTX format.

2021-02-05: Revision 1030

49771 49781   Another issue related to bullets and numbered lists has been fixed.

2021-01-27: Revision 1028

42364   New feature: The Search sidebar now keeps a list of recent searches.
49610 Mac, Linux Numbered lists are now handled correctly again (bug introduced in revision 1026).
28191   New feature: CSV import now lets you choose multiple separators for the same file.
30634   New feature: CSV import now accepts the sep= line that defines the item separator in CSV files created by some applications.

2021-01-19: Revision 1026

All programs
48766 Mac New feature: New application icons that match the macOS icon style better.
44721   New feature: Page thumbnails now display their page number.
49330   PlanMaker no longer crashes when changing a chart axis.

2020-12-15: Revision 1024

All programs
46641 48869 Mac New feature: A native version of SoftMaker Office for macOS Big Sur and the Apple M1 CPU is now included.
48628 48645 48634   Certain old .tmd files were refused by TextMaker.
48654   Opening specific .doc files could cause TextMaker to hang.
44247   With the Turkish locale, the dotless i and the dotted I are now properly converted to uppercase and lowercase.
47972   Three vulnerabilities with specially crafted .tmd files fixed

2020-11-11: Revision 1022

All programs
38765 Linux New feature: Drag & drop documents, pictures and databases to the SoftMaker Office applications to open them.
43152   New feature: SoftMaker Office now warns you when your Windows folder, temporary folder or Documents folder run low on disk space.
47835   Previewing read-protected documents is now prevented.
48477   New feature: New version of Duden Korrektor for improved German spell checking and grammar checking (SoftMaker Office Professional and SoftMaker Office NX Universal)
44126   New feature: Fold marks can now be placed on all pages, not just the first page of a chapter.
47222   New feature: When running a manual spell check, you can now choose to start it on the current position or the top of the document.
47842   New feature: New target "Table of figures" added to the Go to dialog box
45910   New feature: Zotero fields can now be read from and saved to RTF and OpenDocument Text.
48058   New feature: The feature for automatically adding spaces to French punctuation marks now works with all variations of French, not only European French.
47583 46025 47928   Improvements to Zotero
47318 41840 Linux The page size in the document is now explicitly transferred to CUPS.
47723   Sheet names with apostrophes in their name are now handled correctly.
48377   Three vulnerabilities with specially crafted .pmd files fixed
48047   Using the Cell style dialog box no longer removes the shortcut key from the cell style being edited.
48064   Picture bullets are now retained when saving and reloading a presentation.

2020-09-10: Revision 1020

47122   Mail merges using XLSX files sometimes showed trailing stray characters.
47124   CSV files consisting of just one column were refused as invalid.
47094   When text was selected, the sidebar no longer displayed the active paragraph style.
47152   Changing the line spacing could inadvertently change the font size.
44515 45351 46841 45705 40031   Corrected handling of space characters in ODT import
46674   With PlanMaker running in dark mode, text in tables became hard to read.
47176 47224 47248 47335 Mac The time separator was handled incorrectly, leading to formatting and calculation problems.

2020-08-21: Revision 1018

All programs
46641 Mac SoftMaker Office is now compatible with macOS 11.
46753 Linux SoftMaker Office now works again with openSuSE 15.x by working around a bug that SuSE introduced in their Linux distribution.
45704 45559 Linux Improved handling of files on network drives
43379   The loading of hyphenation files was rewritten to speed up program launch.
46347   New feature: When objects are very small, four of the eight handles are removed so that the remaining handles can be accessed more easily.
45638   Improved rendering of SVG images
45913   New feature: New version of Duden Korrektor included
46087   Corrected Undo function
46640   Corrected reading of read-protected documents
45025   New feature: On Danish systems, pressing the decimal point on the numeric keypad now inserts a decimal comma.

2020-06-26: Revision 1016

All programs
45214   Automatic hyphenation did not work for some languages such as German (without Duden Korrektor) and Russian.
45067 45140 45235   Pictures with transparency were not correctly exported to PDF.
45057 45350   The option "Prompt for summary information when saving" did not work.
44872 45417   Improved display and printing of SVG images
44626 45559 Linux You can now open documents on the network offered via gvfs.
45125   Undo is now possible for the "Reset numbering" option.
45136   Searching for fonts works again.
45059   Cross references are no longer restricted to heading levels 1, 2 and 3.
45461 Linux Several stability improvements for the Zotero integration
44926   New feature: The Belarusian ruble is now offered as a currency.
45109   After adding a comment, PlanMaker no longer allowed a file save, only Save as.
45483   The hotkeys Ctrl+0 and Ctrl+Shift+0 for showing and hiding columns have been changed to Ctrl+8 and Ctrl+Shift+8 to avoid a collision with hotkeys built into Windows.
45063 Windows The line-break symbol "_" did not work in combination with the #Include command.
45332 Windows BasicMaker no longer crashes when accessing uninitialized variables.

2020-06-03: Revision 1014

Revision 1014 was the initial release of SoftMaker Office 2021.

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