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The current revision of SoftMaker Office 2016 for Linux carries the revision number 761.

To find out if you have already installed this revision, choose the command Help > Check for Updates in any of the SoftMaker Office applications.

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List of changes in this revision

2016-09-29: Revision 761

All programs
34623 Feature: You may now choose document encryption to be "most compatible" or "most secure" (choose in File > Properties > Protection).
31237 Feature: Text frames and placeholders now have resize handles even in edit mode.
34914 Read-only .dbf files may now be accessed on Samba shares.
34028 SoftMaker Office is now compatible with the gvfs file system.
19882 Feature: The Guides and grid dialog box now highlights the selected guide in the document.
33995 Feature: Additional dialog style "Windows 10" (choose in Tools > Options > Appearance)
Miscellaneous bug fixes
22002 Feature: Clicking into the left page margin with the Ctrl key down now selects the whole document.
25961 Feature: The English style "1st", "2nd" etc. is now supported for paragraph numbering.
30011 Feature: Embedded objects now have grab handles for easier resizing.
34174 Feature: The Insert Envelope dialog adds new feeding options.
34785 Feature: The command Paste Special has been added to the context menu.
34947 Handling of calculated times is now Excel-compatible.
Improvements to the file filters