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SoftMaker Office 2018 for Windows

Changes in previous revisions

2018-01-22: Revision 922

All programs
37716 When uninstalling SoftMaker Office, the folders dpf and tb are now also removed.
37449 The command View | Windows now also lets you switch to documents in other instances of TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations.
37732 The function View side by side now also works in full-screen mode.
20292 Feature: You can now create user-defined buttons with a text label instead of an icon. Select "No icon" in the Customize dialog box.
37054 Feature: Add/remove commands in the Customize ribbon dialog box by double-clicking on an entry in the left or right listbox.
37591 Feature: When you export a document to PDF for the first time, the path and name of the document is offered.
37577 Feature: The automatic updater now also updates portable installations.
37661 Using Window > View side by side with classic menus in Windows 8 or 10 could result in very narrow document windows.
37289 Improved text wrapping around 3D AutoShapes
37629 The z-order of objects is now preserved when saving in .tmdx format.
37640 Export of OLE objects to PDF works now.
37669 The Help menu in database view now offers only commands that are available in that view.
In Windows 10, TextMaker could crash with multiple documents in multiple program windows.
37735 RTF files from Zotero are now imported with correct indents.
37676 Duden Korrektor no longer blocks other languages from hyphenating correctly.
37701 When searching for formatting, borders and shading are no longer silently added.
37729 The active page of the sidebar is reactivated when the print preview is closed.
37715 The full list of more than 9000 label types is now available again in the Label function.
When saving in .pmdx and .xlsx formats, PlanMaker no longer adds unwanted formatting (such as shading or borders) to unused cells.
37287 .pmdx files associated with PlanMaker 2016 can now be associated with PlanMaker 2018.
37652 When a cell is formatted in "Accounting" format, the ribbon control for the numeric format now shows it, instead of displaying it as "Custom."
37736 Feature: The Styles control in the ribbon now lets you hide all unused cell styles.
37235 With the dark theme, text on colored worksheet tabs is now displayed with a contrasting color.
36887 When creating a table, PlanMaker no longer always offers to turn the first row into a header row, but examines it to make a decision.
37719 When saving to .xls format, foreground and background colors that are part of conditional formatting are no longer swapped.
37745 In Paste special, pasting column width and row height also is possible when pasting of all other types of formatting is disabled.
35896 Improved handling of cells with logical values
37656 Feature: If you press the Alt key when moving a guide, the guide snaps to the grid.
37658 In the Guides & grid dialog box, the position of vertical guides was checked against the width of the slide, instead of the height.
18179 In rare situations, the dialog box Insert slide had two scrollbars.
37743 It is now possible to abort dragging tabs and indents in the ruler by pressing the Esc key.

2017-12-14: Revision 920

36896 Repairing an installation now also repairs the file associations.
37300 The setup program now installs SoftMaker Office for all users of the computer.
Note: The two features above are only available if you download the MSI installation package again.
All programs
37522 Feature: You can now right-click on a toolbar or ribbon to change the user interface, even if no document is open.
Feature: The command View | Windows | View side by side is now also available in PlanMaker and Presentations, and improved in TextMaker.
Feature: SoftMaker Office is now compatible with system utilities such as Actual Window Manager, MonitorSwitch and Chameleon Window Manager.
36995 Several improvements to the display and rotation of 3D AutoShapes
36999 Improved display of the wireframe when moving 3D objects
37600 When running from a USB flash drive, temporary files are now correctly removed from the temp folder.
37540 In rare cases, saving a file after several hours of operation could result in the error message "File could not be created".
37228 The applications no longer crash when a font is used that is either defective or installed in an unusual location.
37539 When specific documents were opened, text with hyperlinks was invisible.
37561 Defective RTF files created by the Heredis software no longer crash TextMaker.
37535 When an object is deleted, the object list in the sidebar is now updated.
Improvements to the RTF filter
37574 TextMaker no longer crashes when saving the Duden Korrektor configuration.
37529 Crashes no longer occur with multiple open document windows when printing from one of the windows.
37512 The function Summarize as pivot no longer claims overlapping ranges when the target is in a different sheet.
37410 The warning message about unsupported Visual Basic control elements can now be disabled.
37585 Length of data bars is now restricted like in Excel.
37611 AutoFilter crash fixed
37436 Crash fixed related to previewing animation schemes
37439 Improved opening of PPS files

2017-11-28: Revision 918

All programs
37330 Hyperlinks in documents and elsewhere now always open in a web browser.
37373 The user is asked to enter name and address at program launch, so that templates are correctly filled.
37418 The new dropdown elements now work with the Arabic user interface.
37333 Crash fixed in regard to 3D settings applied to AutoShapes
37347 Crash fixed in the 3D sheet of the AutoShape properties dialog box
36270 Improved information on first launch how to run SoftMaker Office in trial mode
37284 Crash in File | New fixed
37391 TextMaker no longer asks for a form password in documents that have no such password.
37394 Crash in RTF clipboard fixed
37396 Reading of bullets in .tmdx and .docx formats improved
37368 Reading of table frames from .doc files improved
Miscellaneous bug fixes
37255 The special filter can now be reset again.
37247 Opening the AutoFilter dropdown now works reliably.
37307 Closing PlanMaker could cause a crash.
36704 Improved import of connector lines
30782 Dropdown lists for input validation are no longer limited to 400 entries.
Miscellaneous bug fixes
37420 Feature: New screen size "16:9, large" added (called "Widescreen" in PowerPoint)
37232 On very old Intel GMA graphics chips (ca. 2009), OpenGL is now automatically disabled so that the application starts successfully.
37346 Crashes with animations fixed
37315 Crashes with OpenGL handling fixed
Miscellaneous bug fixes
37376 Updated .bau files
Miscellaneous bug fixes

2017-11-07: Revision 916

Revision 916 was the initial version of SoftMaker Office 2018 for Windows.

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