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Elegant Blackletter Fonts

Blackletter is the classic "German" printing type. Starting in the 16th century and lasting until the 20th century, most works in Germany were printed using blackletter fonts.

Today, blackletter fonts are mainly used decoratively. If you want to communicate a feeling of old-world quality or nostalgia, blackletter fonts are the preferred choice – use them on signs, in brochures, or on invitation cards.

SoftMaker's type collection Elegant Blackletter Fonts contains a whopping 70 vintage blackletter types of all styles and ages – Fraktur (blackletter), Gothic (textura), Rundgotisch (Rotunda), and Schwabacher.

The fonts in this collection come equipped with the full range of Western European accented characters and the euro currency sign.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems, the Elegant Blackletter Fonts collection inspires you to create vintage-looking designs easily.


Elegant Blackletter Fonts


A great repertoire of elegant blackletter fonts

Click on the individual images to see the respective fonts in more detail.

Albrecht Dürer Fraktur Pro

Alte Schwabacher No1 Pro

Alte Schwabacher No2 Pro

Breitkopf Fraktur Pro

Coburg No1

Coburg No2

Coelnische Current Pro

Diamant Gotisch Pro

Fleischmann Gotisch Pro

Fraktur Pro

Fraktur Variants

Gothic Pro

Gotisch Pro

Grail Fraktur Pro

Gravure Pro

Gutenberg Textura Pro

Hans Fraktur Pro

Hohenstein Gotisch Pro

Hungarian Fraktur Pro

Innsbruck Initials

Leibniz Fraktur Pro

Light Text Pro

Lincoln Text Pro

Marriage Pro

Offenbacher Kanzlei Pro

Old Londontown Pro

Ottoman Pro

Peter Jessen Schrift Pro

Poem Fraktur Pro

Renaissance Fraktur Pro

Rundgotisch No1 Pro

Rundgotisch No2 Pro

Theuerdank Fraktur Pro

Walbaum Fraktur No1 Pro

Walbaum Fraktur No2 Pro

Walbaum Zierfraktur Pro

Wallau No1 Pro

Wilde Fraktur Pro

Wilhelm Gotisch Pro

Zwickau Fraktur Pro


Ligatures, umlauts, and more

In this package you will find all the fine typographic details required for creating perfect blackletter text. All fonts come with the long and the short "s", and they contain ligatures for letter pairs such as "fi", "fl", "st", or "tz".

Additionally, many of the fonts contain alternative umlauts in the style of centuries gone by:

Special umlauts



Modern font installer included

The package includes a state-of-the-art 3D font installer for Windows that allows easy previewing and installation of fonts.

On the Apple Mac and in Linux, simply install fonts by double-clicking on the font file.


Modern 3D font installer
   Click to enlarge


Elegant Blackletter Fonts
for PC and Apple Mac

EUR 19.99

Customers in the U.S. and
Canada: US$ 19.99

Online bestellen

Elegant Blackletter Fonts
for PC and Apple Mac with webfonts

EUR 29.95

Customers in the U.S. and
Canada: US$ 29.95

Online bestellen


Licensed for up to three computers

You may install this font package on up to three computers of the same company, organization, or family household.



For a small surcharge, you can add webfonts to this package. This lets you create typographically rich web pages. SoftMaker's webfonts are compatible with all modern web browsers.


System requirements

Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP

Linux: any Linux with a graphical user interface

Apple Mac: any system with Mac OS X


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Pricing includes VAT for customers inside the EU. Add shipping & handling.