SoftMaker Office 2016 for Linux

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The current revision of SoftMaker Office 2016 for Linux carries the revision number 757.

To find out if you have already installed this revision, choose the command Help > Check for Updates in any of the SoftMaker Office applications.

Download the current revision

List of changes in this revision

2016-05-16: Revision 757

All programs
33688 In some distributions, SoftMaker Office did not start when the network adapter was disabled.
34140 Delays removed when opening dialog boxes with Intel chipset graphics
34136 In some situations, not all printers could be enumerated.
Improvements to PDF export and to the file filters
Miscellaneous bug fixes
34153 In labels, lines that only contain empty fields are now suppressed.
34386 Feature: There is now an icon for EPUB export which can be placed on a toolbar.
34301 Language codes are now correctly exported to EPUB.
17333 Feature: There are now compatibility settings for the wrapping of spaces and tabs at the end of a line (File > Properties > Compatibility).
34280 Speed-up of on-the-fly spell checking
34461 Some elements on chart sheets (for example, trend lines) could not be deleted.
34167 Bug fixes related to pivot tables
32590 Feature: Saving as CSV now has a entry of its own in the File > Save as dialog box.
34119 After sorting, an existing AutoFilter was ignored.
34388 Fields dragged in the pivot-table sidebar were not always updated.
33010 Searching now faster in large presentations


Here is how you can verify that your versions of Thunderbird and the SoftMaker add-ons are current:

  • Thunderbird: In Thunderbird, choose the command Help > About Thunderbird and click on the button Check for updates.
  • Add-ons: In Thunderbird, go to the add-on manager with the Tools > Add-ons command. Click on the Gears icon on the top right and choose the command Check for updates.