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Thunderbird is fast, powerful and flexible.

Thunderbird is fast, powerful and flexible.
Just as a good e-mail program should be.

Set up, import and get going

Organize your e-mails, contacts and calendars safely and comfortably,
with the improved Thunderbird from SoftMaker.

When you start Thunderbird for the first time, a program wizard configures your e-mail accounts automatically. Thunderbird works with practically all mail servers worldwide, including Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, (Hotmail), Yahoo and GMX.

And then you’re ready to go! Thanks to the improvements SoftMaker made to the user interface, you will find your way around without delay and become productive immediately.

Writing and managing e-mails

Thunderbird: Writing and managing e-mails

Thunderbird is ideally equipped for your e-mails

  • Pick up your e-mails at timed intervals or manually, either from a single e-mail account or simultaneously from several accounts. For your security, the mail transport can also take place using SSL or TLS protection.
  • If you have multiple e-mail addresses, you can manage them as separate accounts or combine them in a unified inbox.
  • User-defined filter rules check incoming e-mails for certain criteria (for example the sender or words in the header) and move, delete or otherwise process the e-mail. This lets you block undesired senders easily.
  • You either write new e-mails in text-only format or as HTML mails with text formatting, graphics, tables etc. Important for international correspondence: Thunderbird enables you to write e-mails in all world languages.
  • The integrated full-text search finds every e-mail needed within fractions of a second.
  • SoftMaker has extended the functions for filing e-mails and for navigation in the folder structure: if you wish to move an e-mail to a different folder, just enter a couple of letters from the folder name. Thunderbird immediately displays all the matching folders. One single further keystroke suffices to move the e-mail! It is just as easy to switch from one folder to another. This is a real time-saver for everyone who works with many folders.

Protected against internet threats

Security comes first for Thunderbird.

  • Images in HTML mails are only displayed if you want them to be. This protects you against web bugs with which the advertising industry would like to find out who has opened its advertising mails.
  • The spam filter in Thunderbird disposes fully automatically of the entire advertising trash which flows in daily. It is self-learning: If it doesn't recognize an e-mail as spam and you mark it as such, it alters its recognition pattern.
  • The built-in scam filter is a further protective component which can help to recognize e-mails intended, for example, to entice you to reveal your banking credentials or passwords.
  • Moreover, the common antivirus programs work together directly with Thunderbird.

Calendar and tasks

Thunderbird: Manage calendar and tasks

Thunderbird not only deals with your e-mails, but also manages your appointments and tasks.

You can manage your appointments and tasks either locally on your computer or using internet-based calendars that follow the CalDAV standard – including Google Calendar.

Thunderbird is extremely flexible in its appointment settings: it can remind you of normal appointments just as full-day and repeated appointments. You can invite other participants to meetings and receive a confirmation, even if they work with other programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Thunderbird is flexible

Thunderbird can be extended with numerous free add-ons. Here are the most popular ones.

There are also numerous "skins" which can be downloaded free of charge.

The all-rounder

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Thunderbird is a high-performance all-rounder and
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