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The current revision of SoftMaker Office HD for Android carries the revision number 767. How you receive this revision, depends on how you received the original version:

  • Directly from SoftMaker: Start one of the SoftMaker Office apps. Open the menu and choose Tools > Check for Updates. Instructions for downloading and installing the new revision will be displayed immediately.
  • Google Play: If you have automatic updates turned on in the Google Play Store app, the new revision is downloaded and installed automatically. You can also check for updates manually by choosing the menu command My Apps in the Google Play Store.
  • Amazon Appstore: If you have activated automatic update notifications in the Amazon Appstore app, it will inform you of updates automatically. You can also check for updates manually by going to the Amazon Appstore app, choosing the My apps command from the menu, switching to the tab App updates and clicking on the "Synchronize" icon in the top right of the screen.

List of changes in this revision

2017-06-27: Revision 767

All programs
36341 Compatibility with Dropbox restored
36259 Compatibility with Google Drive restored
Miscellaneous bug fixes

Changes in previous revisions