SoftMaker Office for Windows CE

The only full-featured office suite for Windows CE

SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows CE is the only full-fledged office suite for Windows CE.
It offers the full feature set of a modern desktop-league office suite on your Windows CE computer.

SoftMaker Office for Windows CE lets you work on any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint file in Windows CE. Directly and without conversion, retaining all the formatting, functions and contents of your Office files.

SoftMaker Office includes the following components:

Word processor: TextMaker

TextMaker for Windows CE: Open, edit and saves .doc and docx files

TextMaker is the only word processor for Windows CE that actually deserves the name. It offers the full feature set and convenience of Windows word processors such as Microsoft Word. Footnotes, an outline view, tables or PDF export are as much a given as comments and tracked changes, all of which work exactly like in Word.

A first-rate spell-checker examines what are typing and immediately underlines typos – in 20 different languages. Whenever you want to put some variety in your text, the integrated thesaurus helps you find synonyms for words in ten languages.

Most importantly, however, TextMaker reads and writes .doc and .docx files from Microsoft Word seamlessly. Finally you can work on important documents on your Windows CE device and be certain that all formatting and content is preserved.

Imagine that: Word processing on Windows CE just like with Microsoft Word on the desktop!

Spreadsheet: PlanMaker

PlanMaker for Windows CE: Open, edit and saves .xls and .xlsx files

PlanMaker does for spreadsheets what TextMaker does for word processing on Windows CE: It is the only mobile spreadsheet program that offers the functionality and ease-of-use of desktop spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Transfer your Excel files to your Windows CE device and take them with you. You can work on your worksheets on the go and be certain that all data and formatting is kept intact.

Only PlanMaker provides a huge feature set for Windows CE with more than 330 mathematical functions, form design with controls such as lists and checkboxes, 70 chart types, array formulas, input validation and an enormous number of other features.

Only PlanMaker is able to display and edit any kind of Excel charts.

Only PlanMaker supports all AutoShapes of Microsoft Excel, all drawings and all other graphics.

Only PlanMaker reads and writes all Excel files in .xls format seamlessly – and keeps all data and formatting intact.

Imagine that: Calculate and plan on your Windows CE device just like you do with Microsoft Excel on the desktop!

Presentation software: SoftMaker Presentations

Presentations for Windows CE: Open, edit and saves .ppt and .pptx files

SoftMaker Presentations lets you edit PowerPoint files right on Windows CE – without file conversion and without loss of quality. All elements of PowerPoint files are preserved, including:

  • all types of formatting
  • all slide transitions and animations
  • all slide designs and color schemes
  • all graphics, drawings and backgrounds
  • all notes and comments

... simply everything that could be embedded in a .ppt file!

Highest compatibility is not the only advantage of SoftMaker Presentations: It offers the complete feature set of a desktop presentation program. You can create, edit and manage slides, insert and edit all types of drawings, graphics and tables, apply all animations and transitions that you know from PowerPoint etc.

Numerous ready-made design templates make it easy for you to effortlessly create elegant presentations. If you don't like a design, simply switch to another template or create your own – with slide masters, placeholders, color schemes and all the other features that you expect from professional presentation programs.

Imagine that: Design and present on your Windows CE device just like you do with Microsoft PowerPoint on the desktop!

Download the free trial version

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