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The current revision of SoftMaker Office 2016 for Linux carries the revision number 765.

To find out if you have already installed this revision, choose the command Help > Check for Updates in any of the SoftMaker Office applications.

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List of changes in this revision

2017-03-13: Revision 765

All programs
35469 When documents were saved on GVFS shares, sometimes no backup files were created.
35743 In certain situations, files on GVFS shares could only be opened in read-only mode.
34074 The script /usr/share/office2016/mime/ now lets the users revert the associations for document icons made by the installation of SoftMaker Office.
35126 When the user's home folder was not directly under /home, desktop shortcuts were created in the wrong folder.
35639 The read password was ignored when saving in .doc format.
35873 Dates and times entered by the user are now recognized better.
Miscellaneous bug fixes