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SoftMaker Office 2016 for Windows

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Press quotes

What the press writes about SoftMaker Office 2016

c't 15/2015


Summary: "SoftMaker Office 2016 convinces with sheer speed and compatibility with Microsoft Office."

About TextMaker: "Exchanging documents in Word format works much better in TextMaker than in OpenOffice Writer. TextMaker renders all formatting, including the page layout, true to the original. Plus, TextMaker 2016 now also displays SmartArt graphics from Word 2007 and higher."

About PlanMaker: "Especially the introduction of pivot tables makes PlanMaker an interesting proposition for companies. Thanks to the improved conditional formatting, worksheets with huge columns of figures can now be formatted as clearly as in Excel."

About Presentations: "The new magic guides make it much easier to automatically align text frames, picture frames etc. exactly to other objects. The objects snap automatically to the magic guide."

PC Magazin 9/2015


Test result: Very good. High performance with outstanding compatibility at an affordable price, along with solid manufacturer support make this product an attractive option, even for professional users in a corporate setting.

Tom's Networking Guide


In our tests, SoftMaker Office 2016 ran with breathtaking speed. Compatibility with Microsoft Office was very good – something that free applications such as OpenOffice cannot deliver at this level.

SoftMaker Office 2016 is the perfect alternative office suite if you value comprehensive technical support. This is an important issue when you use an office suite in your job, but especially if you deploy the software in corporate networks. Here, reliability and service play a pivotal role for network administrators.

The price-performance ratio of SoftMaker Office 2016 is excellent.

c't 8/2015


"On Windows and Linux PCs, SoftMaker Office convinces with its high speed and reliability [...] What also speaks for SoftMaker Office are the import/export filters for the Microsoft document formats, which far surpass what OpenOffice and LibreOffice can offer."