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Crashes when running SoftMaker Office from external memory cards (Pocket PC 2003/2003 SE)


When being turned on, some Pocket PC 2003/2003 SE devices do not give external memory cards sufficient time to initialize themselves. Affected devices are, for example, Toshiba E400/755/800 and Hewlett-Packard iPaq 2210/2215/5455/5550. If you keep SoftMaker Office running while turning off the devices, it can happen that it will crash when you turn the device on again.


This is not a problem specific to SoftMaker Office, as this effect can be observed with other applications as well. The solution, however, is easy as you just need to modify an entry in your Pocket PC's registry.

Start by getting a registry editor that lets you edit your Pocket PC's registry. Launch it and complete the following steps:

1. Click on the Plus sign in front of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to open the corresponding category. Scroll down a bit then click on the Plus sign in front of "System".

2. You will now see an entry named "StorageManager". Important: Do not click on the Plus sign in front of it, but just click once on the name "StorageManager" in order to select it.

3. You will now see the variable "PNPUnloadDelay" in the lower part of the window. Click on it once to select it.

4. A new dialog appears that lets you modify the value. A decimal value will be shown under "Value Data", for example 1500. Please change this value to 4096 (either with the up/down keys on the right of the input field or by turning on the on-screen keyboard and entering the value directly). Please ensure that you change neither the variable name nor the "Base".

5. Click on OK, then exit the registry editor.

Please note that this change only becomes active after you soft-reset the device. You can cause a soft reset by pushing the recessed Reset key on your Pocket PC (check your Pocket PC's documentation for more information on soft resets).


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