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Presentations 2018

Your new presentation software for all cases

Presentations 2018, the fast, powerful and compatible presentation program

Presentations 2018 is fast, powerful and compatible.
Just as a good presentation program should be.

Compatible with PowerPoint.
No compromises.

Presentations 2018: Compatibility without compromises

The straight way is the fastest way.

PPTX is the new default file format of Presentations 2018.

Skip the annoying import and export: You can open files created with Presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint – directly, without conversion.

This is what seamless document exchange looks like!

Of course, Presentations 2018 also lets you edit PPT files without problems. At the touch of a button, you create not only PDF files and HTML slide shows from your presentations, but also movies in the most current formats, in outstanding quality.

Universally applicable

Presentations 2018: Intuitive to use

Simply start and be productive immediately

If you have already worked with PowerPoint, you'll pick up Presentations 2018 immediately. Using it is even easier and the completed presentations simply look impressive.

In short: Presentations 2018 helps you to make exciting presentations effortlessly.

Design attractive slides

Presentations 2018: Design attractive slides

Simply impressive

"Just add text" – If you do not want to design your own slides, several attractive design templates are provided as a jumpstart for your presentation.

You can switch between various color schemes and slide layouts in the practical sidebar by mouse. Equally quickly, you can select diverse background colors, gradients and images.

The new master-page concept supports you in the creation of comprehensive presentations: You can now create as many master-page layouts as you like, and position any number of placeholders in them with just a few clicks. This ensures not only the uniform appearance of your presentation, but also seamless compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Presentations with pep

Presentations 2018: Presentations with pep

Small effort, big effect

From serious to extravagant – Presentations 2018 offers countless impressive animations and slide transitions using OpenGL graphics acceleration that turn every presentation into an eye-catcher.

Add music or spoken comments and illustrate your slides with graphics, tables and charts. A short video often says more than a thousand words – you can embed it in a slide at the touch of a button.

The TextArt feature enables you to create jazzy slogans, and with the included AutoShapes you underline the important items graphically.

Light off. Spot on.

Presentations 2018: Your show will be a success

With Presentations 2018, your show will be a success.

Switch the slides over manually or time-controlled, and adapt the slides you show to your listeners with user-defined presentations.

The new presenter view lets you present professionally with two monitors: Your audience watches your show on a monitor or projector, while you retain control using the "cockpit" on the second monitor: Here you can see the current and next slide, are able to navigate in the show and add annotations and scribbles on the screen. This is how you can be sure that your audience sees what matters.

Presentations 2018:
The all-rounder

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Presentations 2018 is a high-performance all-rounder and
at the same time simple and intuitive to use.