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NEWSoftMaker Office for iOS

Free Office suite with an extensive feature set

Work on your documents wherever and whenever you want.

The complete functionality that you know from SoftMaker Office on your Mac or PC is now available on your iPhone and iPad via SoftMaker Office for iOS.

SoftMaker Office for iOS uses the Microsoft file types DOCX, XLSX and PPTX as its native file formats. This guarantees seamless data exchange. You can open your documents directly in Microsoft Office without having to convert them.

Get TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations for iOS now from the Apple App Store free of charge.

SoftMaker Office for iOS


Word processing

Write documents on the go as you would on a Mac or PC.

Take advantage of creative moments whenever they come. TextMaker for iOS offers everything you need for mobile word processing. Create elegant documents in no time flat and save them as seamlessly compatible DOCX files.

Download the full version now at no cost from the Apple App Store:

TextMaker for iOS
PlanMaker for iOS



Create spreadsheets on the go as you would on a Mac or PC.

PlanMaker for iOS not only has a vast repertoire of calculation functions, it also gives you the power to create visually stunning worksheets with breathtaking charts.

Download the full version now at no cost from the Apple App Store:



Presentation graphics

Design and give presentations on the go as you would on a Mac or PC.

Small effort, big effect: Presentations for iOS lets you create polished presentations in a flash that will dazzle your audience.

Download the full version now at no cost from the Apple App Store:

Presentations for iOS

Intuitive use on any iOS device

SoftMaker Office for iOS always provides an ideal user experience, regardless of whether you’re using it on your iPhone or iPad.
It offers various user interface styles and automatically enables the style that is best suited to your iOS device upon startup.

Of course, you can manually switch the user interface style at any time, regardless if you are working on an iPhone or iPad.

SoftMaker Office on the iPhone

SoftMaker Office for iOS

On the iPhone, SoftMaker Office displays a handy toolbar at the bottom of the screen that lets you access all the commands you need in everyday life.

If you need something more advanced, the menu icon on the far left gives you the complete functionality of our desktop applications in a classic menu.

SoftMaker Office on the iPad

SoftMaker Office for iOS

On the iPad, SoftMaker Office shows the ribbon at the top of the screen, which you may already know from the Office suite on your desktop computer.

Practical: By tapping on the labels of the individual icon groups, you can expand or collapse them. This enables you to just expand your most frequently used commands and make the most of the available space.

The only complete Office suite
for your iPhone and iPad

With SoftMaker Office for iOS, the complete functionality of a desktop Office suite is available on your iPhone and iPad.
No other mobile Office suite offers such a comprehensive range of features.

Free download from the Apple App Store:



System requirements: iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or higher

Unlock additional functionality

SoftMaker Office for iOS provides everything you need to edit your documents on the go – completely free of charge.

Some additional features (such as printing, PDF export and change tracking) are available via a low-cost in-app subscription. Users of SoftMaker Office NX Home and SoftMaker Office NX Universal receive these additional features free of charge.

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