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SoftMaker Font Manager: Screenshots 

The SoftMaker Font Manager for Windows, which is part of the MegaFont XXL 2.0 font collection, is an intuitive font installation and management application that lets you easily manage even the largest font collection. Take a look at your fonts in different views, print sample pages even before you install a font, and manage your typefaces by placing them into "font groups" that can be activated and deactivated quickly.


Tab 1: The MegaFont typefaces

The first tab of the SoftMaker Font Manager presents all typefaces of the MegaFont XXL 2.0 collection. Browse in this huge assortment, choose the fonts you like and install them with a single mouse click on your hard disk.

Font Manager: Die Karteikarte "MegaFont XXL"


Tab 2: "My fonts"

The second tab "My Fonts" shows the installed fonts and all font groups created by you. You can view the font list in two styles: either in Windows Explorer style (left picture) or in preview mode (right picture).



Tab 3: Browse more fonts

Use the third tab ("Browse more fonts") to browse any place of your system (hard disk, network, CD-ROM etc.) for fonts. Then preview, print, or install them with simple commands, or add them to one of your font groups.

This screenshot shows another useful feature of the SoftMaker Font Manager: All fonts, no matter if they are installed or not, can be displayed with their complete Unicode character set or as specimen sheets. To let you find a desired font easily, this window stays open and updates itself automatically when you click on other fonts.


Print and preview

If you want to look at a font more closely, both the built-in print preview and the print function will help you examine the font. You can view single fonts and complete font families on the screen and also print them as attractive specimen pages. In fact, you can create a complete font catalog this way.



The SoftMaker Font Manager is a professional tool that rivals, and surpasses, many stand-alone font managers. For the low price of € | US$ 49.95, you get not only a massive font collection, but also this valuable tool.


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