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MegaFont XXL 2.0. Making premium-quality type affordable. 

If you use many typefaces on your PC, you are often faced with a dilemma:

High-quality type with complete character sets that renders without problems and produces beautiful output is expensive. Very expensive. A complete type family often sets you back $200 or $300.

Cheap or free fonts are often worth exactly what you pay for them: incomplete character sets coupled with sometimes lousy print quality cost you more in aggravation than what you save in money.

The solution is quite simple: The new MegaFont XXL 2.0 comes with 12,222 first-class TrueType fonts – all for just| US$ 49.95!

Yes, it's true: A premium-quality type collection with 12,222 fonts for less than the price of a single typeface family from other vendors. All fonts can be used immediately, printed without problems and embedded in PDF (Adobe Acrobat).

In addition, a full-fledged font manager for Windows is included that lets you easily manage this massive font collection.


MegaFont XXL 2.0

EUR 49.95

Customers in the U.S. and Canada: US$ 49.95

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Suitable for...

PC equipped with CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

The fonts can be used under Windows and Linux.

The font manager can be used under Windows.

Priority 1: Quality.

We care about quality. In fact, quality is the most important thing about fonts. SoftMaker licenses typefaces only from renowned European type foundries like URW, URW++ and Brendel, who have created type for, among others, Berthold, Monotype, Letraset, and ITC.

But that's not where it stops: Every typeface is examined closely and meticulously improved by our type design specialists. We add missing characters and enhance the character contours for superior rendering quality on screen and in print.

Your advantage: Premium typefaces at prices everyone can afford.


A vast variety of typefaces for all purposes

Type is used on many occasions: laying out books, typing business letters, creating fancy flyers, designing elegant invitations.

Thanks to MegaFont XXL 2.0 you will never miss the appropriate font: This font collection provides a huge variety of font styles for all purposes: classical and modern typefaces as well as elegant script fonts, impressive headline types, and fancy decorative fonts.

Your advantage: You will always find the perfect typeface for your designs.


Every single font has a matching euro currency sign

Unique: Every font in this collection includes its own euro currency sign – hand-crafted to perfectly match the design of the typeface.

SoftMaker is the only type foundry that has provided its full type collection with euro signs right since the introduction of the common European currency.

Your advantage: Say good-bye to ugly "generic" euro signs in decorative typefaces.


Perfect for many foreign languages

Cheap fonts often do not contain accented characters that are required for setting type in many European languages. Type for Central European text, Turkish, the Baltic languages, or Esperanto is almost never included in cheap font collections.

MegaFont XXL comes with over 1,000 XXL fonts with large character sets for all Western European languages and another 1,600 XXL fonts with Central European and Baltic character layouts.

All MegaFont typefaces can be used for: English • German • French • Italian • Spanish • Portuguese • Dutch • Danish • Swedish • Norwegian • Finnish. XXL types are additionally suitable for Basque • Greenlandic • Icelandic • Faroese • Estonian • Latvian • Lithuanian • Sorbian • Polish • Czech • Slovakian • Albanian • Hungarian • Slovene • Croatian • Romanian • Turkish • Maltese • Esperanto • Irish • Scottish • Welsh • Cornish and more...

The large MegaFont character sets are a good thing even if you never write in foreign languages: Many fonts contain typographic symbols, ligatures, fractions, and many more symbols that you can simply pick from the character list.

Your advantage: Foreign-language documents now enjoy the same typographic flexibility as documents in English.


Now includes an intuitive font manager!

The new font manager for Windows is an intuitive font installation and management application that lets you accurately and easily manage huge numbers of fonts. The font manager installs any of your fonts on the PC and helps to keep track of even the largest font collection.

Take a look at the fonts in different views, print sample pages even before you install a font, arrange and group your typefaces into "font groups" that can be activated and deactivated with a single mouse click.

With MegaFont XXL 2.0, you get one of the most comprehensive collections of premium typefaces – at a fraction of the price of other type collections.


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Pricing includes VAT for customers inside the EU. Add shipping & handling.