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SoftMaker Office 2018 for Windows

Free service pack

Service pack 920

Can be used to update:

  • SoftMaker Office Standard 2018 for Windows
  • SoftMaker Office Professional 2018 for Windows
  • SoftMaker Office Home & Business 2018 for Windows

Cannot be used to update FreeOffice or Ashampoo Office.

Note: The latest service pack always includes all previously released service packs. You only have to install the latest service pack to be current again.

Automatic updates

By default, SoftMaker Office 2018 for Windows keeps itself up-to-date by automatically downloading service packs from our servers.

If you have not installed the automatic update tool or simply want to know if your version of SoftMaker Office is current, you can also check for updates manually.

Start one of its applications, click on the "?" icon in the ribbon and choose the command Check for updates. If you are running SoftMaker Office in classic mode with menus, choose the command Help > Check for updates.

List of changes in this revision

2017-12-14: Revision 920

36896 Repairing an installation now also repairs the file associations.
37300 The setup program now installs SoftMaker Office for all users of the computer.
Note: The two features above are only available if you download the MSI installation package again.
All programs
37522 Feature: You can now right-click on a toolbar or ribbon to change the user interface, even if no document is open.
Feature: The command View | Windows | View side by side is now also available in PlanMaker and Presentations, and improved in TextMaker.
Feature: SoftMaker Office is now compatible with system utilities such as Actual Window Manager, MonitorSwitch and Chameleon Window Manager.
36995 Several improvements to the display and rotation of 3D AutoShapes
36999 Improved display of the wireframe when moving 3D objects
37600 When running from a USB flash drive, temporary files are now correctly removed from the temp folder.
37540 In rare cases, saving a file after several hours of operation could result in the error message "File could not be created".
37228 The applications no longer crash when a font is used that is either defective or installed in an unusual location.
37539 When specific documents were opened, text with hyperlinks was invisible.
37561 Defective RTF files created by the Heredis software no longer crash TextMaker.
37535 When an object is deleted, the object list in the sidebar is now updated.
Improvements to the RTF filter
37574 TextMaker no longer crashes when saving the Duden Korrektor configuration.
37529 Crashes no longer occur with multiple open document windows when printing from one of the windows.
37512 The function Summarize as pivot no longer claims overlapping ranges when the target is in a different sheet.
37410 The warning message about unsupported Visual Basic control elements can now be disabled.
37585 Length of data bars is now restricted like in Excel.
37611 AutoFilter crash fixed
37436 Crash fixed related to previewing animation schemes
37439 Improved opening of PPS files