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FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows

List of changes

2018-10-11: Version 1.11

2852 The built-in watermarks and stamps have been translated to Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, Romanian, Slovenian and Turkish.
3092 When you uninstall FlexiPDF, the FlexiPDF printer driver is now cleanly uninstalled.
2694 Better handling of transparency settings in PNG images
3123 The function Replace font works now.
3113 PDF files with huge page sizes no longer cause a crash.

2018-06-15: Version 1.10

3017 Feature: The FlexiPDF printer driver can now be used with Windows Server 2016 and Citrix.
3016 Feature: The text of FreeText objects can now be edited.
2946 The FlexiPDF printer driver now works with Microsoft Edge.
2637 Smoother rendering of monochrome images
2942 Rendering issues with bar code, font and lines corrected
3002 In some cases, stray horizontal lines were shown in PDF files.
3006 Improved Turkish translation of the user interface

2018-02-13: Version 1.09

Feature: If you have turned on ClearType in Windows, PDF files are now displayed using it.
Feature: FlexiPDF has now been translated to Turkish.
2939 Scanning now possible with Canon PIXMA MX925
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2017-11-28: Version 1.08

Feature: FlexiPDF has now been translated to Finnish, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian, Serbian and Romanian.
2863 In certain PDF files, random glyphs were displayed in place of the correct ones.
In certain PDF files, parts of the text were not visible.
2690 In certain PDF files, a replacement font with wrong character spacing was used.
2770 Undo failed after inserting a stamp.
The File > Join command failed when joining more than two images.
2782 Some grayscale images were displayed as black boxes.
2709 Some default paper sizes had the wrong dimensions.
2537 In some cases, a gap was shown after an umlaut.
2819 In PDF files from Deutsche Bank, some characters were not shown correctly.
2511 Umlauts and accented characters can now be used in the document properties.
2845 Some dialog boxes had cut-off text with the French user interface.
2827 With the user manual already open, selecting a help topic from the menu does not open yet another instance of the manual anymore.
2818 With Windows set to scaling other than 100%, you get sharp text in the user interface, without having to manually change the "HiDPI" settings of the application.
2677 In the FlexiPDF Standard menus, features of FlexiPDF Professional are no longer shown at all. Before, they were visible but disabled.
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2017-06-19: Version 1.06

2509 Feature: Searching PDFs is now significantly faster and can be interrupted.
2539 Feature: The update checker now calls the default browser instead of always using Internet Explorer. Note that you will see this change only when updating to the version after this one.
2534 Feature: The setup program now automatically closes any running instance of FlexiPDF.
2607 The error message "Unlicensed printer" no longer appears.
2600 Scanning with WIA no longer times out with a "Server busy" message.
2601 "Clone across pages" now also works when called from another page than the one the selected object is on.
2654 The fonts in a Vodafone invoice PDF were not rendered correctly.
2618 PDF files from Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Postbank were rendered incorrectly.
2692 PDF files from Google Analytics could cause a crash.
2503 PDFs with encrypted file attachments can now be displayed.
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2017-04-24: Version 1.05

2346 Improved access to scanners via TWAIN
2600 Improved access to scanners via WIA
2564 Scanned pages sometimes appeared as black rectangles.
2489 Pasting from e-mail clients and web browsers fixed
2516 Crash fixed when creating portfolios
2515 Improved PDF compatibility: wrong characters were displayed.
2540 Improved handling of corrupt PDF files
2532 Crash fixed when opening restricted PDF form
2551 Improved character spacing with certain PDF files
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2017-02-06: Version 1.04

2418 Feature: Measurement units (cm, inch) and decimal separator are now initially taken from your Windows system settings.
2519 The version number of the software is now always shown again with dots instead of commas.
2521 FlexiPDF sometimes created PDF files that could not be read by Adobe Acrobat.
2510 Improved compatibility with third-party PDF creators

2017-01-23: Version 1.03

185 Feature: A German manual is now available in addition to the English one.
129 Feature: The English quick-start guide is always installed in addition to the translated one.
35501 Feature: You can now unlock the software immediately after starting it.
55 Feature: Checkboxes are larger and easier to click now.
138 The Rotate tool stays active until you activate another tool.
132 PDF files without embedded fonts now show with the correct fonts whenever these fonts are installed in the operating system.
83 In some cases, the text highlighter appeared in front of the text, instead of behind it.
59 Improved display of object colors
168 Improved rendering of font sizes and line breaks in PDF forms
137 Scrolling speed improved

2016-12-01: Version 1.01

23 FlexiPDF no longer freezes when scanning pages from certain scanners.
38 Compatibility with PDF files from Nuance PDF improved
15 Compatibility improved: background color, missing glyphs
35368 Uninstalling FlexiPDF caused an error message about a missing file to be shown.
35402 The installer no longer creates the empty folder c:\ActMask.
35405 New icon for FlexiPDF document files
35412 Bug in password dialog fixed: clicking the Help button enabled the password edit fields.
35413 The hyperlink dialog box always stayed on top, even when switching to other applications.

2016-11-09: Version 1.0

Version 1.0 was the initial version of FlexiPDF 2017 for Windows.

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