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Tips & Tricks for PlanMaker

Question: I use PlanMaker with another user interface than English. The English PlanMaker manual gives me only the English function names. How do I cross-reference the English function names and my localized ones?

Answer: This PlanMaker .pmd file contains a cross-reference of all PlanMaker functions.

Question: How do I install PlanMaker on my USB memory stick?

Answer: Check the instructions on the page Tips & Tricks for SoftMaker Office.

Question: I want to insert the current date or time into a worksheet. I do not want to use the functions TODAY() and NOW() because they are continuously updated.

Answer: Press Ctrl+. for the date and Ctrl+Shift+. for the time.

If you use a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can use it to quickly change the zoom level at which a worksheet is displayed. Press the Ctrl button on your keyboard, keep it depressed, and move the scroll wheel on your mouse up or down.

Question: I have a worksheet in which area codes (for example 123) are stored in column A and phone numbers (for example 456-7890) in column B. I want to combine them as "123-456-7890" in a new column.

Answer: Enter the formula =A1&"-"&B1 in cell C1, then copy this formula to the cells below as many times as you have phone numbers.

Now you have the combined phone numbers, but only as formulas. If you want to convert them to literal values, select the new formulas and copy them with Edit > Copy to the clipboard. Leave the formulas selected and execute the command Edit > Paste Special. Switch the option "Convert formulas to values" on and click on OK. Now your worksheet contains the phone numbers as literal strings.


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