SoftMaker Office 2012 for Linux

Free service pack

The current revision of SoftMaker Office 2012 for Linux carries the revision number 702.

To find out if you have already installed this revision, choose the command Help > Check for Updates in any of the SoftMaker Office applications. If your revision is no longer current, a page will be shown offering all available installation archives for download. Download the one that is suitable for your system and re-install SoftMaker Office with it. All your application settings will be preserved.

List of changes in this revision

  • TextMaker can now open .tmd files created by TextMaker 2016.
  • PlanMaker can now open .pmdx files created by PlanMaker 2016.
  • You can now dock the application icons in the Ubuntu launcher.
  • The dialog box "External programs" has improved wording.
  • External applications are now by default started using xdg-open.
  • Improved file filters
  • Bug fixes