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SoftMaker Office 2016: Test the award winning Office suite

SoftMaker Office 2016
Fast. Powerful. Compatible.


With SoftMaker Office 2016, documents, calculations and presentations are handled just as fast as e-mail
correspondence or your appointment and task planning. From simple everyday tasks to the most
demanding documents, SoftMaker Office 2016 is your indispensable helper.

SoftMaker Office 2016 is...

Starts as fast as lightning, opens documents in the blink of an eye and enables you to attain results immediately.

Offers a huge functional scope and can be operated simply and intuitively.

Edits Microsoft Office documents as true to the original as Microsoft Office itself.

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SoftMaker Office 2016

Writing, calculating, presenting, e-mail, tasks and appointments

TextMaker Word processor: TextMaker 2016
From normal daily correspondence to scientific essays, from a greeting card to an elaborately designed newsletter: With TextMaker 2016, you can create attractive documents in no time flat, alone or in teamwork with colleagues. You can either print the completed documents or pass them on as PDFs or E-books. Read on...
PlanMaker Spreadsheet program: PlanMaker 2016
With more than 350 calculation functions, huge worksheets with one million rows and professional functions such as pivot tables, PlanMaker 2016 is suitable for all kinds of calculations – from a simple credit comparison to the overall financial planning for a company. PlanMaker enables you to analyze data diversely and to illustrate the results with charts in presentation quality. Read on...
Presentations Presentation software: Presentations 2016
Little effort, large effect: You can create impressive presentations as fast as lightning with Presentations 2016. Numerous ready-made templates which can be re-designed at the touch of a button do the work for you. Lend presentations that certain something with graphics, charts, sound, videos, animations and slide transitions and impress your public with captivating discourses. Read on...
Thunderbird E-mails, tasks, appointments: Thunderbird
Thunderbird takes competent care of your e-mails and ensures that you keep your appointments, tasks and contacts under control. SoftMaker has extended the Thunderbird interface, developed functions for fast filing and navigation of large quantities of e-mails and augmented Thunderbird with a fully automatic import from the eM Client. Read on...

Standard or Professional?

SoftMaker Office 2016 is available in two editions

SoftMaker Office Standard 2016

TextMaker 2016
PlanMaker 2016
Presentations 2016
BasicMaker 2016
Extended Thunderbird
only €/$ 69.95
Upgrade: only €/$ 39.95

SoftMaker Office Professional 2016

TextMaker 2016
PlanMaker 2016
Presentations 2016
BasicMaker 2016
Extended Thunderbird
Berlitz Basic Dictionary English/French
Berlitz Basic Dictionary English/Spanish
Berlitz Basic Dictionary English/Italian
Berlitz Basic Dictionary English/German
Can be managed centrally by an administrator with more than 270 Group Policy Objects (GPOs).
only €/$ 99.95
Upgrade: only €/$ 49.95

Trial version: SoftMaker Office 2016

Test the new Office for 30 days!

Would you like to try out SoftMaker Office 2016 personally?
Download the free trial version and try it out for 30 days.

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Licensing: This is a one-time purchase, not a subscription. You can use the software as long as you want.
Personal use: You and other members of your household may use SoftMaker Office on up to 3 PCs.
Enterprise use: You may run SoftMaker Office on up to 3 PCs used by the same individual.