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2022-05-04: Revision 1047.0429

All programs
52586 52587   New feature: The programs now optionally use the Android-internal file dialog. This lets you access Google Drive and other cloud storage, as long as you have the corresponding app from your cloud provider installed. Select the option "Use system file dialogs" on the Appearance tab of the Options dialog box. This new feature is still experimental, and we look forward to your feedback.
  Bug fixes

2022-01-24: Revision 1043.0120

All programs
  Bug fixes

2021-09-21: Revision 1035.0915

All programs
  Bug fixes

2021-07-19: Revision 1035.0716

All programs
50734   On some devices, the app showed a black screen on startup.

2021-07-13: Revision 1033

All programs
50497   New feature: The apps now explain at launch what permissions they request for what purposes and which permissions are not mandatory.
50517 50567 50720   New feature: When you use a mouse, the mouse now works like in a desktop program.
50672   New feature: Complete manuals available in the form of online help
50503   Sending files now also works with Android 11.
  Additional bug fixes

2021-05-05: Revision 1031

Revision 1031 is the initial release of SoftMaker Office for Android.

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