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Office suite SoftMaker Office 2012 for Linux

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TextMaker 2012

Not only for your personal correspondence...

You write letters or short notes every day. You're always in a hurry; everything needs to be ready now. For that, you need a word processor that takes the labour out of routine tasks:

  • When you write a letter with TextMaker, you don't have to type in the recipient's address by hand. TextMaker simply inserts it from its built-in address book.

  • TextMaker checks your spelling while you are typing, marking typos with a red underline. This is not limited to English: TextMaker supports spell checking in a wide range of languages, even Russian and Arabic.

  • Do you need an envelope for your letter? TextMaker comes with an envelope wizard that frees you from having to measure and position the address and sender fields.

  • Would you rather send your letter by e-mail? Not a problem either. TextMaker creates a PDF file and offers to send it by e-mail.


... but also for use in the enterprise.

When you use a word processor at the office, everything turns on its capacity for data exchange. You receive Word files by e-mail, work on them, then forward them to somebody else.

TextMaker integrates itself seamlessly in Microsoft Word-dominated environments:

  • You won't find any other word processor that is as capable of handling Microsoft Word files as TextMaker. Its compatibility extends to all versions of Microsoft Word from 6.0 to 2013, both in DOC and DOCX formats. TextMaker 2012 breaks down the barriers to exchanging documents.

  • As soon as you switch on the Track changes function, TextMaker records all changes made to a document. If you let a coworker or superior review this document, he or she can use either TextMaker or Word to accept or reject your changes one by one.

  • TextMaker's Comments feature is just as compatible: Notes and annotations appear as balloons in the right page margin – just like in Microsoft Word.

Excels at designing flyers and brochures ...

If the task is not only to author text but also to create attractively designed documents, you will find an exceptionally capable partner in TextMaker. TextMaker's layout features go far beyond what conventional word processors offer.

They start with TextMaker's unique Object mode which places a "layer" over your text page on which you can freely position graphical objects, images, text frames, etc.

Master pages are an extension of object mode: what you draw or place on a master page is reproduced on every page of your document. You are no longer limited to the simple headers and footers that you know from other word processors.

The TextArt feature provides for stunning text effects and playful logos, and AutoShapes allow you to quickly create drawings that can be embellished with soft shadows, glow effects, and mirror effects.



... and handles long scientific documents like a master.

TextMaker masters large, complex documents like a pro.

It supports footnotes and endnotes, indexes and tables of contents, cross references, figure captions, tables of figures, bibliographies, and much more.

Its new sidebar lets you navigate quickly in the text, and the built-in outliner helps you structure documents and rearrange paragraphs and whole chapters at once.

TextMaker. It's truly multi-talented.

When you own TextMaker, you have a word processor that you can use for everthing – from simple documents to sophisticated designs, from business correspondence to dissertations. All of this capability comes in an easy-to-use package and with TextMaker's renowned reliability.


What's new in TextMaker 2012?

TextMaker 2012 comes with many new functions and improves on existing ones.

Reliably reads and writes your Microsoft Word files

For many years, TextMaker has been lauded by the press and customers alike for its superior compatibility with the Microsoft Word file format.

TextMaker 2012 takes Word compatibility even further by enhancing its support for DOCX files to include features added by Microsoft in Word 2010 and 2013.

As a result, TextMaker is now compatible with all Word versions from 6.0 to 2013.

Improved handling of stylesheets

The dialog boxes for paragraph and character styles now show previews of the stylesheets and list exactly the formatting they contain.

From these dialog boxes, you can also create new styles based on the formatting of existing text, and update styles with the current formatting at the cursor position.


New sidebar allows blazingly fast navigation and formatting

TextMaker's brand new sidebar makes navigating and formatting complex documents much easier and more efficient.

In one mode, the sidebar lets you quickly navigate in your documents. For example, you can make it show all headings, all bookmarks, all footnotes, all tables, all pictures, or all objects in a document. Then, with a simple mouse click, you can view whatever part of the document you wish and immediately begin editing there.

But that's not all. You can switch the sidebar to another mode in which it displays all paragraph or character styles. You can then use this display to format your document exactly as you like. If you point with the mouse at an item in the stylesheet, a small popup window appears that reveals the formatting contained (such as “Arial, 8 points, red”).

Quickly switch between zoom levels

It's a rather small thing on the TextMaker screen, but an eminently useful one: The new zoom slider in the status bar lets you quickly change the zoom level at which documents are shown.



AutoFormat for tables

Creating attractive tables by hand is quite time-consuming. For example, you might want to have different formatting for title rows, highlight the first column, or use alternating shades for rows.

With TextMaker 2012, making elegant tables is a breeze. The new AutoFormat feature automates table-designing by letting you choose from many attractive table designs and applying them with a single mouse click.

Additional enhancements

  • NEW: Better font rendering on screen
  • NEW: SoftMaker Office uses the font aliasing settings from the operating system – including sub-pixel rendering.
  • NEW: CUPS printer settings are used
  • NEW: Even on 64 bit systems, screen colors and screen fonts are now taken from the system.
  • NEW: For documents which uses bullets and symbols from the Wingdings font, a replacement font is now provided.
  • NEW: Preview of templates in File/New
  • NEW: Cross references to text and headings
  • NEW: Automatic superscripting of ordinal numbers (2nd, 3rd etc.)
  • NEW: Automatic conversion of URLs to hyperlinks
  • NEW: Go to next/previous spelling error
  • NEW: Additional number formats in enumerations and fields
  • NEW: Improved formatting of fields and calculations
  • NEW: Supports the new AutoShapes added in Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013
  • NEW: Additional TextArt variants
  • NEW: The workspace color can now be freely set
  • ... and even more!

Easy data exchange

  • Direct document exchange with TextMaker 2012, 2010, 2008, and 2006 on all operating systems
  • Open and save DOC and DOCX files from Microsoft Word 6.0 to 2013 faithfully, including password-protected files
  • Open and save OpenDocument and OpenOffice.org documents
  • Open and save RTF, HTML, Pocket Word, and plain-text files
  • Wizard for importing and exporting plain-text files
  • Create PDF files (even PDF forms) directly from TextMaker

Editing and formatting text

  • Insert auto-updating fields such as date, time, page number, author, auto-numbers, etc.
  • SmartText: for example, type "asap" and "as soon as possible" will appear immediately
  • Calculations in text and tables
  • Borders, shading, fill patterns, drop caps, paragraph control
  • Hidden and protected text
  • Paragraph and character styles
  • Stylesheet manager: manages your styles and lets you copy them between documents effortlessly
  • Transfer formatting with the format brush
  • Automatic numbering of lines, paragraphs, lists, and headings
  • True master pages, not just simple headers and footers

Complex documents

  • The built-in outliner lets you easily promote, demote, and rearrange passages of text
  • "Track changes" tracks all changes made to a document and lets you accept/reject them later
  • Comments – annotations that appear as balloons on the right-hand side of your pages
  • Cross references, footnotes, endnotes, tables of contents, indices, bibliographies
  • Captions and tables of figures
  • Easy creation of forms with input fields, checkboxes, dropdown lists, calculations, etc.

Graphics and drawing

  • Comprehensive drawing and image functions: draw and design directly in your documents, fully compatible with Microsoft Word's AutoShapes.
  • Strong graphics features such as mirror effects, soft shadows, and transparency
  • Images can be cropped directly in the application
  • Change brightness, contrast, and gamma of images directly in TextMaker
  • Drawings can be filled with solid colors, patterns, images, and gradients
  • Contour wrap
  • Connector lines between objects
  • Large symbols library for flowcharts and org charts
  • TextArt feature for amazing type effects


  • True nested and multi-page tables
  • Cells can be merged, split, and rotated
  • Repeating headers
  • Sort text and tables

Language tools

  • Spell-check in 20 languages, synonyms in ten languages, and automatic hyphenation in 33 languages
  • On-the-fly spell-check: typos are highlighted with a red underline
  • You can add arbitrary Hunspell dictionaries for spell checking.


  • Fully Unicode-enabled
  • Extended support for East Asian languages and Arabic
  • Comprehensive database module for dBASE files built in
  • Insert single addresses in letters
  • Create lists and labels from database records
  • Easy creation of mail merges
  • Free-of-charge technical support

Supported languages

TextMaker 2012 lets you edit documents in any language of the world, even Arabic.

User interface (menus and dialogs)

English (United States), English (United Kingdom), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Japanese


English (United States), English (United Kingdom), French (France), French (Canada), German (pre- and post-reform), Swiss German (pre- and post-reform), Italian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Arabic

Many additional languages can be added through Hunspell-based dictionaries.

Synonym dictionaries (thesauri)

English (United States), English (United Kingdom), French, German (pre- and post-reform), Swiss German (pre- and post-reform), Italian, Spanish, Dutch

Automatic hyphenation

English (United States), English (United Kingdom), French (France), French (Canada), German (pre- and post-reform), Swiss German (pre- and post-reform), Italian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian


System requirements

Any x86 Linux (32 or 64 bit-based)

Memory requirements

The size of your PC's main memory is irrelevant for SoftMaker Office. If you have enough memory to run Linux, SoftMaker Office will perform flawlessly on your system.


Download the free 30-day trial version

You can download the trial version of SoftMaker Office for Linux free of charge:

 > Download the trial version