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FlexiPDF 2022 and NX for Windows

List of changes

2021-11-26: Revision 3.0.1

2682 New feature: You can now switch between all user interface languages without reinstalling.
3558 New feature: If FlexiPDF detects at program start that the FlexiPDF printer driver has been disabled, it now offers to enable it again.
2424 4356 4449 4480 4508 When opening and saving PDFs, the Documents folder is now selected by default.
3753 You can now tab through form fields in the order in which they were inserted.
4523 When extracting pages from a PDF/A file, the new PDF file was not saved in PDF/A format.
2844 4238 4457 Improvements to the user interface translations
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2021-09-21: Revision 3.0.0

Revision 3.0.0 was the initial revision of FlexiPDF 2022 for Windows.

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