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The current revision of SoftMaker Office 2016 for Linux carries the revision number 763.

To find out if you have already installed this revision, choose the command Help > Check for Updates in any of the SoftMaker Office applications.

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List of changes in this revision

2016-12-12: Revision 763

All programs
35243 Feature: Multiple users on the same PC may now share a license file: Unlock for one user, then copy ofres16.lic to the SoftMaker Office program folder.
20264 Feature: There is a new checkbox in Tools > Options > System that lets you display hidden files in the file dialogs.
35265 RPM-only: Due to a bug in the RPM installer, the folder for document backups could not be created.
Miscellaneous bug fixes
35338 In rare cases, hyperlinks were cut off in PDF export.
25961 Duden Korrektor (German grammar checker) now shows the correct error messages again.
35197 Improvements to pivot tables
35212 You can set the template path in Tools > Options even if that folder does not contain a .pmv file.
Miscellaneous bug fixes