Free: TextMaker Mobile for Android

The word processor for smartphones that
displays documents exactly like in Windows

TextMaker Mobile is a word processor for Android that actually deserves its name: Compatible with Microsoft Word 6.0 to 2016. With built-in PDF export and on-the-fly spell checking in 17 languages. And with a clean, friendly user interface.

If you wish to do writing on your Android phone, you will find the perfect partner in TextMaker Mobile. It opens all .doc and .docx files from Microsoft Word 6.0 up to 2016, shows them exactly like they look on your PC and saves your changes in the original file format, without dropping formatting or content.

But that's not all. TextMaker Mobile is packed with features that no other Android word processor offers:

  • An on-the-fly spell checker checks your documents while you are typing and immediately marks your typos – not only in English, but also in 16 more languages!
  • Business professionals will love the track changes and comments functions that are as convenient as in Microsoft Word on your PC.
  • You can add graphics and photos not only from the built-in camera and the photo gallery, but also directly from files – in 14 different image-file formats!
  • TextMaker Mobile lets you directly access documents that you have stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or Microsoft OneDrive.
  • The built-in PDF export function lets you create PDF files that can be viewed and printed on any computer.

Imagine that: Finally there is a word processor for Android that opens and saves your Word files seamlessly and displays them on your Android phone just like Microsoft Word does on your PC.

tm2012icon Download the full version for free
The full version of TextMaker Mobile is available for free from Google Play.

System requirements: TextMaker Mobile runs on smartphones and tablets with Android 2.2 or higher.