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Tips & Tricks for eM Client Professional

Question: I previously had a beta or trial version of SoftMaker Office Professional installed, but did not uninstall it properly through Windows Control Panel. Now the full-version setup refuses to install eM Client Professional. How do I proceed?

Answer: This program removes again all traces of a previous beta or trial from your system.

Question: How do I import e-mails, contacts, etc. from my previous e-mail client into eM Client Professional?

Answer: Using the File/Import in eM Client Professional.

Question: Where does eM Client Professional store its data (e-mails, contacts, events, etc.) ? I would like to add them to my backup tool.

Answer: eM Client Professional stores all its data in the folder eM Client for SoftMaker, the location of which depends on the Windows version you use:

Windows XP (English version): Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\eM Client for SoftMaker (in localized versions of Windows XP, replace "Application Data" with its localized name).

Windows Vista and Windows 7: Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\eM Client for SoftMaker

Please note that the folders Application Data and AppData are invisible by default in Windows. You can make them visible using the folder settings.

Tip: If you set up your backup tool to save the folder "Documents and Settings" or "Users" respectively, it will include the data files of eM Client Professional as well.


Working with Google Mail, Calendar and Tasks

Question: Can I connect to my Google Calendar? Can I connect to multiple calendars simultaneously?

Answer: Yes on both counts. Find a detailed description here.

Question: Can I view and edit Google Tasks with eM Client Professional?

Answer: Yes.


Working with Microsoft Exchange

Question: Can I connect to Microsoft Exchange with eM Client Professional?

Answer: Yes. One of the improvements in the new version 6.0 is support for Microsoft Exchange.


Synchronizing e-mail messages

Question: How do I synchronize e-mail messages with my mobile phone, tablet computer, or additional PCs?

Answer: If you retrieve e-mail messages using the old POP3 protocol, messages are downloaded from the mail server to your PC and then erased on the server. Other computers will therefore not be able to retrieve them. Synchronization software comes in here and copies the messages from your hard disk to other computers, tablet computers, or smartphones.

This approach is cumbersome (you should never forget to synchronize) and error-prone. It may happen that deleted e-mail messages resurface or that not all messages are visible on all devices.

We suggest one of the two following better approaches:

  1. The most elegant method is to retrieve e-mail messages using the modern IMAP protocol instead of the POP3 protocol.

    IMAP keeps all your e-mail messages on the server and dispenses them to all e-mail programs that request them. IMAP does away with synchronization – the mail server is the only location in which your messages are stored.

    Our suggestion: Use IMAP if your e-mail provider offers it.

  2. If your e-mail provider does not support IMAP, you can at least improve the handling of POP3. Turn on the option "Keep messages on server" in all your e-mail clients. When you retrieve messages in one of your e-mail programs, they will not be removed from the server, but are still available to other e-mail programs.


Synchronizing calendars, tasks, and contacts

Question: How do I synchronize calendars, tasks, and contacts with my mobile phone, tablet computer, or additional PCs?

Answer: Synchronizing calendars, tasks, and contacts causes problems similar to e-mail synchronization described above. The solution again is: move your calendars, tasks, and contacts to servers on the Internet.

eM Client Professional supports local calendars, tasks, and contacts (those are stored on your hard disk) as well as calendar/contact servers on the Internet.

Local calendars, tasks, and contacts exist only on one device. To make them available on other devices, you would have to copy them to these devices using synchronization software.

We instead recommend to use a calendar and contact server on the Internet (for example Google Calendar which is free of charge) that can be accessed from all your devices. This makes synchronization superfluous.

eM Client Professional supports the CalDAV protocol for calendars and tasks, and the CardDAV protocol for contacts. Find a description here how to integrate Google Calendar in eM Client Professional using CalDAV/CardDAV.


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