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SoftMaker Office Mobile for Android

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The current revision of SoftMaker Office Mobile for Android carries the revision number 701.

Here is how to receive this new revision:

  • If you have purchased SoftMaker Office Mobile directly from SoftMaker: Start one of the SoftMaker Office apps. Open the menu and choose Tools > Check for Updates. Instructions for downloading and installing the new revision will be displayed immediately.
  • If you have purchased the apps in the Google Play: If you have automatic updates turned on in the Google Play app, the new revision is downloaded and installed automatically. You can also check for updates manually by choosing the menu command My Apps in the Google Play.

List of changes in this revision

32482 All: New libraries for access to Dropbox (the old ones expire in April 2016)
32566 All: File dialogs in friendlier colors
26475 All: You can now open files through the Google Drive app (we still suggest doing it directly from within our apps).
32448 TextMaker: You can now open .tmd files created by TextMaker 2016.
32562 TextMaker: Additional options for paragraph control in Format/Paragraph
32448 PlanMaker: You can now open .pmdx files created by PlanMaker 2016.
32563 PlanMaker: Modernized design with new colors for row/column headers and the worksheet register
24143 PlanMaker: When importing CSV files, you can now choose from many character sets and code pages, and you can specify the text delimiter.
28243 Presentations: Improvements to sound playback (no sound was audible on some systems)
Improvements to the file filters
Bug fixes