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Our star blogger Kitty in Euro 2016 fever: tomcats like football, too!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 13:20

Euro 2016? Meow!!

Hey friends, it's me again... your favorite cat and the ruler of the SoftMaker empire. I have a free moment, for a change, between all the hustle and bustle of eating, sleeping, padding around the offices and distributing copious amounts of hair everywhere. I have to take advantage of this opportunity and put my paws to work, tapping out to a few lines about the Euro 2016 in France.

Did you even know that I am a football fan? I could chill out for hours on the couch, let people pet me, eat a few snacks and watch the Euro matches on TV. It's inspiring to watch the little men eagerly running around chasing a white ball...

The sight makes me want to pick up a ball of yarn like I used to and romp around with it a bit, but then I think... on the other hand, who needs the stress?

But now Euro 2016 has kicked off and the other SoftMakers and I are in the middle of the action.

Well, you know, not as players or coaches or anything. We're not even in France. But I've noticed that around the office here there are occasional side bets going on. And I myself have been hanging around nearly all day long in front of the tube and watching the game action.

Also, the other SoftMakers have come up with a nice tipping game where you can predict scores and haul in all sorts of prizes: a SoftMaker Office package of choice in every round of play and after the final match, a sweet touchscreen monitor, a tablet, a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth speaker.

Once again, I can't get in on it because I'm the company cat. Same old thing. But you don't have that problem, and you should definitely check it out. Right now, we're in the fourth round of play and there's a new round every day until the furious final match.

Here's where the tipping game lives:

I'm sure you'll have loads of fun sharing your tips, and of course, I hope you all rake in a prize. But meow!

So until next time,

Yours truly, Kitty


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