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Download Free Hunspell Dictionaries

SoftMaker Office comes with high-quality commercial dictionaries for spell checking.

The included dictionaries cover the following languages: English (United States), English (United Kingdom), French (France), French (Canada), German, Swiss German, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, and Arabic.

Starting with revision 663, SoftMaker Office 2012 for Windows and SoftMaker Office 2012 for Linux also accept dictionaries in Hunspell format, an open-source spell checker. This adds spell-checking support for the following languages:

> Albanian

> Basque

> Breton

> Bulgarian

> Byelorussian

> Catalan

> Catalan

Adds spelling variations accepted in the Valencia region

> Croatian

> Czech

> English

Australian English

> English

Canadian English

> English

New Zealand English

> English

South African English

> Estonian

> Frisian

> Hebrew

> Hungarian

> Icelandic

> Indonesian

> Kazakh

> Latin

Classic spelling (u=u, v=v, u=v)

> Latin

Universal spelling (u=u, v=v, u=v, v=u)

> Latvian

> Lithuanian

> Luxembourgian

> Macedonian

> Maltese

> Polish

> Romanian

> Romanian

According to the rules before the 1993 reform ("î din i")

> Serbian

Latin script

> Serbian

Cyrillic script

> Slovak

> Slovenian

> Turkish

> Ukrainian

> Vietnamese

> Welsh

You can download a dictionary by clicking on the respective language. Then add it to SoftMaker Office by choosing the Tools > Options command, switching to the Language tab, and clicking on the Hunspell Dictionaries button.

These dictionaries are licensed under different open-source licenses (usually GPL, LGPL and/or MPL). After you install a dictionary, you can find its license documents below the folder %APPDATA%\SoftMaker\Hunspell.

Is your language not listed here? We are preparing even more dictionaries. Let us know through the Feedback form which languages you require.


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