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FlexiPDF 2019 for Windows

List of changes

2019-08-14: Revision 2.0.5

3565 Styled checkboxes and radio buttons (introduced with FlexiPDF 2.0.4) worked only with the English user interface.
3569 Form editing no longer gets interrupted when a tooltip is shown.
3563 Text highlighting works again.
3479 After import of a translation, text no longer changes color.
3572 3559 3553 Some bug fixes for PDF forms
Some user interface translations have been updated.

2019-07-31: Revision 2.0.4

2514 Feature: You can now open and save PDF files with modern 256-bit AES encryption.
3441 Feature: You can now choose from several design styles for checkboxes and radio buttons in PDF forms.
3370 Feature: The FlexiPDF user interface is now also available in Swedish.
3420 Feature: In form-editing mode, you can now copy and paste form objects.
3375 Feature: Stamps and watermarks have been added for Slovak.
3554 3399 Improved compatibility of checkboxes in PDF forms with Adobe Acrobat
3421 You can now add tooltips to form objects that are shown to the users when they fill out the form and let the mouse hover over a form object.
3427 FlexiPDF now shows the Euro symbol in PDF files created by TextMaker.
3541 You can now search for, and replace with, backslashes.
3536 Interactive buttons that show/hide portions of a PDF file now work in FlexiPDF.
3417 In certain types of PDF files, text renders much faster now and with higher quality.
3470 Using the Text Plus tool in a specific PDF file caused FlexiPDF to crash.
3347 Improved handling of accented characters and umlauts in form objects
3366 Comments could be lost when appending one PDF file to another.
3379 The option Zoom in on results in the Search function now uses a reasonable scaling factor.
3424 Rotated monochrome images are now displayed using antialiasing.
3490 With the German user interface, it was not possible to create PDFs that require passwords both for opening and for changing their security settings.
Some user interface translations have been updated.

2019-05-01: Revision 2.0.2

3361 Feature: New command File > Save as (reduced size) which allows easy access to a function that reduces the size of PDF files.
3363 Feature: The registry handling has been rewritten to improve compatibility with Windows 10. FlexiPDF can now be chosen as your default PDF viewer with the Default apps program and with Open with | Choose another app.
3367 To separate FlexiPDF 2019 from FlexiPDF 2017, FlexiPDF 2019 now stores its configuration files in c:\ProgramData\FlexiPDF 2019.
Many user interface translations have been updated.

2019-02-22: Revision 2.0.1

A file in FlexiPDF was not digitally signed. As a result, the FlexiPDF printer driver was unable to launch FlexiPDF after completing a PDF.

2019-02-21: Revision 2.0.0

Revision 2.0.0 was the initial revision of FlexiPDF 2019 for Windows.

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