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SoftMaker Office 2016 for Linux

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Public beta: Presentations 2016

Your new presentation software for all cases

Presentations 2016 is fast, compatible and powerful.
Just as a good presentation program should be.

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            Technical data

 Technical data

Seamless compatibility

Perfect interaction with Microsoft PowerPoint

No other presentation software is as compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint as Presentations 2016. Both the old .ppt files
(PowerPoint 97 and higher) and the modern .pptx files from PowerPoint 2007 to 2016 are displayed true
to the original and saved reliably. This secures unproblematic data exchange with PowerPoint users.

At the touch of a button, Presentations 2016 exports your presentations to the universal PDF format or converts it to an HTML slide show.

Can be operated intuitively

Simply get going and achieve results.

If you have already worked with PowerPoint, you will manage with Presentations 2016 immediately. The basic
concept is identical, however operation is even easier and the completed presentations simply look impressive.

In short: Presentations 2016 helps you to make exciting presentations effortlessly.

Designing attractive slides

"Just add text".

If you do not wish to make your own design, several design templates are provided
as a jumpstart for your presentation.

You can click between various color schemes and slide layouts on the practical sidebar with the mouse.
You can switch equally fast between diverse background colors, color progressions and images.

You only need add text and you then have a presentation which looks good and is well-received.

Presentations with pep

Little work, large effect.

From serious to eccentric – hundreds of different animations and slide transitions are available to you.

Insert music or spoken comments and illustrate your slides with graphics, tables and charts.

The TextArt function enables you to create jazzy slogans, and, with the included AutoShapes, you underline the important items graphically.

Light off. Spot on.

Your show will be a success!

It’s now time for it: Your show! Presentations 2016 will ensure that your presentation is successful.

You retain the control. Switch the slides over manually or time-controlled and adapt
the slides you show to your listeners with user-defined presentations..

During the presentation, write on the slides with a virtual pen and highlight important items with the
text marker. You can rest assured that your public sees what is important.

Presentations 2016: The all-rounder.

Get the free beta version now!


Presentations 2016 is an all-rounder for the highest requirements and can simultaneously be operated simply and intuitively.

You can now try out brand new SoftMaker Office 2016 personally.
Download the free beta version and test it thoroughly.


 Pre-order now


 Free beta version

            Technical data

 Technical data