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Tablet computers in the classroom

Sexta, 21 Outubro 2016 08:00

Dear SoftMaker customers:

Since last school year, the students at Friedrich Staedtler School in Nuremberg-Neunhof are happy to have a very special teaching tool: SoftMaker has fully equipped two classes with modern tablet computers.

Students can use them to prepare reports, research on the internet and create presentations.

QR codes during lesson

How does a QR code work? The "tablet computer classes" of Friedrich Staedtler School are now pursuing questions like this in a practical manner.

The teachers of the "tablet computer classes" are happy, too, as they have the possibility of creating interactive queries and illustrating them with sample images. "Thanks to our tablet computers, rote repetition of topics is replaced by exciting quizzes", says a participating teacher of the elementary school.

With the tablets, the teachers of the elementary school gain the opportunity, in a safe and familiar environment, to vividly impart media literacy which is the prerequisite for a happy and successful future in the modern information society. Thanks to the tablets made available by SoftMaker, this includes, in addition to theoretical instruction, practical lessons under pedagogically trained supervision, for example, on the subject of "chatting".

The "tablet computer classes" are documenting all their projects online. This detailed documentation can be found here. Note that this page is only available in German.

Further information can be found on the website of the Nürnberger Nachrichten, Nuremberg's leading newspaper (also in German).

Doing research with tablet computers

Researching information online: No problem thanks to the tablet computers donated by SoftMaker

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