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SoftMaker Office 2016 for Windows

Changes in previous revisions

2017-03-13: Revision 765

All programs
34297 Sometimes the applications lost the product key and asked the user to enter it again.
35704 In rare situations, dialog boxes lost focus under Windows 8 and 10, and couldn't get it back.
Miscellaneous bug fixes
35873 Dates and times entered by the user are now recognized better.
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2016-12-12: Revision 763

All programs
35616 Feature: SoftMaker Office Professional now offers 276 Group Policy Objects for central management of corporate deployments.
35190 Feature: An optional toolbar icon to call FlexiPDF directly from inside the SoftMaker Office applications
Miscellaneous bug fixes
35338 In rare cases, hyperlinks were cut off in PDF export.
25961 Duden Korrektor (German grammar checker) now shows the correct error messages again.
35197 Improvements to pivot tables
35212 You can set the template path in Tools > Options even if that folder does not contain a .pmv file.
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2016-09-29: Revision 761

All programs
33995 Feature: Additional dialog style "Windows 10" (choose in Tools > Options > Appearance)
34623 Feature: You may now choose document encryption to be "most compatible" or "most secure" (choose in File > Properties > Protection).
31237 Feature: Text frames and placeholders now have resize handles even in edit mode.
31524 Feature: On Windows Vista and higher, modern file dialogs are used.
34304 Feature: File associations are now handled in the modern way of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
29125 Feature: In Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10, the individual applications of SoftMaker Office now appear in the Windows tool "Default Programs" that lets you easily choose which application handles which file type.
34900 Feature: SoftMaker Office now watches the file types associated with it and allows the user to repair them if another application assigns them to itself.
33000 Corrected mouse-wheel behavior in Windows 10 (problems were especially visible in the print preview).
34697 Feature: In the Windows 10 Start menu, the tile colors match the color of the respective application icon.
19882 Feature: The Guides and grid dialog box now highlights the selected guide in the document.
Miscellaneous bug fixes
22002 Feature: Clicking into the left page margin with the Ctrl key down now selects the whole document.
25961 Feature: The English style "1st", "2nd" etc. is now supported for paragraph numbering.
30011 Feature: Embedded objects now have grab handles for easier resizing.
34174 Feature: The Insert Envelope dialog adds new feeding options.
34785 Feature: The command Paste Special has been added to the context menu.
34947 Handling of calculated times is now Excel-compatible.
Improvements to the file filters

2016-05-16: Revision 757

All programs
Improvements to PDF export and to the file filters
Miscellaneous bug fixes
34153 In labels, lines that only contain empty fields are now suppressed.
34386 Feature: There is now an icon for EPUB export which can be placed on a toolbar.
34301 Language codes are now correctly exported to EPUB.
17333 Feature: There are now compatibility settings for the wrapping of spaces and tabs at the end of a line (File > Properties > Compatibility).
34461 Some elements on chart sheets (for example, trend lines) could not be deleted.
34167 Bug fixes related to pivot tables
32590 Feature: Saving as CSV now has a entry of its own in the File > Save as dialog box.
34119 After sorting, an existing AutoFilter was ignored.
33010 Searching now faster in large presentations

2016-03-02: Revision 752

All programs
30051 Feature: Microsoft Office documents with strong encryption (RC4 40 to 128 bit, AES with SHA-1 to SHA-512) can now be edited.
28688 Feature: With the new command Help > Manage license you can swap a product key for another after installation.
33961 The applications are now signed with an SHA-256 certificate (important for modern versions of Windows).
34956 Feature: The setup program is now available in many additional languages (you need to download and run the full setup for this improvement).
33132 Hyperlinks are now correctly imported when opening DOCX files.
33648 Feature: After export to EPUB, the EPUB file can be automatically opened in a viewer.
33976 Feature: The EPUB function exports cover images so that they stretch to the full page size when shown in an EPUB viewer.
33718 The EPUB files that TextMaker creates are now compatible with the EPUB editor Sigil.
33827 During EPUB export, tables of contents are now created correctly.
33725 Feature: The EPUB function converts cover images in BMP format automatically to an EPUB-compatible picture format.
33646 The Autofilter menu is now more user-friendly.
33801 During automatic filling, the destination area is filled more logically and extended, if needed.
33917 Slide numbers are now shown correctly everywhere.

2015-12-04: Revision 749

All programs
33264 The splash screen that appeared when launching the applications has been removed.
31252 At 100% zoom, some images were shown blurred.
31280, 33320 No flickering anymore when rendering images
21364 Security update: DLL hijacking no longer possible
32517 Improved display of equations in DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files
32635 Windows 10.1511 has fixed a bug in its file dialogs, making our workaround unnecessary.
31367 Feature: In the Search and Replace functions, you can now recall previous search terms from a list.
30637 Feature: The Lists and Labels function now supports around 9000 different types of labels.
32170 Copying large amounts of cells to the clipboard is now much faster.
31083 Improved row selection in AutoFilter
31203 Feature: Automatic color for the border around the active cell (useful for the dark theme)
33377 Feature: The Edit > Fill dialog now has a button for editing user-defined fill lists.
30529 Feature: If you apply the AutoSum function to filtered cell ranges, the SubTotal function will be inserted instead of the "Sum" function.
30529 Feature: If you select a range of cells and the last row or column is empty, the AutoSum command inserts the "Sum" function in the empty cells and not below the selection.
32856 Feature: Filtered cell ranges are skipped when autofilling.
31367 Feature: In the Search and Replace functions, you can now recall previous search terms from a list.

2015-10-14: Revision 745

All programs
29062 In the Print dialog box, the port (such as LPT1) is no longer shown, as this is no longer standard behavior in Windows applications.
32911 Some bugs have been fixed related to setting the width of the sidebar.
32902 New dialog box in Help > About
32776 New splash screens
31542 The icons for launching other SoftMaker programs are also available with the short toolbar (visible when no documents are open) and function correctly there.
Feature: New help files and PDF manuals (the help files are also in the service pack installer. For the PDF manuals, you need to download and run the complete setup.)
32862 In some situations, the 30-day trial version expired immediately.
30456 Feature: New options in the "Lists & labels" function
32558 EPUB export fixed for improved compatibility with Adobe Digital Elements and Icecream Ebook Reader
31470 EPUB export now uses CSS styles instead of fixed formatting.
32502 In some situations, bookmarks in PDF files pointed to the wrong text.
32453 A bug has been fixed in PDF export that confused the preflight function of Adobe Acrobat Pro.
32821 Feature: In File > Properties, you can now specify on a per-document basis if the page background defined with Format > Page background will be printed or not. Until now, it was never printed.
32906 The cell function used with the argument "filename" now returns the result exactly like Excel.
32907 Some string functions (LEFT, RIGHT etc.) returned results in revision 742 that were either one character off or could cause a crash.
33062 On 4K monitors, the icons for conditional formatting inside worksheet are now rendered better.
32968 Improved compatibility of fields in headers and footers with Excel
33003 Smash: Smash now can run Presentations again (a wrong registry key was searched).

2015-09-02: Revision 742

All programs
31452 The color for selected text and cells now has more contrast.
32706 File dialog: Circumvention of a bug in Windows 10
32707 When you install under Windows 8 and 10, fewer icons are created in the Start menu. To benefit from this, you cannot use the service-pack installer. You must uninstall SoftMaker Office, download the latest setup program and re-install from it.
Faster pasting from the clipboard

2015-07-01: Revision 739

All programs
32191 The file manager now also shows descriptions for DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files.
32363 The dialog box Format > Character now also sorts the five most recent fonts to the top.
32218 The unlock dialog now explains explicitly how to run the software as a trial version.
31179 When text with varying font sizes is selected, the functions "Increase font size" and "Decrease font size" now scale each part individually.
32061 The functions "Increase font size" and "Decrease font size" now also work with selected table cells.
32182 The preview of large pictures has been sped up in the Insert Picture dialog.
31456 The version manager now has a button for previewing documents.
32217, 32206 Several additional improvements to the version manager
31204 The tool for creating USB flash drive installations (usbstick.exe) now copies the correct license file to the USB flash drive.
32176 EPUB files are now created in a way that Adobe Digital Editions lets the user change the font size when reading e-books.
32311 Additional improvements to EPUB export
32105 EPUB export now documented in the help file
32375 Comments in table cells are now displayed correctly again.
32015 The preview of numbered lists in the dialog box "Bullets and numbering" now displays the correct color even with old documents.
32260 Feature: The function Subtotal now also accepts the argument values 101 to 111.
31726 Improved and faster pasting from the clipboard
31725 Improvements to the opening of files with pivot tables
32327 When saving to PMDX and XLSX formats, formulas that were entered by the user with errors will now be handled correctly.
20672 As soon as the spell checker reaches the final slide, it continues verifying with the first slide.
32383 If you undo deleting a table column, the selection frame will now be shown correctly.

2015-05-28: Revision 733

  • On some Windows 8.1 systems, the setup program silently exited after the language-selection screen.
  • PlanMaker: Fields work again in headers and footers.
  • Minor bug fixes, improvements to the file filters

2015-05-18: Revision 732

Revision 732 was the initial version of SoftMaker Office 2016 for Windows.