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SureThing CD/DVD Labeler 5 – Label all your CDs and DVDs!


Whether you make music CDs, burn home videos to DVD, or simply create backup discs, SureThing CD/DVD Labeler 5 Deluxe makes it easy to create great-looking labels!

SureThing 5 Deluxe lets you print on CDs and DVDs in three different ways:

directly with CD or DVD printers such as those from Rimage and Primera

by printing on CD or DVD labels

and via LightScribe

SureThing 5 Deluxe adds all the features most requested by the users, and even improves many of the classics. Here are the top new features:


Over 5,000 Images and Thousands of Layouts

It's packed with thousands of incredible new background images, including textures, photographs, gradients and more.

SureThing 5 Deluxe provides almost limitless design variations, all of which can be customized and personalized. You can create your own designs just as easily!


Photo Touchup and Editing

Enhance photos with built-in tools and effects. Crop or rotate an image for the perfect fit, reduce red eye, or even sharpen and lighten the photo. For a unique look, add a special effect to photos or backgrounds using the Sepia, Colorize, Posterize, or Solarize filters.


Create and Manage Playlists

You'll never have to type a song title again. Easily add the artist, track title, album title and playtimes from your audio CDs to your CD labels or jewel cases using one of the four available methods:

Internet look-up

Import from your MP3 Files

Grab automatically from CD-Text

Import your MP3 or M3U playlists from popular music players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, Musicmatch and others


Circular Text is a Snap!

The Circular Text tool lets you easily create text that follows the contour of CD and DVD edges. Works with any font at any size, and lets you scale, position and rotate the text just by moving the mouse. You can even create spiral and spoke text effects, perfect for song/scene titles, copyright text or any other text!


Works with all Printers!

You can use any laser or inkjet printer to create stunning labels with SureThing 5 Deluxe.

But there's more: You can use SureThing to print directly onto printable CDs and DVDs! SureThing supports Epson CD/DVD Printers including the 900, 960, R200, R300, R320 and R800 CD/DVD printers, as well as the Primera, Rimage, Signature and Versadyne CD printers.


Supports LightScribe Direct-to-Disc Labeling

LightScribe is Hewlett-Packard's media technology for labeling discs, and it's fully supported in SureThing CD/DVD Labeler Deluxe.

This exciting, new technology uses your LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD drive to create silkscreen-quality, iridescent labels burned directly to the disc surface. SureThing is the first dedicated CD/DVD software to support it.


The SureThing CD Labeler 5 Package contains:

Software installation CD-ROM

User guide included on the CD-ROM

1 plastic applicator (Standard & Full-Faced / Hub / Mini-CD)

Starter pack of 20 standard CD labels, 4 Jewel Case Front Inserts, and 26 CD Hub labels



Full version
(CD-ROM, 20 labels, applicator)

EUR 29.95

Customers in the U.S. and Canada: US$ 29.95

Upgrade (CD-ROM only)

only EUR 19.99

Customers in the U.S. and Canada: US$ 19.99

Order online



NEW: Blend images and text with fully adjustable transparency options.

NEW: Improved user interface for label templates and Design Sets

NEW: Multi-label project files allow you to save, edit, and print your entire job using one design file.

NEW: New and improved printing. The new Print Manager allows you to print to multiple printers/drives and queue-up future print jobs – all without slowing you down.

NEW: Updated and enhanced user interface

Over 5,000 images and thousands of layouts

Make photo collage covers: This version sports a new "Background collage" feature.

Circular, spiral and "spoke" text effects. You won't believe how easy it is to create, scale and rotate text.

New alignment tools. No more guesswork, just a click of the button, and it's done.

Photo touchup & editing. Enhance photos with built-in tools and effects.

Create and manage playlists. You'll never have to type a song title again!

Import your MP3 or M3U playlists from popular music players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, Musicmatch and others.

User interface in English, Spanish, Italian and German





System Requirements

PC with CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7

Any Windows-compatible inkjet or laser printer

For LightScribe labeling, a LightScribe-enabled CD/DVD drive is required.

Compatible with more than 200 types of labels (i.e. Allsop, APLI, Avery, Boeder, CD Stomper, DC Data, Hewlett Packard, Kores, Label Me, LaserBaud, Memorex, MicroApplication, Neato, Office Star, Pelikan, PressIt, SureThing, UFO, Xerox)


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