Free: PlanMaker Mobile for Android

The spreadsheet that professionals
use on their smartphones

PlanMaker Mobile is the most powerful spreadsheet available for Android smartphones: Compatible with Microsoft Excel 5.0 up to 2016. With more than 330 functions, Excel-compatible charts and built-in PDF export. And with a friendly, productive user interface.

Do you want to edit or create Excel worksheets in .xls or .xlsx format on your Android phone? And should they look exactly the same under Android and Windows?

Then PlanMaker Mobile is your only choice.

Only PlanMaker Mobile shows all worksheets from Microsoft Excel 5.0 to Excel 2016 just like they look on your PC, lets you update and change them, and then saves them back in their original format without loss of formatting or layout.

But PlanMaker Mobile offers even more. Its wide range of features stands head and shoulders above the competition:

  • More than 330 built-in functions are available to perform date and time, mathematical, statistical and financial calculations and to do data analysis.
  • If a mistake is hiding somewhere in your calculations, syntax highlighting and formula view help you quickly find the place where things went wrong.
  • With functions such as Freeze rows/columns and Excel-compatible comments, you'll be on top of even the most complicated spreadsheets in no time at all.
  • Excel charts are not only displayed correctly but will even update themselves when the underlying values change.
  • You can access worksheets stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or Microsoft OneDrive directly from within PlanMaker Mobile.
  • PlanMaker Mobile lets you turn your worksheets into universally accessible PDF files with just two taps of your fingers.

SoftMaker Office Mobile turns your Android smartphone into a mobile office, and PlanMaker assumes the part of the professional spreadsheet – seamless compatibility with Microsoft Excel included.

pm2012icon Download the full version for free
The full version of PlanMaker Mobile is available for free from Google Play.

System requirements: PlanMaker Mobile runs on smartphones and tablets with Android 2.2 or higher.